Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mandy Moore ready to release new album.
"Wild Hope" will be the name of her 4th album, to be released early/mid May . And um yesterday a track off this album was posted on her MySpace. The song is called "Extraordinary". tbh its not that great is just really BLAND, also her voice sounds different somehow. And by the lyrics i can tell that her music has matured a lot. Anyways yeh, i have no idea wether this will be the leading single of the album (hope not) but its just an AIGHT track. Oh and THIS was posted on a mandy moore fan site. Its the songlist of the album and a description of each one of them, no clue wether its fake or not.

DL: Mandy Moore - Extraordinary

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

MIKA - Grace Kelly

amazing thing... and incredible album too !
P.S. : I know the video is kinda old Ann will release her fifth solo album spring 2007
the new self-titled album is set for a release on April 23 [EU], May 8 [US]
first single from Keren Ann is "Lay Your Head Down", The album consists of
nine original songs with one of the highlights on the album "Where No Endings End"
favorite track on the new album.

Keren Ann - Lay Your Head Down
Keren Ann - Where No Endings End

Monday, January 29, 2007

(possible) Single Cover
for the first single 'Don't Give It Up' off Siobhan Donaghy second solo album 'Ghosts'.
Madita is set to release her second album in late 2007, I'm definitely looking forward to it
specially after listening to her new song "Karma" (who's madita?)

DL: Madita - Karma
Sia is recording her new album...which hopefully will be released in summer 2007
But in other recent news, She'll also release a live session album "Lady Croissant"
the release is set for February 16 (not officially confirmed yet)

Lady Croissant
1. Pictures*
2. Don't Bring Me Down
3. Destiny
4. Blow It All Away
5. Lentil
6. Numb
7. I Go To Sleep
8. Breathe Me
9. Distractions

Upon hearing “Colour the Small One” the people at American Eagle Outfitters loved the album so much that they asked Sia to record an exclusive track to pair with the album to sell in their shops/ or now you can buy it from iTunes,
Alongside the exclusive track, Sia has self directed a video for the song “Pictures”. You can watch it on YouTube

There will be a song on the new album called 'Little Black Sandals'
It's been spreading online for a while i know it's not that new
But i know a lot who haven't heard it yet, amazing track...everything you'd expect from Sia
It's not the final version though.

DL: Sia - Little Black Sandals

AaRON - Artificial Animals Riding On Neverland

This is my first new post on O.C. for this new year (so, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !), I am so proud to post this one with this incredible album of AaRON...

This is a 2007 Brillantine for sure
, alternativepianopoprocksad & beautiful, it's hard to describe their univers and their influences, maybe like Mogwai & Radiohead mixed, anyway, the touching voice on gorgeous instrumentals & floating lyrics...
I'm touched... But, who are they ? They are 2 french men, Simon & Olivier and they write, compose & sing in english (except for one track). Their first single "U-Turn (Lili)" is the Soundtrack off a french movie called "Je Vais Bien, Ne T'en Fais Pas" and, as the album right now, was number 1 on iTunes France. I'm going to see them in a private concert next friday ! RUN TO BUY IT AS I DID !!!!!

Tracklist :
01. Endless Song
02. U-Turn (Lili)
03. O-Song
04. Mister K
05. Blow
06. Beautiful Scar
07. Strange Fruit
08. Angel Dust
09. War Flag
10. Lost Highway
11. Le Tunnel d'Or
12. Little Love
13. Last Light Thoughts

------------------------------------------------------> Website / MySpace

Once Upon a Time i wrote about a ravishing french Duo "Justice" here... they will release a new (EP) titled (D.A.N.C.E) this year ! Here's a Teaser..

Justice are on my top list of dance musicians! i now have something to really look forward to this year ... more details & media later...
one of the tracks that will be on the EP is titled "Phantom Part. I" & justice just recently added it to their official myspace, you can check it out here , bbc radio 1 has already played the main track form the EP "D.A.N.C.E" try to catch it there.

Justice - D.A.N.C.E (BBC radiorip) (zShare)
Justice - Phantom (Part. I) (zShare)

Hey You Guys!
i saw alot of people complaining that the blog is going indie, well it's not but the blog ain't mainstream either my music taste is progressing with time and i'm opening to a whole lots of new genres and styles. Soo that doesn't mean i will always post something that u want! and its my blog if u forgot.. don't complain much & if u don't like whats posted here then leave.

oh and leave comments whe nu can coz it's the only way i know there r still visitors whihc encourages me to post & update more. i've been really busy but trying my best to come every chance i can and update.. everything will go back to normal soon i promise.

and someone wise once said "Some people tend to forget that this site is run by humans no robots"!!

FJ <3

Katharine McPhee!
before anyone gets all heroic and starts defending her franticly i just wanna say that i was rooting for her and wanted her to win rather than taylor hicks "who bores me to death" but her album which leaked a while ago "I'm sure everyone who knows what a music forum & bitorrent" is already have it, it's just not that good.. Too predictable! Super mainstream if i may say kinda reminds me of how i felt when i was anticipating "Shayne Ward"s album and then when it leaked i wasn't that excited at all.. actually i haven't played it ever since.. "Over It" greatly reminds me of Jojo's "Too Little, Too Late" & i love it but the rest of the tracks are just radio friendly rhythm pop (& i'm sure it's what she was aiming for. After all the whole point is selling) but it lacks the edge which "Kelly Clarkson" managed to conquer & she is not putting her fully vocal range to use on this album. The only reason why i will be playing it beside the fact that i love "Over It" is that "as my frinds say" my music tast has gone too sick for them lately "in other words (too advance or indie)" soo this will shut them up when we are in the car or hanging out, the highlight tracks right now to me are "Over It / Open Toes / Not Ur Girl / Dangerous / Do what You Do" Dunno how long they will last before i get sick of them.. Ohh & doesn't "Do What You DO" sounds like something "Cassie" would do ??

I will give it another full listen sometimes soon i might like the ballads (I SAID MIGHT)... & this is for sure not brilliantine.

My Love!
Well surprise surprise more official "My Love" remixes but the only way to have your hands on them is either e-bay, becoming a radio Dj or DL it (illegally) of course.. if you always wonder why don't the mother labels just release all the remixes on 1 single and let us pay for it rather than making it so hard to get that we go looking for it online? the answer is simply because not all the remixes are "GOOD Enough".. u say "why Bother Sending It Out to Radio's Then?" i say because big labels "Sony BMG" in this case have already paid the Dj's money for their work and therefore they are stuck with the mixes that didn't make it into the single so instead of archiving them and feeling like they wasted their money they send it out to major music stores/radio stations hoping that they would give them some air play to milk more promotion for the artist. The new ones are:

* My Love (Ibiza Is Burning Mix)
* My Love (Quentin Harris Mix)
* My Love (Terry Hunter Remix)
* My Love (DFA Remix)

out of the bunch i like the "Ibiza Is Burning Mix" & i was soo fukkin excited when i saw the "DFA" remix coz they are like the gods of extra long noise mixes which sounds like they been recorded in a workshop with actual musicland tools through a cheap microphone rather than digitally & i adore most of their previous mixes for "N*E*R*D*/Goldfrapp/Chemical Brothers" BUT this remix of my love is just noir it has no life.. its like just the basics of their style and no flavor at all.. it goes on n on & if you're doing something u won't even notice its playing, probably the only part which is barely good is the last 2 minutes & it's still not WOW. Is it because "DFA" raised the level of goodness too high for themselves? I don' really know.. but what i know is they can seriously do muchmuchmuch better. "Quentin Harris" remix is boring house with a 2step beat structure & the "Terry hunter" remix is plain house.. mehh.

Nothing beats the "Oakenfold" & "Angello & Ingrosso" remixes.


I seriously need to get internet back at home soon coz finding all this stuff randomly or by chance is not fun anymore, I'm supposed to be the first to know about every release lol (it's unfair!).. anyways few days ago i got the CDM of Nelly's new single "Say It Right" & after one listen (skipping each mix while fast forwarding through them) i came to conclusion that its crap but only because i was in a shitty mood at that point (dating problems.. blah blah blah) anyhow the next day @ 5:00am with a big cup of Hot coconut & Vanilla chocolate i decided to give it another listen and voila it works :)

"Bad Boy Bill Mix" nothing special or amazing, get a bit monotonic throughout the track & he only thing that saves it is the electro samples & pipe effect sprinkled here and there.. I'm not saying it's bad but it's not that good either.

"Friscia & Lamboy" a typical remix that VA compilations will probably include in their releases, people who like "Junior Vasquez/Cass & Mangan/Chocolate Puma" will enjoy this one for sure.

The "Peter Rauhofer" remixes are ALWAYS known to have the buzzing distortion sound on it and the whole i'm-the-villain-dj feeling on his work, there's nothing much to say about his work because he's been around for as long as i can remember and almost all his remixes are brilliant & i'm sure if u listen to dance music then u know who he is.

& finally my favorite of the whole bunch the "Dummies Remix", it seems like what they did here is try to convince us that this remix is actually the original version but then furtado decided to go all pop! They reworked the track by making an electro version without ditching the original feeling to it, I simply adore it if u know who "The Knife" is then u will probably remember them listening to this remix "music wise".. It's not over sampled or far driven from the original but its 100% a different genre. I actually like this one more than the original (sorry Timbo). Notice the hollow wooden logs beat & low battery beeps (such a treat) loves it.

* Say It Right (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix)
* Say It Right (Peter Rauhofer Radio Mix)
* Say It Right (Bad Boy Bill Mix)
* Say It Right (Friscia & Lamboy Club Mix)
* Say It Right (Dummies Remix)

Bad Boy Baby!
I have to say i was disappointed when Diddy's album was released coz after reading the press releases and interviews last year he made it sound like he was actually going to release a Dance/Electro-Clash album and it got me so excited coz i already loved "Let's Get Ill/Jack U/Dance I Said Dance" but it ended up to be Rap/Hip-hop Influenced by Dance/E-clash! Still i won't deny that the lead single "Come To Me" featuring the vagina-doll cat "Nicole Scherzinger" is a hit but a single is nothing without good remixes by the Dj's we love to back it up & finally they decided to release a couple dance mixes in addition to the not-so-bad-dancehall-remix! The 2 remixes are by "ATFC (A Touch Of Class... I think?!)" & "E-Smoove"! They r constantly on repeat at my house specially the "ATFC" remix which near the end takes a full stop and aggressively builds up to full beat banging & melody. To me it's a rare thing that a dance remix sounds good on an R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap song or maybe i'm just too picky.. Anyways here it worked.

* Come To Me (E-Smoove House Mix)
* Come To Me (ATFC Main Mix)

As if the t.A.T.u-30-minutes-esque "Jake Ridley" version of "Hurt" was not brilliant enough! I recently came across another amazing official mix "Snowflake Radio Remix" which immediately gave me a flashback to the "What A Girl Wants" era... the bass, tempo and the whole mood of this remix is soothing yet dance-able... even the arrangement of the vocals have been modified which freshens it up a notch. Must Have!

* Hurt (Jake Ridley Edit)
* Hurt (Snowflake Radio Remix)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
The Bird and The Bee (self-titled album coming January 23)
Made up of vocalist Inara George, who has been aptly referred to as "a modern day Audrey Hepburn with the voice of an angel," and keyboardist/producer Greg Kurstin, who has lent his talents to records by Beck, The Flaming Lips, Lily Allen, Peaches, and many more. The Bird and the Bee take elements of everything from the Beach Boys to 60's Brazil electronica, spinning them into this irrepressible collection of ten sunshine-drenched, semi-psychedelic ditties. -(Amazon Editorial Review)

DL: The Bird and The Bee - Because

Monday, January 15, 2007

Clear Up!
My friend "MoHo" asked me to play "With Every Heartbeat" a week ago by "Kleerup" on their official MySpace! I don't know much about them but what i know is that this is their new single and from the first play it found its way into my system, i knew while listening to it that the vocals are extremely familiar & after 10 sec of googling it turned out to be "Robyn" as in the "Kunichiwa Bitches/Keep This Fire Burning" Robyn!! The track is med tempo kinda between electronica n dance & the violins adds a melancholic touch to the overall atmosphere of the song.

Kleerup - With Every Heartbeat (ft. Robyn)

*video is Boh-Rhing but take alook anyways if you're curious.

Crazy But I Believe!
this is really something! An awesome "Acapella" of " I Knew I Loved You" by "Darren Hayes" which he performed "Live In Aus" using a "Vocoder"!

DL: Darren Hayes - I Knew I Loved You (Vocoded Version) (Live In Australia)

*Ripped & Sent By: Electric555

This Punk is Daft!!
on the other hand another hawt vocoded track i found out about through my fav blog "BigStereo" is "The Robots In My Room Were Playing Arena Rock" by "Softlightes" taken from their album "Say No! To Being Cool, Say Yes! To Being Happy." & it's tottaly a throw back to "Daft Punk" style from the "Discovery" Era! well not intentionally but it sure does sound like they did & it ROCKS.

DL: Softlightes - The Robots In My Room Were Playing Arena Rock

Picture of - Ellis Bextor,Sophie Catch You
Ain't No Engine Fast Enough!
I'm excited for her upcoming album "Trip The Light Fantastic" as much as i was for rachael's "Come & Get It", I mean c'mon you can't deny that "Catch You" is a grower or probably an-immediately-like-able-track according to some popsters, The whole acidic distorted texture, electro guitars & crispy bleeps n beeps blended well enough to create an enjoyable melody.

But everyone already know that since it leaked a month ago or so. But last night i managed to find a free 40 minutes to lay down & play the promo remixes CD..

01 Catch You (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
02 Catch You (Riff and Rays Mix)
03 Catch You (Jay Cox Fizzekal Dub)
04 Catch You (Digital Dog Club Mix)
05 Catch You (Moto Blanco Dub)
06 Catch You (Radio Version)

& lemme tell you the "Moto Blanco Club Remix" is absolutely fabulous (& i don't use the word ever).. i never thought "Moto Blanco" work was special untill recently when i heard his mix of George Michael's "This Is Not Real Love" which got me hooked immediately!

Tracklist Description (See Above):
01* Amazing & Dance-able to Death kinda reminds me of "Axwell" style.
02* Munchy Bass Line & Literally a Super Disco Mix.
03* Not too keen on this one, it's a Been There/Done That sort of mix.
04* Bananarama would play this over n over in their car, it has electro noise, jumpy bass, crawling beat & stuttery echo-e vocals.
05* As good As the origial but with much much less vocals, perfect for the clubs.
06* That's the one that started it all.

*IMHO good choice for a comeback single.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!
Image:Cover ruby.jpg
"Ruby" is the lead single by English rock band "Kaiser Chiefs" and will be featured on their upcoming second album, "Yours Truly, Angry Mob". It will be released in the United Kingdom as a download on 2007-02-12 and as a limited edition 7" and CD single on 2007-02-19. The song was released for radio airplay on January 8. The video will be shown on Channel 4 at 11:35pm on January 15.

The song is wicked i got hooked form the first play and then i kept it on repeat for another 5 or 6 rounds, but i don't want to get over excited about the album from now because that's what i did when muse released "Supermassive Black Hole" & i held myself form dl the album when it leaked and waited an extra month to buy it..ohh what a dissapointment it was, the only good songs on the album were "Supermassive Black Hole" & "Stralight" the rest r pure garbage & till this day i regret buying "Black Holes & Revelations"..Shame On Muse. Sooo this time im gonna DL "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" whn it leaks then decide if its worth buying or not but till then this single is brilliant & i will be voting for it through my local radio station.

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby (Radio Edit)

*"Ruby" contains itsy bitsy electro traces, catchy chorus soo easy to memorise & great guitar melody.

Switchfoot - Oh Gravity!
Even though i'm really not into all of the so predictable modern rock that sounds like real rock still this switchfoot album (& for the first time) caught my attention, I never been a fan or bothered to check them out when they were indie & to be honest i purchased the album after hearing the song "Awakening" while cruising in my friends car & i immediately loved the track not just because it's good but for the fact that it's amazingly sounds like a song that Lindsay Lohan or hilary duff would would fight over if switchfoot decided to sell and not use! I say more lindsay form the "A Little More Personal (Raw)" era.

Anyway.. With "Oh! Gravity", the San Diego-based modern rock act delivered their best album in years, one that fully reconciles their (Christian) faith with their (considerable) talent. It's diverse but not overly so, and while the production work of veteran Tim Palmer (U2, Tears for Fears) helps provide a radio-friendly sheen atop everything, it's actually their least compromised / mainstream sounding record since the group left the indie scene. From the chiming, revved-up, anthemic title song, which pairs compressed vocals with distorted guitars, to the moody and mildly schizophrenic single "Dirty Second Hands,"this album is loud and dirty, the lyrics are thoughtful and plaintive. Amusing enough they used the legnd of "Midas" to create alittle bedtime story in "Faust, Midas & Myself" making it my favourite track on the album.

01 Oh! Gravity
02 American Dream
03 Dirty Second Hands
04 Awakening
05 Circles
06 Amateur Lovers
07 Faust, Midas And Myself
08 Head Over Heels (In This Life)
09 Yesterdays
10 Burn Out Bright
11 4:12
12 Let Your Love Be Strong

Too bad this was released 26/Dec/06 otherwise i would've added it to the 2007 Brilliantine list. Emo kids & openminded-indie-chicks-n-blokes will greatly apprciate an album like this.

Candylion (Not So Sweet)!
Have you seen this artwork on several sites & blogs aswell?? Well it can only be either all good reviews or all bad! There's a very thin line between simplicity and pure idiotness...

Candylion is the second solo album by "Gruff Rhys" from the band "Super Furry Animals" & it's actually good but what pisses me off is the overrated promotion for it and the funny little stories attached to it just to force promotion...such as this piece taken from the official myspace:

"Candylion was raised by bears in Micronesia. Trained as a chef in Paris and following a City & Guilds diploma in desk top publishing at Tregoedwig polytechnic transformed himself into a card assembly image of his former self and arranged for the kind lady at the post depot to mail him back flatpack to his bear brothers and sisters. Safely back in the palm forrest he was given lessons in exotic guitar pickin' by a passing oxymoron."

^^ See what i mean?

01 This Is Just The Beginning
02 Candylion
03 The Court Of King Arthur
04 Lonsome Words
05 Cycle Of Violence
06 Painting People Blue
07 Beacon In The Darkness
08 Con Carino
09 Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru
10 Now That The Feeling Is Gone
11 Ffrwydriad Yn Y Ffurfafen
12 Skylon!

*The titles of tracks #9 & #11 are not gibberish.. that's "Welsh" as in the lingo in "Wales".

None of the songs are longer than 3:31 min & mostly under 3:00 which makes them the snacks version of regular radio songs, Except for the closure track "Skylon!" which is ridiculously 14:36 min & i gotta say i loooove th intro "This Is Just The Beginning"!!

It's the typical adult version of the "sesame Street" songs without the educational edge. I enjoy it but i don't think it's a brilliant .. maybe if we were in 1966 and ppl are still hippies who have love to share around with everyone, smoked weed & wore pink silk trousers that showed my crotch in details rather than jeans... then it would difinitley be on the brill list but unfortunately we're in the future and that doesn't work anymore.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Girls Just Want 6 & $!
Guess everyone knows what Oakenfold picked for his next single except for me sice i was living under a rock with no internet for the past 6 months!! But no seriously when i heard the album last year i immediately thought that the next best track after "Faster Kill Pussycat" is "Sex N Money" Featuring Pharrell Williams!

Personally i overplayed "sex N Money" so many times that i got sick of it until i found out that there's a "Radio Edit" which is revamped and refreshed by Paul with more melody, moaning, xtra beats, less repitition & almost 1 sec of extra lyrics! Those lil Re-touches made me LOVE it allover again, Its all about the radio edit now.. Bye Bye to the dull album version!

& to make things even better "Benny Benassi" has reprised the song & exchanged the original computerised female vocals with the famous "Alle Benassi" Vocals!!

Promo CDM Contains:
01 Sex N Money (Club Mix)
02 Sex N Money (Terranova's Starkillers All Over Ur Face Mix)
03 Sex N Money (Pump-Kin Club Mix)
04 Sex N Money (Pump-Kin Dub Mix)
05 Sex N Money (Distorted Values Mix)
06 Sex N Money (Nat Monday Mix)
07 Sex N Money (Radio Edit)
08 Sex N Money (Benny Benassi Radio Edit)

All of the remixes are good except for (Nat Monday Mix) coz it's too trance-y for me & the (Club Mix) a.k.a "Dull Album Version"!

*FYI the (Pump-Kin Club Mix) is by "Benny Benassi" aswell!


Monday, January 08, 2007

This piece of video took me to heaven (Hallelujah)!!

It's almost mystical
That you're mine
And I can't believe
That I feel
What I feel
Such a strange side of me
Let it stay, please

^^^ That's a piece of lyrics to one of Britney's new song!! You can hear it as she plays her demo CD in her car on this video

*The Slut Is Comin' Back <3>

Easy "Easy"!
Recently i discovered this alternative version of the brilliant single "Easy" by sugababes, I just love "Easy" to death it's soo worth buying the gratest hits "Overload" for it! But i have seen many negative reviews & opinions form people who didn't like!

Anyways about that alternative version it's called "Brio Taliaferro Alternative Version" & it's very dark cabaret/musicbox, mellow and way more appropriate for a cocktail party! lool a "Buddha Bar" version in a way.

DL : Sugababes - Easy (Brio Taliaferro Alternative Version)

Really "Easy", Whoever "Brio Taliaferro" is i wanna tell him "Thank You" for this version.
Hawt Remixes!

Madonna "Jump"
* (Axwell Remix)
It's Axwell, If you dunno who he is then you really don't listen to dance music, anyways he's HOT now.
* (Junior Sanchezs Misshapes Mix)
Very Herky Jerky, Distorted & Has a Funfare cheapness feeling (don't ask me to explain..).

Robbie Williams "Lovelight"
* (Dark Horse Remix)

something you would probably dance to at "James Bond" birthday party!
* (Kurd Maverick Vocal)
Very late 90's & kinda similar to "Nightcrawlers" style!
* (Soul Mekanik Mekanikal Remix)
Lounge-y & Chill-Out-ish in a Dance-y way.. more like an ultra mild version of a "Tribal" Mix.

Justin Timberlake "My Love"
* (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
Clubby & at 05:11 it sounds like something would be played at a vampire underground club in "BLade" the movie!
* (Steve Angello And Sebastian Ingrosso Remix)
Contains a piece of symphony & Vocoded vocals, for some reason listening to this remix in bed makes me dizzy! ?

^^ Good Stuff! Been stuck on my playlist ever since they were released! You should check em out (a.k.a. look for them).

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Arctic Monkeys Get Into Beats!!
Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has said the band are making a "return to their musical roots" and experimenting with dance-inspired tracks.

Alex explains: "We've tried to experiment - that's a bit of a dangerous word, but we've tried to push on with that.

"We'd be in soundchecks and it would be, 'F**king hell, what's that (sound) about?' So we'd record it on a phone. We ended up with breaks almost.

"I've always been into beats, we were into that before we were into The Strokes."


Teddybears whip together a giddy, mixed-up sonic mash of international styles, resulting in their own indescribably delectable sound. Genres vary From E-Acoustic to Go Go to Electro Pop to Jamaican Groove.. Every song is way different from the other its like attacking a macintosh quality street box, Albums like this rarely pop-up every once in awhile and once they do you have to make sure to embrace it and suck every freakin beep and beat out of it. The main genre is "Alternative" but its been mixed n mashed with many styles that makes it really hard to just settle on one. It's sort of like "In The Zone" to Britney & "The Naked Truh" to Lil Kim where they have really assorted the sounds on the album so non of the songs would sound the same and be special. It's genuinely a Video Game Rock n Roll Sore.

Once i heard it i knew this is something i should buy, lots of guitars, lots of electronic samples, danceable beats, great catchy lyrics & seriously how many times do we get a hot album cover like that!?? I must've played this album over 20 times since i got it but then it got too much and i stopped for a while but i'm playing it now while i'm typing this and it sounds as good as it did the first time...even better coz i can tell the difference between the songs and sing along to it.

01. Intro
02. Different Sound (ft. Malte)
03. Cobrastyle (Feat. Mad Cobra)
04. Yours To Keep (ft. Neneh Cherry)
05. Are You Feelin' It (ft. Elephant Man)
06. Black Belt
07. Punkrocker (ft. Iggy Pop)
08. Ahead Of My Time (ft. Daddy Boastin')
09. Automatic Lover
10. Magic Kraut
11. Little Stereo (ft. Daddy Boastin')
12. Riot Going On (ft. Ebbot Lundberg)
13. Alma

Collaborators on this release include Iggy Pop, Neneh Cherry, Elephant Man, Annie and the Soundtrack Of Our Lives' Ebbot Lundberg. The result is an awe-inspiring collection of genre-hopping modern pop that's inventive, irresistible, and impossible to pin down.

The Stockholm-based trio's effervescent pop has already been featured in a variety of films and commercials. Most recently, the fab funk of "Cobrastyle" was heard on HBO's "Entourage" as well as in the Tab Energy Drink ad campaign, and will be featured in trailers for the upcoming film, "Employee Of The Month", starring Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson.

Official Site
Official MySpace

**** "Annie" sings a whole different version of the song "Yours To Keep" which was for free download through iTunes, it' all over the net u shud find it easily.
Bloody Violent Dance Rock!

Ok.. I Know it's 2007 but there was no way i could hold back anymore from not writing about this album, it's been 2 years now and still to this day when i press play it sounds like i'm playing it for the first time, to desribe the sound of the album in a way not so hard to understand is:

If Britney Spears Teamed Up With Robbie Williams & Streophonics & created a dance rock album then handed the master recording to Bloodshy & avant, Daft Punk, Soft Cell & Soulwax for further tweaking then "Schizophonia" is most likely to be the album in hand.

Rinocerose managed to create dance-able, headbang-able & sing-along-able group of tracks that are soo Rock n Rolly but yet super mainstreamish with traces of dirty pop.

You probably heard the song "Cubicle" (my personal favourite song off the album) before since it was the theme to the iPod ad in 2006 or 2005 (whichever). "Schizophonia" is what your parents would call it "Futuristic" if it was out back in the 80's.. it's the cool cryptonite for nerdy indie geeks.

01. Get Ready Now
02. Stop It
03. Bitch
04. Fiction Dancer
05. Skin
06. Pleasure And Pain
07. My Demons
08. Cubicle
09. Fucky Funky Music (Motorcicle Boy Version)
10. Fahr zur holle
11. Fucky Funky Music (Live Version)

DL: 160Kbps (Not V HQ)

I Promise you that these tracks will get you screamin as hard as a donkey being fucked by a dinosaur (literally!).. you will know what i mean when u hear it (specially on cubicle).

Other artists with similar style include :

The Infadels, Arctic Monkeys, The Rapture, The Killers, DFA1979 & Scissors Sisters (Alittle Bit).

Official Site

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I just detoxed and spreaded every particle of my human being while exploding all the energy i have through my lungs making the most annoying sound in the world form the top of my head!! and all that after one glimpse at the screen which even took me few minutes to register and convince myself that i'm actually looking at the official site of my #1 electronica french band "AIR"!

They seemed to be abducted by aliens or burried alive under a volcano ever since they released their last studio album "Talkie Walkie" in 2004 which btw sold over 800.000 copies!

well now they are set to return with their new album “Pocket Symphony” to be released on 5th March 2007. The album, made up of 12 songs that were recorded over the last 18 months!

Air once again achieved that rare supernova of artistic vision that dares to reconcile palpable, unapologetic ambience with unpretentious soulful simplicity. They create the alternate now, an environment that begs escapism without denying humanity.

While conventional instruments continue to play a great role, Air have fashioned several tracks from the new album with the addition of Far East classical instruments namely the Koto (usually referred to as a Japanese floor harp) and the Shamisen, a 3-stringed instrument which is one of Japan’s most popular classical instruments & resembles the banjo.

Working their way throughout the album as musical ricochets, these unearthly sounds of an alien nature add another motif to Air’s sonic architecture.

The tracklisting is as follows:
01. Space maker
02. Once upon a time
03. One Hell of a party
04. Napalm love
05. Mayfair song
06. Left bank
07. Photograph
08. Mer du Japon
09. Lost message
10. Somewhere between waking and sleeping
11. Redhead girl
12. Night sight

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This is officialy the first "BRILLIANTINE" album of 2007!!

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*PS: this is not an album u can observe from the first play, & if you already know "AIR" then you will obviously notice how this album is somehow a sequel to "Moon Safari".
Other Good News!!
Darren Hayes left a very promising New Years Resolution on his official site , Saying:

I'm going indie.

After 10 years of being a part of the major label system I've decided that my next record is going to be released independently.

I've met with a couple of major labels and although I've been really flattered by their interest - the idea of doing this on my own terms is really appealing to me.

I feel lucky that the commercial success of my past has allowed me the financial freedom to record my new record independently. It makes artistic sense for me to retain the creative freedom and control I've enjoyed recently and continue forging ahead on my own terms.

My new double record will be released worldwide on my own label Powdered Sugar in August 2007.

It feels so good to be able to finally say that!

alittle personal message from me..

*i'm very sorry for not getting the blog back and updating, i have like 12 new albums (mostly new artists) that i wanna review and write about which i think they deserve to be set as kings on the brilliantine list, some of them are form very late 2006 but they're considered to be new. the only reason why this blog is still in a coma is because the phone company here are sluts and they are charging waaaaay too much money per month for a 2gb limit! talk about cheapness & stingy-ness! anyways i miss the blog alot and i do wanna get back a.s.a.p.... there's just too much good stuff to share and enlighten others about.

i didn't give up, still alive and genius.

love you all,
Faisal J. <3