Sunday, December 31, 2006

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For those who don't remember me or even know me i started this blog as a personal diary but it started to get more attention and it drifted toward being a music blog until it fully converted, anyways ..I had to move from Dubai to Bahrain "different countrys" and it took me months to settle during which i didn't have internet.

Well during that time my friend "Moho" kept the blog in shape but then he had to move to Boston for University and didn't have time anymore to keep an eye on it like before..the blog right now is a mess..something i can call a "Links Dump".

I mean it's not all bad the new memebrs are doing great job in keeping it alive but it's not as good as it was last 7 months ago..So JUST FOR NOW we are going to stop posting until i get internet at home "very soon" and we will make this piece of blog become the talk of the town again.

all blog team members if anyone wants to quit send an email & if u wanna stick around then you're more than welcome.

soo until then, NO MORE POSTS.

SEE YOU ALL SOON AGAIN, I promise you it will be worth the wait.

Faisal Janahi

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jutbox Ft. Cassie.!

Now i love Cassie but in this song she sounds like...she's talking. -_- The beat does remind me a lot of the one in "Me&You". Well whatever the song is still hot, i dont have any idea who this guy Jutbox is though...:p Oh btw the song is called "At The Bar" :)

DL: At The Bar (MegaUpload)
DL: At The Bar (SendSpace)
Gwen Stefani "Wind It Up" Video!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Norah Jones!

Maybe ya'll don't care too much about her. But she's just an amazing singer and has one like...well...a lot of grammys lol. She will release her third studio album early next year (Jan. 30th to be exact) and it will be titled "Not Too Late". She wrote and co-wrote every song on the album. Here's the tracklisting:
  • Wish I Could
  • Sinkin' Soon
  • The Sun Doesn't Like You
  • Until the End
  • Not My Friend
  • Thinkin' About You
  • Broken
  • My Dear Country
  • Wake Me Up
  • Be My Somebody
  • Little Room
  • Rosie's Lullaby
  • Not Too Late

"Land Of Thousand Words" Single Cover

This song is so amazing. The Scissor Sisters rock.

Something Kinda . . . Cool!

Oh! This is seriously so cool. The Girls Aloud whilst doing some promotion performed two songs live at Radio 1. Amazing thing is they performed Amy Whinehouses excellent song "Rehab" and one of their old hits "Love Machine". Plz hear them! You gotta fucking love this girls.<3333

DL: Rehab (Live at Radio 1)
DL: Love Machine (Live at Radio 1)

*i'm so sorry about the links not working lol. sendspace is shit. i have uploaded on megaupload...hope that works! :p if not then...ill upload them somewhere else lol. XD

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Scissor Sisters "Land Of Thousand Words" Video.

Ok. this video is just amazing. and the song is wonderful. check it!

5 letters..LMFAO! look at the audience reaction !

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Good, The Bad & The Queen!
^^ Look at that closely because its the cover of the first single form my new best quartet band in the world, just so u know its created by "Damon Albarn" who used ot be in "Blur" & creator/singer of "Gorillaz"! Another memebr in this new group is "Danger Mouse" whos the producer and 1/2 of "Gnarls Barkley" & he produced most of gorillaz hit singles!
The first single is titled "HERCULEAN".

Official sites:
It's More About The Music Than Words, You Can Not Not Love Them! <3
"Don't Be Shy"
New single from Spektrum's new album "Fun at the Gymkhana Club" in stores now!
A very hot
Electro/Funk track, It's available for free on iTunes too.

DL: Spektrum - Don't Be Shy

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nelly Furtado - Say It Right (World Premiere)

(Video ripped by: ME)

Monday, November 06, 2006
Spread the UFF!!
Uffie is back with a new club banger, the perfect follow up to "Ready to Uff"
Produced by Mr Oizo ...Out on November 20th.

DL: Uffie - Hot Chick/In Charge

Sunday, November 05, 2006

C'est Mon Birthday !

Hi y'all !! Today I'm turning 20 and I wanna share it with you all !!!
Oh gosh I can't sing Alizée's song "J'ai Pas 20ans" anymore... :(
I'm an adult now... Oh shit, next big step : 30

Oh ! I forget something, for my birthday I want :
- a car
- a portable PC
- an appartment in Paris
- a lot of money, etc

You can make your donation, just send me a mail ! lol
Emma Bunton - Life In Mono (Album Cover)
November 27!

Chris Daughtry - It's Not Over + Album Clips
Chris Daughtry and band aka Daughtry Debut "Daughtry" is being released November 21st, so I ripped His first single off his myspace, better rip then the previous posted. Also here are Three Clips of tracks on the album they all run for more then 1 min & 30 secs. I like where this album is going, its soundin real good. check these out! (ripped by: ME)

DL: Chris Daughtry - It's Not Over (HQ)
DL Link 2: HERE
DL: Chris Daughtry - Home(Clip)
DL Link 2: HERE
DL: Chris Daughtry - Over You(Clip)
DL Link 2: HERE
DL: Chris Daughtry - Used To(Clip)
DL Link 2: HERE

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Natasha bedingfield is back with a new album in 2007!
Taken from Popjustice!

She had some studio time booked

Earlier today we met Natasha Bedingfield (pictured) for tea and biscuits (also pictured) at London's posho Olympic Studios.
We ended up getting slightly obsessed with her first album so today's thing, the point of which was to listen, along with some proper journalists, to tracks from Beddo's new album, was quite interesting.
A man from Natasha's record label said that this morning was a "platform to engage in dialogue" as the record approaches. We think this means do some interviews and things.


Here is what we can 'exclusively' tell you about Natasha's new album:

1. The first single is called 'Babies' and the chorus goes "I want to have your babies". Natasha says it is about, as a woman, meeting men on dates and subsconsciously auditioning them as the potential father of your child. We can't imagine readers of Zoo Magazine being very impressed with this.

2. 'Pirate Bones' is about going 'all out' to get a thing only to find that you can't use it, or something. Beddo said it would be like being a pirate stuck on a desert island with lots of gold but no shops to spend it in. If she thinks that's bad she should try coming to our office - it's a twenty minute walk to the nearest Waitrose.

3. The big (and it is very big) ballad on the album is called 'Soulmate' and it asks the question "why am I on my own if there's a soulmate for everyone?". It was written on a bed. It rhymes "incompatible" with "it don't matter though". It also includes the word 'transitory', surely this album's equivalent of 'hyperbole'. It is a bit like a big Christina ballad except a) better and b) delivered with a vocal that isn't all "LISTEN TO ME I HAVE GOT A BIG VOICE".

4. Another song called 'How Do You Do?' is about whether it is alright for women to make the first move in a relationship (ie go up to a chap and say "How do you do?"). "Is it wrong to be the instigator?" asks the chorus, before answering "NO!". This is all good news - at this rate, it won't be long before women will be able to vote!!! This song includes the thought-provoking lyric "you're not climbing up my ivory tower".

5. A song called 'Say It Again' was written with Adam from Maroon 5. It sounds a bit like Maroon 5 with Natasha Bedingfield singing on the top. Natasha did a little dance when this one came on.

6. Another one called 'Backyard' is about things being a lot easier at an age when playing in one's backyard was The Done Thing, and includes a reference to a "plastic bazooka"; 'Roses' was written before 'These Words' (but is still quite good); 'When You Know You Know' is a little bit Diana Ross.

So that is some stuff about songs. Bearing in mind that everything sounds amazing when you hear it in a recording studio, it did sound really good and the production is quite exciting. Also what is quite impressive is that in spite of having buggered off to America to record this album, Natasha has managed not to go completely musically up herself or lose sight of the fact that people liked her in the first place because she made good pop songs with words like 'hyperbole' in them.

The first single's out next March, along with some live dates and the usual promotional events.
Genki Rockets - Heavenly Star

Emma Bunton - Downtown (1:30 Preview)

Seems cool :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sweet Escape
This is supposed to be the cover of Gwen Stefanis new album.
I love how her hair looks. <3
Ok.. GO!
hey guys dunno if you still remember me lol, i just wanna say that i'm coming back soon.. VERY SOON. anyways this "Indie" track been fucking my ears since june and i still didn't get a bit bored from it so its definitely worth sharing, check it out it's called "Invincible" by a new quartet called "Ok GO".. Hope You LikeIt & Leave Feedback.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This Is Extra Cute!!! Must Watch With Sound!

she's all sitting there munchin up on her food
and then baby sneezes and she is lookin at it like ''u f**ker'' lol

All Saints Studio 1 Sampler
As we all know 30 second clips never do anyone justice but for now they will have to do to keep ur appetite wet lol :P
1. Rock Steady
2. Chick Fit
3. On And On
4. Scar
5. Not Eazy
6. Hell No
7. One Me And U
8. Headlock
9. Too Nasty
10. In It To Win It
11. Flashback
12. Fundamental


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nobody Knows

dunt kno if its been posted but i just saw it and i luv it! <3 XD
Wait A Minute ! another single...woot... -_-
Diddy & Christina Aguilera - Tell Me

(Videos HoTtness,ripped by: ME)
check out my blog for Making The Video in HQ along with orginal file and Ipod version of video!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Madonna Reinvention Tour

Now i know we dont usaully post old stuff but besides the professional recording that was Im Going To Tell You A Secret Live Dvd Bonus Disc(which wasnt a complete tour audio) there hasnt really been a good HQ complete audio of this amazing tour from 2004. This HQ is one of the best i have heard ever of a Madonna concert that is not professioanlly recorded (the other is the one i recorded in Phoenix lol)... Enjoy.. see my comments for further comments....

The Beast Within
Nobody Knows Me
American Life
Express Yourself
Burning Up
Material Girl
Hollywood (Remix interlude)
Hanky Panky
Deeper and Deeper
Die Another Day
Bedtime Story Interlude
Nothing Fails
Don't Tell Me
Like a Prayer
Mother and Father
Susan MacLeod Interlude
Into the Groove
Papa Don't Preach
Crazy for You
P!nk - Nobody Knows Live (TRL Germany)
Pink performed a mini concert at TRL in Germany and this perfromance was stunning.. she sounded so good.. cant wait to see her supporting JT in LA in January.. shame shes not touring on her own in the US but ill take it :P

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nelly Furtado - All Good Things (Come To An End) "Video"

Girls Aloud's Greatest Hits CD2 Bonus Disk!

1. No Good Advice [Explicit Version]
2. Wake Me Up [Alt. Lyrics Version]
3. I Predict A Riot [Live At Wembley]
4. Sound Of The Underground [Instrumental Break Down Mix]
5. Hanging On The Telephone
6. Loving Is Easy
7. Singapore
8. Sacred Trust

See my comments for further comments!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Girls Aloud Something Kinda Oooohhh LIVE
The girls performed the track with a full live band(hmmm lol) on the UK tv show The ALbum Chart Show and they sounded pretty good... Nadine n Cheryl sound great!! See for yourself!!

Justin Timberlake on Bo Selecta Tv Show in UK... what a strange punishment for losing a board game... who knew JT liked to be slapped in the face with meat!!
Pitbull - El Mariel
Pitbull is back with his Sophomore album El Mariel due October 31st. His mix of Latin and English rap stands out from all the rest of the mainstream rap out there and his first album His debut album,"M.I.A.M.I." is certified gold and still selling strong. The first single from the album Bojangles was a huge club banger and US radio hit. He has spent a huge chunk of the last 2 years guest rapping on other peoples tracks and remixes including Nelly Furtado, The Ying Yang Twins and Lil John and its time for him to shine on his own again... enjoy... see comments for my comments...

1. (Intro)
2. Miami Shit
3. Come See Me
4. Jealouso
5. Que Tu Sabes D'Eso feat. Fat Joe & Sinful
6. (Fademaster Skit)
7. Be Quiet
8. Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera)
9. Fuego
10. Rock Bottom feat. Bun B & Cubo
11. (Amanda Diva Skit)
12. Blood Is Thicker Than Water fet. Redd Eyez
13. Jungle Fever feat. Wyclef
14. Hey You Girl
15. Raindrops feat. Anjuli Stars
16. Voodoo
17. Descarada (Dance) feat. Vybz Cartel
18. Dime Remix feat. Ken-Y
19. Bojangles Remix feat. Lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins
20. Born N Raised (DJ Khaled feat. Pitbull, Trick Daddy, & Rick Ross)
21. (Outro)
Kevin Federline - Playing With Fire
Never would I have thought that i'd be posting a K-Fed album, but its really here Kevin's Debut album has leaked. I haven't listend to it, dont really want to but i am curious to how it sounds so ill end up doing it. anway Check it out, it hit stores OCTOBER 31st!

1. Intro
2. The World Is Mine
3. America’s Most Hated
4. Snap
5. Lose Control
6. Dance with A Pimp (Featuring Ya Boy)
7. Privilege (Featuring Bosko)
8. Crazy (Featuring Britney Spears)
9. A League Of My Own
10. Playing With Fire
11. Caught Up (Intro)
12. Caught Up
13. Kept On Talkin
14. Middle Finger (Hidden Track)


Sugababes - Overloaded: The Singles Collection Official
The most successful all female act of the 2000's (according to British Book Of Hit Singles and Albums), the Sugababes have had an incredible 16 hit singles ( four of which were number 1 hits!!) beating out Britney Spears, Destinys Child and Madonna. They have undergone 3 lineup changes but they have stayed on course and continued to produce extremely high qaulity music. They have had 4 top 10 albums and this greatest hits album is an essential album to own for most pop fans. If u have never heard of them then get this album and see what the fuss is about... See comments for further comments.....

1. Freak Like Me
2. Round Round
3. Red Dress
4. In The Middle
5. Stronger
6. Shape (feat. Sting)
7. Overload
8. Good To Be Gone
9. Caught In A Moment
10. Ugly
11. Easy
12. Too Lost In You
13. Run For Cover
14. Hole In The Head
15. Push The Button

Friday, October 27, 2006


The Girls release their Greatest Hits Album unimaginatively titled The Sound of Girls Aloud on Monday 30th October in the UK. Throughout the last 4 years they have had a huge career in europe which is ironic really seen as they are a product of a TV reality show ( not one other tv reality show band/act has really hit the big time like these girls and stuck around!!) This collection includes 12 of their biggest hits.... 2 new original songs, Money and Smething Kinda Oooh, and a cover of Tiffanys Number 1 hit I Think Were Alone Now. See my comments for further comments:

01. Sound Of The Underground
02. Love Machine
03. Biology
04. No Good Advice
05. I'll Stand By You
06. Jump
07. The Show
08. See The Day
09. Wake Me Up
10. Life Got Cold
11. Something Kinda Ooooh
12. Whole Lotta History
13. Long Hot Summer
14. Money
15. I Think Were Alone Now
Kfed feat Britney Spears - Crazy
Heres the song uve all been craving.. and i dunno why lol. Mr Federline raps most of the song while Britney phones in her hook and the bridge from home. Nothing special nothing special at all... she says what everyones thinking though.. she is crazy for loving him lol.. im sure some of u will enjoy this !! enjoy!!

CRAZY (Rapidshare)
CRAZY (sendspace)
CRAZY (uploadedto)
CRAZY (speedyshare)
CRAZY (zshare)
Emily Haines, (from Metric)
I was very excited about her solo album "Knives Don't Have Your Back"
After i heard "Lottery" which i posted here few months ago, But when I got the album
The whole thing sounded the same to me and i honestly didn't give it another good listen
Untill I heard the single "Doctor Blind" on the radio, A very good song!
I've been playing it non-stop lately.

DL: Emily Haines - Doctor Blind
Paula DeAnda - Walk Away (Feat. The DEY)

I Love this Video : )
Girls Aloud - I Think We're Alone Now & Money
Girls Aloud release their GH album on Oct 30th and have included 2 new songs. They have covered one of the biggest gay anthems ever, Tiffany's I Think Were Alone Now. The rumor is that they plan to release I Think We're Alone Now as their chrsitmas single in a bid to have another coveted Christmas number 1 spot. The other track is a upbeat track called Money. Enjoy it:

I THINK WERE ALONE NOW (speedyshare)

DL: MONEY (rapidshare)
DL: MONEY (megaupload)
DL: MONEY (speedyshare)
DL: MONEY (sendspace)
DL: MONEY (uploaded2)
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
All Saints - Chick Fit
Here is a new track from All Saints Upcoming album Studio 1.. its another catchy track and if the whole album continues this quality then it will be a huge hit.

CHICK FIT (rapidshare)
CHICK FIT (sendspace)
CHICK FIT (uploaded2)
CHICK FIT (speedyshare)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ciara - Promise (World Premiere)
(DEFF HER BEST,ripped by: ME)

Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix
Girls Aloud release their Greatest Hits album next Monday 30th Oct in the UK and they have made a GH Megamix video. They have had some memorable hits in their 4 years as a band and the megamix is a great way to go through them all in one go lol Enjoy:

Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Video (speedyshare)
Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Video (megaupload)
Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Video (sendspace)
Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Video (ysi)
Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Video (rapidshare)
Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Video (uploaded2)

Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Audio (speedyshare)
Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Audio (megaupload)
Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Audio (sendspace)
Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Audio (rapidshare)
Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Audio (YSI)
Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Megamix Audio (uploaded2)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Close To The Front, The b-side on the Rehab CD2 single
It's you know it's as good as her whole new album.

Amy Winehouse - Close To The Front

Girls Aloud!
Here is Girls Alouds' B-Side to 'Something Kinda Oooh'
DL: Girls Aloud - The Crazy Life

And here is the demo for 'Love Machine' which is from a new Pop Justice album, it isn't much different except for the lyrics are totally different and they make it sound all over the place but the music is the same. Personally I much prefer the single version.
Girls Aloud - Very Strange (Original Love Machine Demo)

You can also here a preview of their new tracks, 'Money' and 'I Think We're Alone Now' (originally a #1 hit for Tiffany).
'I Think We're Alone Now' is going to be released as a christmas single as the girls want another christmas #1!
Listen to them both here!
The highly acclaimed Swedish duo Koop released their new album,
titled "Koop Islands" on the 4th of October.
You can hear Ane Brun´s vocals on the beautiful single "Koop Island Blues".

Genre: Jazz/Alternative
DL: Koop - Koop Island Blues

Monday, October 23, 2006

Lily's new video for 'Littlest Things'
Fergie - Fergalicious (Launch Premiere)

(quality from launch sucks, ripped by: ME)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I know you hear me!!....
Jamelia - Beware Of The Dog!
Here is All Saints first ever performance of their new single Rocksteady. The performance itself was cool to see after not seeing them for 5 years but i wish they hadnt mimed... oh and im not dead or in a coma.. i was in the hospital but im good...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

P!nk - Nobody Knows

Very dark one.
THX to $hank$

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

01. Rehab Album Version
02. You Know I'm No Good
03. Me & Mr Jones (Fuckery)
04. Just Friends
05. Back To Black
06. Love Is A Losing Game
07. Tears Dry On Their Own
08. Wake Up Alone
09. Some Unholy War
10. He Can Only Hold Her
11. Addicted

The fantastic new album out October 30th!
See comments for my comments!

Thanks to Charlez for sharing it but the links over here are the links I uploaded!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Some new leaked songs!
I have uploaded three new leaked song! We shall start from best to worst.

First off is Shakira! We all loved the smash hit 'Hips Don't Lie' and because it was such a massive success world wide, her new single has high expectations.
So Shakira has mellowed her tone down with her new release 'Illegal' which is a very beautiful ballad and is different to the album version.

DL: Shakira - Illegal (Radio Mix)

Emma Bunton

Now this is the moment we have all been waiting for....Emma Bunton's comeback! She will be releasing this years official UK Children In Need single which will be her very own version of the Sixties classic 'Downtown'

DL: Emma Bunton - Downtown

And last but not least we have the wondeful sugababes, now I wasn't really a big fan of 'Easy' but it's grown on me...still not amazing though!
But this is a new track from the Greatest Hits and it's even more rather rubbish, what is happening to babes!?

DL: Sugababes - Good To Be Gone

Will be back soon, but that's all for now!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fired Up!

This is the new album cover! gosh i cant wait for this album! Its released Nov. 6th!
Heres the tracklisting:
1. Fired Up
2. Lipstick
3. Knock Down
4. Superficial
5. Ting A Ling
6. Free
7. Everybody Wants To Change The World
8. Let It Go
9. Lil' Bit Of Love
10. Turn It Up
11. Everywhere I Go
12. Hypnotik

So a few days ago i posted the song "This Is Haloween" but sang by Marilyn Manson. Heres a new version from the new soundtrack of "The Night Before Christmas" but sang by Panic! At The Disco. I much prefer Marilyn Mansons version though. Both are very good anyways. This is an AOL Music Rip. :) Check it out!

DL: This Is Halloween (SendSpace)
DL: This Is Halloween (MegaUpload)
So Delicious!

Fergie performed this Monday in the Sharon Osbourne Show her new single.
Fucken amazing seriously i luv this girl ! <333
Hip Hop Honors 2006

Lil' Kim, Da Brat, Remy Ma "Lyte As A Rock" Performance

Kimmy KILLED it! :D
Shiny Toy Guns - We Are Pilots
Finally the album is released, most of the tracks were re-recorded
so it's a bit different from the demo version.

01. You Are The One
02. Le Disko
03. Starts With One
04. When They Came For Us
05. Don't Cry Out
06. Chemistry Of A Car Crash
07. Waiting
08. Rainy Monday
09. Jackie Will Save Me
10. Shaken
11. We Are Pilots
12. I Promise You Walls (Bonus)

Studio 1 (Album Cover)

Release date: 13-11-2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Christina Aguilera - Hurt (Video)

(For HQ Video download go to my blog: HERE )
Gwen Stefani!

Oh a new clip of a Gwen song called "Sweet Escape" and features Akon. Its rumoured to be either the first single (or second) off her upcoming album! :) Check It! woot!

DL: Sweet Escape Clip (SendSpace)

Diddy - All Night Long (Bonus Track) *FIXED*
If you have pre-ordered Diddy's album off Itunes you would've gotten this track.
It features Fergie and it pretty much like the rest of the album, shouldve made it to the cut.
They both sound good and the beats hott. CHECK IT!

DL: Fergie - All Night Long (Feat. Fergie)
DL Link 2: HERE
(I'm gonna promote my blog since i never do, visit it!: HERE )

So Jojos new album "The High Road" is in stores already so go buy it muahaha. ok. so here is an Itunes Only Bonus Track of this CD. Its called "Do Watcha Gotta Do". Its good i love it. <3>
*Added two more bonus tracks! woot. they all rock!

DL: Do Watcha Gotta Do (SendSpace)
DL: Get It Poppin' (SendSpace)
DL: I Can Take You There (SendSpace)

Jay Z - Show Me What You Got (COMEBACK VIDEO)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ooh! Secret Video! :0
A new video of "Serious" by Gwen Stefani has surfaced (well, its actually just a small clip). Im so pissed this song wasnt released. :( Check it out!
Heres Fergie performing Clumsy from her album The Duchess on UK TV show ANT AND DECS SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY!!... not a bad performance but i dont like this track all that much!! Check it out!!

Robbie Williams - Rudebox (OC EXCLUSIVE!!)

Mr Robbie Williams returns on October 23rd with his new studio album Rudebox. Since splitting from 90's boyband sensation Take That to go solo in 1997, Robbie has proved a dominant force in the European pop market and has had 8 top 10 albums in the UK (including a greatest hits). This album was originally due to drop in September but was moved due to legal problems with Robbie's ex Take That manager (who is suing robbie for slander due to allegations made in the song lyrics on this album!!) and to avoid a showdown with a certain Justin Timberlake who was due to release the very same day. This new album takes him in a different direction from before and produces some interesting results. The first single Rudebox was a critical dud but sold well. Standout tracks include the 80's, the 90's, Shes Madonna and The Actor. This album should sell pretty well but only time will tell.... enjoy!! See my comments for further comments!

1. Rudebox
2. Viva Life on Mars
3. Lovelight
4. Bongo Bong and Je Ne T'aime Plus
5. She's Madonna
6. Keep On
7. Good Doctor
8. The Actor
9. Never Touch That Switch
10. Louise
11. We're The Pet Shop Boys
12. Burslem Normals
13. Kiss Me
14. The 80's
15. The 90's
16. Summertime
17. Dickhead (Bonus_Track)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Diam's & Vitaa - Confessions Nocturnes (New Exclusive)

Wow!... I cried.
"Single Cover"
Belinda "Ni Freud Ni Tu Mama" !
This is Belindas new video for the first single of her new album "Utopia". I love the song + the video. its really great. Oh Raven Symone does a cameo on the video too! LOL. she looks fat 0.O

Thursday, October 12, 2006
New M.I.A!!..this is just a snippet though, the track is called "Talk About Moi"
this track is hot..yea it's just a snippet but i can tell it's gonna be fire!, CAN'T WAIT for the new album!

DL: M.I.A. - Talk About Moi (snippet)
My Chemical Romance- Welcome To The Black Parade

Awesome video.. cant wait for the album... P
P Diddy - Press Play Explicit
Ok so the Explicit version of Mr Diddy's album Press Play is finally here(due in stores Oct 17th). Riding high on the back of the sucess of his MTV talent search Making The Band 3, which produced the highly successful Danity Kane, Diddy has pulled together an all star collaboration album featuring guest spots from Mary J Blige, Brandy, Ciara, Jamie Foxx, Christina Aguilera and many more. While the collab heavy album would seem like it would make for a great album it is very hit and miss as to what works and what doesnt. Diddy should have stuck to less tracks and what he knows best.. the business side of the industry lol Enjoy... see my comments for further comments!!

1. Testimonial (Intro) - Diddy
2. We Gon' Make It - Diddy, Jack Knight
3. I Am (Interlude) - Diddy
4. Future - Diddy
5. Hold Up - Diddy
6. Come to Me - Diddy, Nicole Scherzinger
7. Tell Me - Christina Aguilera, Diddy
8. Wanna Move - Diddy,
9. Diddy Rock - Diddy, Shawnna, Timbaland, Twista
10. Claim My Place (Interlude) - Diddy
11. Everything I Love - C-Lo, , Diddy, Nas
12. Special Feeling - Diddy, Mika Lett
13. Crazy Thang (Interlude) - Diddy,
14. After Love - Diddy,
15. Through the Pain (She Told Me) - Diddy, Mario Winans
16. Thought You Said - Brandy, Diddy
17. Last Night - Keyshia Cole, Diddy
18. Making It Hard - Mary J. Blige, Diddy
19. Partners for Life - Diddy, Jamie Foxx

This Is Halloween !
omg. this is...unexpectedly amazing. Marilyn Manson does "This Is Halloween" from the new "Nightmare Before Christmas" Soundtrack and its amazinnggg. LOL seriously loves it so much. just listeeeenn you'll love it. *dies*

DL: This Is Halloween (SendSpace)
DL: This Is Halloween (MegaUpload)

Taking Control!
Amerie is one of the most underrated R&B singers out there. She's slowly been coming back. Various tracks have leaked off her upcoming album. Well here's this song called "Take Control". The beat is...i just love it. Very 80's. Oh, and it supposedly features Gnarls Barkley (Cee-Lo i suppose). I like it a lot. <3>

DL: Take Control (SendSpace)
DL: Take Control (MegaUpload)
Frankie J - Priceless
The self proclaimed "Latin lover" returns with his sophomore album Priceless ( due in stores 17th October). His first album featured mixes of english and spanish lyrics and produced the smash hit Obsession. This album has alot more uptempo compared to his first and while i wasnt a fan before i can definitely say this album is interesting. My favourtie track is Dance and a close second is his track That Girl (wich was the first sinlge!!). Pick Up a copy and you wont be disappointed.

01. That Girl (Feat. Mannie Fresh & Chamillionaire)
02. Priceless
03. Never Let You Down (Feat. Krayzie Bone & Layzie Bone)
04. Daddy's Little Girl
05. If He Can't Be
06. Say Something
07. Hurry Up
08. Is This What You Call Love?
09. Top Of The Line (Feat. Slim)
10. Dance
11. Still
12. I Ain't Trippin'