Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Switchfoot - Oh Gravity!
Even though i'm really not into all of the so predictable modern rock that sounds like real rock still this switchfoot album (& for the first time) caught my attention, I never been a fan or bothered to check them out when they were indie & to be honest i purchased the album after hearing the song "Awakening" while cruising in my friends car & i immediately loved the track not just because it's good but for the fact that it's amazingly sounds like a song that Lindsay Lohan or hilary duff would would fight over if switchfoot decided to sell and not use! I say more lindsay form the "A Little More Personal (Raw)" era.

Anyway.. With "Oh! Gravity", the San Diego-based modern rock act delivered their best album in years, one that fully reconciles their (Christian) faith with their (considerable) talent. It's diverse but not overly so, and while the production work of veteran Tim Palmer (U2, Tears for Fears) helps provide a radio-friendly sheen atop everything, it's actually their least compromised / mainstream sounding record since the group left the indie scene. From the chiming, revved-up, anthemic title song, which pairs compressed vocals with distorted guitars, to the moody and mildly schizophrenic single "Dirty Second Hands,"this album is loud and dirty, the lyrics are thoughtful and plaintive. Amusing enough they used the legnd of "Midas" to create alittle bedtime story in "Faust, Midas & Myself" making it my favourite track on the album.

01 Oh! Gravity
02 American Dream
03 Dirty Second Hands
04 Awakening
05 Circles
06 Amateur Lovers
07 Faust, Midas And Myself
08 Head Over Heels (In This Life)
09 Yesterdays
10 Burn Out Bright
11 4:12
12 Let Your Love Be Strong

Too bad this was released 26/Dec/06 otherwise i would've added it to the 2007 Brilliantine list. Emo kids & openminded-indie-chicks-n-blokes will greatly apprciate an album like this.