Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Official site www.kelis.co.uk Has Confirmed That There Is a New Album Releasing In the First Quarter Of 2006 & One of The Tracks "Bossy" Which Probably Will Be The 1st single Has Leaked:
Kelis - Bossy (ft. Too Short)
For Some ReasonThe song Reminds Me Of "Luigi's Mansion" Game On "Gamecube"..Don't Ask Me Why!

"The Simple Life" 4 !!!
The reality show and its fantasy-world stars, Ditched in October by Fox, have been hooked by E! Entertainment Television. The fourth Simple Life season, subtitled "Till Death Do Us Part" will debut in spring 2006, the cable network announced Monday. (E! Entertainment Television and E! Online are divisions of E! Networks.)
The 10 new episodes will find Hilton and Richie in a Trading Spouses-style premise, tending to children, putting dinner on the table and otherwise playing house in order to, in the words of E!, "put the girls to the matrimonial test."

That's Hot Bitch !!

Source: E!

Ok so i find an email in my inbox from my friend ozzy and in short term this is what it's all about "our friend n his cousin "DIVA" asked ozzy to help him with an assignment for college which they have to "Do a report of texas chainsaw massacre Movie"..& ozzy did a great job , look 4-ur-self:

Q 1 : In what way is this article related to or connected to your HD course?

In a very vivid way, because The movie has to do bout a serial killer who murders people to wear their body parts to look better or lets say normal, just like me when I put on make-up & foundation that an innocent animal has to suffer & be murdered to gain a tiny part of its body like the whale etc, to look prettier & more like a true DIVA.

UNFORTUNATELY the eagle eye diva noticed the CRAPNESS & fixed it right before he hand it to his teacher ! "thats a shame!" hehehsmilie

Monday, November 28, 2005

..& The Leak Goes On !

t.A.T.u. - Friend Or Foe (CDM)
01 Friend or Foe (Lenny Bertoldo Club Mix)
02 Friend or Foe (LEX Massive Club Mix)
03 Friend or Foe (Morels Pink Noise Mix)
04 Friend or Foe (Glam as You Mix)
05 Friend or Foe (LEX Global Oxygen Mix)
06 Friend or Foe (Album Version)

Liberty X - A Night To Remember (CDS)
01 Liberty X - A Night To Remember (Radio Edit)
02 Liberty X - Everybody Dance (Radio Edit)

Lil Kim - Lighters Up (CDM)
01 Lighters Up (Radio Edit) (Explicit Version)
02 Lighters Up (Remix Feat.Tego Calderon) (Explicit Version)
03 Lighters Up (Instrumental)
04 Came Back For You (Non Album Track)

M.I.A. - Galang 05 (CD2)
01 galang '05
02 galang (serj tankian remix)
03 u.r.a.q.t. (dj c remix)

The Veronicas - Everything Im Not (CDM)
01 Everything I'm Not
02 4Ever (Claude Le Gache Extended Vocal)
03 4Ever (Mac Quayle Break Mix)

Deep Dish - Sacramento (CDM)
01 Sacramento (Club Edit)
02 Sacramento (Raul Rincon Remix)
03 Sacramento (Audiofly Vox)
04 Sacramento (Audiofly Dub)
05 Sacramento (Move Ya & Steve Layers Vox)
06 Sacramento (Move Ya & Steve Layers Dub)
07 Sacramento (Carlos Legaz & Spyder Vox)

Darren Hayes - So Beautiful (Vinyl)
01 So Beautiful (Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto Remix Club)
02 So Beautiful (Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto Remix Edit)

Benassi Bros - Rocket In the Sky (ft. Dhany) (CDM)
01 Rocket In The Sky (Radio Edit)
02 Rocket In The Sky (Original Extended)
03 Rocket In The Sky (Club Mix)
04 Rocket In The Sky (Dub)

Imogen Heap - Speak For Yourself (Retail)
01 Headlock
02 Goodnight and Go
03 Have You Got It In You?
04 Loose Ends
05 Hide and Seek
06 Clear The Area
07 Daylight Robbery
08 The Walk
09 Just For Now
10 I Am In Love With You
11 Closing In
12 The Moment I Said It

Keshia Chante - Ring the Alarm (Vinyl)
01.A1 Keshia Chante - Ring the Alarm (Main)
02.B1 Keshia Chante - Ring the Alarm (Instrumental)
03.B2 Keshia Chante - Ring the Alarm (Acappella)
user posted image
Mood: Stressed (@ The End Of the past 2 Days)smilie
WOOOOOOW It's Been 2 Days Since My Last Update (as If anyone Cares To Check Anyways) Well there Is a Reason Why I'm So Late, Hmm Where To Begin I woke up on a phone call from Ozzy telling me that an earthquake happened while i was sleeping and they evacuated their whole building where he works (well actually they all ran out before anyone authorise it heheh) but i thought he was playing a stupid joke so i ignored, 15 Minutes later i woke up and went to sit with my bro and guess what he tells me ! "i think i'm sick, i was using the pc and then for like 10 seconds i felt like the screen was going right and left and the room started to look blurry, i stood up and the i felt like i was standing on a jumping castle (an inflated castle which u can see in carnivals DUH)..AHAHAHAAAAAAAA i laughed my ass off and told him it was an earthquake lol..& unfortunatelyi missed it coz i was sleeping :( " well after like an hour i got a message form an oooooooooold friend back in bahrain telling me hes in dubai and he wanna go out and DO SOMETHIN' so we agreed on the time and i told him i will go pick him up form the hotel, soo me, ozzy and my brother went over and picked him up after getting lost 10 times just to find the hotel which was in a super fooking easy location !
Anyways while we were in the car screaming like maniacs and banging on the windows everytime we see someone staring at us in the car next to us my lil bro call me on my cell and tells me the wardrobe and the bed r shaking like crazy and the clock fell !! ANOTHER earthquake which we didn't feel coz we were in the car already jumping and aciting like monkeys who just been fed a thousand redbull cans "too bad for us"..straight form there we went to mercato "mall" to buy pancakes and then head to chilis where i ordered "Bacon Burger (well Done)" YUMMM and after that ozzy n my bro went back home n i decided to stay at the hotel with yoso..we gossiped all night bout every person that got into our head and talked about lots of stuff that happened during the last year, first thing in the mroning we went to this huuuuge new mall called "The Emirates Mall" They Have Every Brand You Have In Mind & the Biggest Virgin Megastore in The U.A.E (Loves It) We Shopped for Yoso n He Got Few Stuff From (Top Man) & Then We Wen To See The Skiing World Which is a HUUUGe ski Resort Inside The Mall, There Is Mountains, ramps, Telefreaks (lmao i dunno the spelling) n everything ! with a snowboarding store where u can buy a snowboard and skiing gear (HAWT!)!

Heres 2 Pics I Took From Behind The Glass (Not Very HQ Though)!:
user posted image user posted image

Anyway the whole point is all that happened with only 2 hours of sleep during all the time which even in the middle of it i woke up coz i dreamt that the hotel was shaking and i woke up yoso screaming "Zilzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal (EARTHQUAAAAAAAAKE)!" he ingored me and went back to sleep (HOw RUDE)..i wanted to run out of the hotel but i was too tired so i took my chance and went back to sleep !

In Conclusion I'm a WRECK of STRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS after 2 days of full crazy evens and only almost 2 hours sleep ! Yeah thats what i would call the past 2 days Faboulous & Stress-E !

wow i don't hink anyone will read any of that ^^ too much lol !

The Only Full Song I Heard In the Past 2 Days:
Toni Braxton - Take This Ring

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mood: Chilled Out
Today Is Another Normal Day, Just One Of Those Days When You Have No Plans or Stuff To Worry About ! I Woke Up 12 hours ago @ 12:30 pm ..Been Playing "Mario Party Advance" All Day, i ate a Whole Cookies Box All Alone, Drank 2 Snapple "Mango Madness" & i Watched "America's Next Top model".. Sugababes Cd "Taller In More Ways" Was Playing on Repeat All Day.

I Wish they Would Invent a Pill So We Can Have More Days Liek This, I Like Being Lazy & Laying Around Home In My Shorts & Cotton T-shirt.

I Wanna Say Thanx Alot for Those Gusy Who Check My Blog & Leave Replies From Time To Time :
Mo-Ho, Danny, Ozzy, Zico, Kay, popetcadmin, Mark, Tonez :D

Song Played Alot Today:
Sugababes - Taller In More Ways (Whole Abum, Over n Over)!

*Mo-Ho I Hope You Did Well On Ur Exam.

Friday, November 25, 2005

That's Hot!

Agent Zero (Mo-Ho) Good luck on your exams hope u do well (ya rab inshallah) & Study Hard even if u have to lick the books ! ooooh and hey i thougth u might wanna know this , "The Simple Life : Interns" DVD is out on 09/Jan/2006 ! Make sure You Order It.

& Oh Danny Guess what !! The New D.O.A. [Dead Or Alive] Movie Is Almost Ready & It's Starring "Holly Valance" !! How Hot Is That ?? You Can Watch The Teaser HERE!

These Leaked !

Girls Aloud - Chemistry
01 Intro
02 Models
03 Biology
04 Wild Horses
05 See The Day
06 Watch Me Go
07 Waiting
08 Whole Lotta History
09 Long Hot Summer
10 Swinging London Town
11 It's Magic
12 No Regrets
13 Racy Lacey

Will Young - Switch It On (CDM)
01 Will Young - Switch It On
02 Will Young - I Love You More Than You'll ever Know
03 Will Young - Switch It On (Freeform Reform)

Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (DVS)
01 Dirty Harry (Video Edit)
02 Murdoc Is God
03 Dirty Harry (Instrumental)
04 Dirty Harry (Animatic Video Edit)

Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (Vinyl)
01 Dirty Harry (Acapella)
02 Dirty Harry (Instrumental)
03 Dirty Harry (Original)

Dannii Minogue - Perfection (CDM)
01 Perfection (Radio Edit)
02 Perfection (Extended Mix)
03 Perfection (Dancing DJ's Remix)

04 Perfection (Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto Remix)
05 Perfection (Soul Seekerz Original Instrumental)
06 Perfection (Seamus Haji & Emanuel Remix)

07 Perfection (Koishii & Hush Remix)
08 Perfection (Kenny Hayes Remix)

Destiny's Child - Eight Days Of Christmas (Dual Disc Bonus Tracks)
01 Home for the Holidays
02 Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Texas - Sleep Promo (CDM)
01 Texas - Sleep (Bimbo Jones Full Mix)

02 Texas - Sleep (Bimbo Jones Dub)
03 Texas - Sleep (Bimbo Jones Edit)
04 Texas - Sleep (Album Version)

M.I.A. - Galang 05 (Vinyl)
01 galang (dave kelly remix)
02 galang (dave kelly instrumental)
03 galang (dave kelly dub)
04 galang (dave kelly acapella)

Yeah Yeah Ok !smilie
It's Official!

Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey Split, After a highly publicized romance, a reality-series marriage and eventually tabloid rumors of strife, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey officially announced their split on Wednesday to Us Weekly Magazine!

Source: www.usmagazine.com
The Pigsonality !

This site Can Tell You More About Your Personality by Drawing a PIG (Immediately on the Site) !! Heheh I find It Really fund & The Resaults Are Correct To Some Point !

Here Is My Resault For The Pic I Drew Above:
Toward the middle, you are a realist.
Facing front, you are direct, enjoy playing devil's advocate and neither fear nor avoid discussions.
With many details, you are analytical, cautious, and distrustful.
With 4 legs showing, they are secure, stubborn, and stick to their ideals.
The size of the ears indicates how good a listener you are.The bigger the better. You drew small ears, you are an OK listener
The length of the tail indicates the quality of your sex life.And again more is better! You drew medium sized tail.

Try It Here!

*Send Me Your Drawing If You Do One with Your Name & I will Post It.
Sean Preston 1st Photoshoot !
user posted image
Here are the latest scans of PEOPLE magazine. Sean is so cute! Britney looks Happy!

Mood: Relaxed glasses.gif
Woot woot, Woke Up 4 Hours Ago & I Had just Enough The sleep Time I Needed "Not Over" & "Not Less", It's Another Fresh Day..I'm Not Going Out Today To Avoid any kind of trouble specially since what happened yesterday ! But Today Is a New Day & It Feels Good, & Thats Coz Miracles Happen & Specially To Me Today !

I Went To My Father to ask him for money to buy amerie's concert ticket and i knew he would say NO coz i been askign for lots of money the past 2 weeks & i mean ALOT... well he was watching tv and i droppe dthe question like i wanna start a conversation :
me: baba can i go to the concert ?
him: when is it ?
me: next wednsday
him: who u going with ?
me: ozzy & diva (but ofcourse i used their real names lol)
him: yeah ok, what abotu the tickets ?
me: yeah i want money for it
him: how much
me: 150 dhs

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH when he said ok i was still thinking if it has a different meaning ! that was really weird he was soo nice, maybe too nice ! anyways it doesn tmatter i'm goingto amerie YAAAAAAAAY ..my friedn is on the way to virgin to get the tickets while i'm typing this ! I will Scan Them Later Tonight If He Drop Them Here & Post on the blog... but for now i eill take alook @ what i missed since yesterday & do few Updates.

Most Played Track Today:
Bananarama - Waterfall

Mood : Depressed smilie
Ok Today Will Be a Day To Remember For Weeks To Come, It's By Far The Worst Day This month (I hope so)..i will start form when i woke up @ 12pm (not midnight):
1. i woke up not feeling well & still tired from too much thinking of stuff in bed.
2. i had no lunch coz i didn't feel like eating.
3. I Had No Intrest Whatsoever in Updating The Blog.
4. i couldnt do anythign all day coz i was looking for mario party cartridge (whic was under my pillow) so i didn't play gameboy till right before i got ready to go out.
5. my friend came to pick me up an di wa sstill in the shower so he left angry an dwe almost had a fight.
6. i ordered turkey sandwich with ranch dressing (take away) & when i got home it tunred out they made it with brown bread instead of white.
7. On The Way Back Home From Diva's House "We Watched (Hostage)" We Saw a Dead Dog Which Turned Into Bacon In The Middle Of The Street.
8. Which Toppe dall the ones above:
just like 2 seconds before we get into the next road an accident happened, a guy from kuwait ran with his jeep into a parked car on the highway !!and i saw him crawl out of the car , blood covering allover his head and he was trembling coz it was really cold tonight !..we stopped and called the police and for an ambulance, then ppl started to gather and park their cars just to stare or take a look ! it tok the ambulanc elike 10 minutes to get there.
9.Oh & when the ambulance got there it wa son the wrong side of the road so they had to go all the way to the end of the highway to find an exit and do a U-Turn !
10. the police car got there first but he just stood there staring .

Soooo I'm Really Tired & I'm Just hoping That That Wa sthe end Of All That ! this sday was a super JINXED day, Seriously ! :(

Really Hope That That Guy Is Ok & No Serious Damage Happened To Him (we couldn't move him coz that would be stupid)..Soo I'm Off To Bed (Maybe I Will Feel Better In the Morning) Now It's 05:47 am and i just got home 10 minutes ago.

Song Of The Day:
.......................................i don't think it matters :(

*All What I Mentioned Above Is Short Version Of what Really Happened, Seriously Today SUCKED.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Few Updates Today But I'm Really Tired Sooo i'm Heading to Bed Now, It's 06:41 am !

See Ya Later bitches..zzZZzZzZZzzzZZZzzZZzZZzzzzzZzZZzZzzzZzzz smilie

Major Leaking Today, Heres What Leaked !

Goldfrapp - Number 1/Lovely 2 C U (CDM)
01. Number 1 (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Club Remix)
02. Number 1 (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Main Remix)
03. Number 1 (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Instrumental Remix)
04. Lovely 2 C U (T.Raumschmiere Instrumental Remix)
05. Lovely 2 C U (T.Raumschmiere Remix)

Goldfrapp - Number 1 (CD2)
01 Number 1 (Album Version)
02 Number 1 (Steve Angello Remix)

Goldfrapp - Number 1 (CD3)
01 Number 1 (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Club Remix)
02 Number 1 (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Main Remix)
03 Number 1 (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Instrumental Remix)

t.A.T.u - Ljudi Invalidy (CDM)
01 T.A.T.U - Ljudi Invalidy (Radio Version)
02 T.A.T.U - Ljudi Invalidy (Globass Remix)
03 T.A.T.U - Ljudi Invalidy (Pimenov Radio Mix)
04 T.A.T.U - Ljudi Invalidy (Pimenov Extended Mix)

Shakira - Oral Fixation Vol.2
01 How Do You Do
02 Don't Bother
03 Illegal (Featuring Carlos Santana)
04 The Day and the Time (Featuring Gustavo Cerati)
05 Animal City
06 Dreams for Plans
07 Hey You
08 Your Embrace
09 Costume Makes the Clown
10 Something
11 Timor

Eurythmics - I've Got A Life (CDM)
01 I've Got A Life (Sander Kleinenberg You're it Mix)
02 I've Got A Life (Sander Kleinenberg You're it Dub)
03 I've Got A Life (David Guetta Club)
04 I've Got A Life (David Guetta Dub)
05 Sweet Dreams (Are Made of this) (Steve Angello Bootleg)

Lindsay Lohan - A Little More Personal
01. Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father)
02. Black Hole
03. I Live For The Day
04. I Want You To Want Me
05. My Innocence
06. A Little More Personal
07. If It's Alright
08. If You Were Me
09. Fastlane
10. Edge Of Seventeen
11. Who Loves You
12. A Beautiful Life (La Bella Vita)

Fort Minor - The Rising Tied (Japan Bonus Tracks)
01. Break 1
02. Break 2
03. Be Somebody (Feat. Lupe Fiasco, Holly Brook & Tak Of Style)
04. There They Go (Feat. Sixx John)
05. The Hard Way (Feat. Kenna)

How cool Is this Bunch, you Know The Drill! smilie