Sunday, April 30, 2006

Clémence - La Vie Comme Elle Vient

This is the new single of a young little french girl called "Clémence". This song is so freshy & sweety... You have to listen to it now ! The lyrics are cute, her voice is pure & simple... Now, Forget all your problems & issues... Just relax on the sun... :)

Clémence - La Vie Comme Elle Vient

Monsieur Gainsbourg - Revisited

This is an awesome new album, just released a couple weeks ago in France. It's a very great great tribute to the smart & awesome
M. Serge Gainsbourg... (R.I.P.). Maybe you don't know this name, it's one of the greatest past french artist that is known in the whole world. So, this album is a world english tribute and this is so damn great, it's
more Rock / Electro / Acoustic.Check the artist set & the tracklist !! OMG :D
You can't miss this! For me, a 2006 brillantine!

Tracklist : (+5 songs to download)
01. Franz Ferdinand & Jane Birkin - A Song For Sorry Angel
02. Cat Power & Karen Elson - I Love You... Me Either
03. Jarvis Cocker & Kid Loco - I Just Came To Tell You That I'm Going
04. Portishead - Requiem For Anna
05. Brian Molko, Faultline & Françoise Hardy - Requiem For A Jerk
Michael Stipe - L'Hôtel
07. Tricky - Au Revoir Emmanuelle
08. Marianne Faithfull & Sly And Robbie - Lola R. For Ever
09. Gonzales, Feist & Dani - Boomerang 2005
10. Marc Almond & Trash Palace - Boy Toy
11. Placebo - The Ballad Of Melody Nelson
12. The Rakes - Just A Man With A Job
13. The Kills - I Call It Art
14. Carla Bruni - Those Little Things

M.I.A not allowed back in the U.S

Roger roger do you here me over!!!!the U.S immigration wont let me in!!!!!i was mennu work with timber startin this week, but now im doin a Akon "im locked out they wont let me in" im locked out! they wont let me in! Now Im strictly making my album outside the borders!!!! so il see you all one day, for now ill keep reportin from the sidelinesto my people who walk wiv me in the America, dont forget we got the internet! Spread the word! or come get me!!!!!! ill be in my bird flu lab in china! liming and drinkin tiger beer with my pet turtel. I love everyone for the support, now i need it more. ill stay up spread out else where.

*According to her my space blog

Clear Static <3
"Orgasmical : The Peak Of Excitement, Characterized By Strong Feelings Of Pleasure & Enjoyment Caused By A Series Of Involuntary Electro Beeps & Guitar Contractions Jolting Your Brain, Usually Accompanied By The Ejaculation a.k.a "Admiration"!!"


97 Lies
Tuesday on My Mind
Make-Up Sex
Careless Lies
Like the Movies
Sleep Late Sunday
Dancing with Strangers
Anything At All
Love Rockets
New Years 1984

11/11 Perfect Score, The First Single That Eveybody Think Is Awesome Is Not Even The Best Track On The Album! I Will Probably buy 10 Copies Of This CD Just To Support Them!

This Album Is Frankenstein Made Of Lorraine, The Killers & Arctic Monkeys Body Parts!

Buy It.. Even If You're Going To Download It, GO & BUY IT.
Rumors & Pics Of The New Touch Screen iPod Video!
Here's The Video To Prove It's Real!

Is A Los Angeles-based band is fronted by co-leads Eddie Tyclus, 26, and Tai Heard, 27, who trade lead vocals and share songwriting credit. SWIVEL’s music is a rock-oriented version of Outkast that also encompasses the power ballad sound of Aerosmith, the inventiveness of the Beatles, the bravado of Kanye West, pop, rock, soul and R&B. Songs such as “Ticket,” and “Robotic Sex” explore the yin and yang of love and lust, respectively.

**Swivel Have Recorded An Acoustic Cover Version Of Madonna's Sorry.

DL: Swivel - Sorry (Right Click & Save Targer As)

Links: MySpace

New Kelly Rowland song, I didn't find anything official saying
this is the first single off her new album "My Story"
though "GotstaGo" sounds like a single material to me, well i hope so cuz i really like this!

the song features the rapper Da Brat...and i like brat's parts, she really adds
something to the song.

DL : Kelly Rowland - GotstaGo (feat Da Brat)

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Stacie Orrico added a new song to her offical site.
Its called I'm not missing you.
This song sounds okay. It's a little different from her previous singles. Orrico sounds more mature.
This song is a bit of a mid tempo pop song. It's cute.

Rapidshare (download): click here or savefile (download): here

Her new album will be released in August. Titled Beautiful Awakening
Nelly Furtado's Loose tracks info

Real solid opener, with a hi-hatty beat (think the intro hits to Strafe's "Set It Off" stretched for three and a half minutes), an unexpectedly catchy hook, Bubba-esque guest verse (is that Tim?) and a CHILDREN'S CHORUS on the outro. You can't lose with kids.

Right to the sternum! This one is a banger, with a lot of neat sonic extras and breakdowns that weren't on the leaked version from a month or two back. No sign of Weezy F Baby however.


The best update of "Shoop" we never even knew we wanted in the first place. Still a little weird that Timbo is calling himself "Thomas Crown" though. (The Pierce Brosnan remake is seven years old, duder!) But there is a welcome Steve Nash shout out.
Boom clap boom, synths, etc.

Our secret favorite of the record. A bittersweet, Britpoppy ballad in 3/4 time that wouldn't be out of place ending 120 Minutes in the mid 90s.
No Hay Igual

Does this song even have a proper chorus? It's just one long intro. Which happens to really, really knock.
Te Busque featuring Juanes (English and Spanish versions)
Subtract Timbo, add Juanes, and get a fairly unremarkable track (or two, actually.) Nelly spits a Def Poetry Jam interlude though.

Say It Right
OK we need to step our pop reference game up a little for this one. Going to go with "Like A Prayer"-era Madonna, but there's probably a random Cindi Lauper joint that would have been more appropriate.
Do It
That roller rink ! Irrisistably hooky, with little Latin freestyle vocal cuts ("Yeah-yea-ye-yeah..") interspersed throughout.
In God's Hands

Another snoozy, Timbo-less ballad. Skip.
Wait For You

Hot damn, double-time R&B. With tabla!

All Good Things featuring Chris Martin
Don't hold Chris Martin against it - he gets his Coldplay on and is still decent on this track, which is in the vein of No Doubt's quieter moments. And if nothing else, it helps prove that the powers that be shouldn't have hedged their bets with outside pop production on the other slow jams.


While Waiting For The Real Thing :P

Back To Basics...Song titles
This just stuff I've gathered from her fansites & articles

Songs: (all of them aren't confirmed to be on the album but most are)

- Back To Basics [Prod.By: DJ Premier]
- Here To Stay
- Thank You [Prod.By: DJ Premier]
- Understanding [Prod.By: Kwame]
- Save Me From Myself [Prod.By: Linda Perry]
- Mercy On Me [Prod.By: Linda Perry]
- Nasty Naughty Boy [Prod.By: Linda Perry]
- Candy Man [Prod.By: Linda Perry]
- The Right Man [Prod.By: Linda Perry]
- Trouble [Prod.By: Linda Perry]
- Back In The Day [Prod.By: DJ Premier]
- Ain't No Other Man [Confirmed 1st single] [Prod.By: DJ Premier]
- Ain't No Other Man (Remix feat Big Boi)
- Still Dirrty (feat Nas) [Prod.By: DJ Premier]
- Slow Down Baby [Prod.By: Mark Ronson]
- What Kind Of World [Prod.By: Mark Ronson]
Imogen Heap - Say Goodnight & Go !

Why'd You Have To Be So Cute ?

"Sierra Swan"
She's next on Custard Records (Linda Perry's Record Company) release, Sierra Swan
whose debut album "Ladyland" is due May 23, and here's what Perry says about her:
"Sierra is just really sexy. She's like today's chanteuse, like a lounge singer but
a very alternative lounge singer with this very husky, sexy voice and dark charisma."

She's really cool, I'm in love with her song "Copper Red"'s brilliant!

DL: Sierra Swan - Copper Red

(official site, myspace)

Mona Lisa Video!
Brandon from Created a Video For The Song Mona Lisa Through The Sims 2! You Can Tell He Put Effort Into It & It Looks Good! You Can Watch The Video Here. If You Want Britney Sims Skin You Can DL Here & If You Wanna See A Better Quality Of The Thumbnail Above Click Here !

Friday, April 28, 2006

Daddy Yankee

This guy is from Puerto Rico and he is currently working on the follow-up to his 2004 album "Barrio Fino", which was a massive hit thanks to the hit singles "Gasolina" and "Lo Que Paso Pasó". He's lastest hit was "Rompe" which was the promotional single to his most recent LIVE alvum "En Directo". :)
Ok so the news is that he recently in the Latin Billboard Music Awards he said that his new album is still gonna have regeatton but he will also be doing some Hip-Hop, so he said he's working The Neptunes And The Black Eyed Peas (Wil.I.Am)! ! ! How amazing is that??:p Loving it, if you don't know who he is check out both this songs which are A M A Z I N G ! and if you want to know what Regeaton is (in the case you don't know) also check em' out. This rhythym is just like infecting radios in Latin America ! !

Download - Gasolina
Download - Rompe <<<<<< (Hottest Song Everr! The video is extremely HOT too.<3)

*PS: Daddy Yankee is so hot himselfff too!!!!<333

Is That A Rocket In Your Pocket?
First Alesha..and now Sabrina (EX Mis-Teeq)

A song by Sabrina leaked titled "Pocket Rocket", I have no idea if she's actually
Releseing an album or not, did a lil' search and didn't find any info about it

anyhow the song is fun...and it kinda sounds like a Rich Harrison production.

DL: Sabrina - Pocket Rocket
New Keane Track !

This is a new Keane Track that just leaked, it's supposed to be the second single (I think ...). Keane has changed so much since their last albums, i mean you heard it on their first single "Is It Any Wonder?", the vocals sounds COMPLETELY different from the ones on their debut album. The song is called "Atlantic" !

The song strarts off real slow, very mysterious feel to it. Then it turns into a mid-tempo track still with a very creepy sound. This beginning is the SHIITT! I love it. <3>

Download - Atlantic

* Now check this shit out !

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Confirmed Remixes!
..This Will Be The Best Maxi From COADF ! Tiefschwarz <3
Janet Jackson to sample Sheila E's "Glamorous Life " on new single !

Janets first single from her upcoming album will be released in late May ! The new song is produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The song will sample a classic hit, Sheila E.'s "Glamorous Life", the song will be very "Hip-Hop Style", said Jermaine Dupri. Janets album has no specific release date but its said to be coming out late summer. The album will include 20 new tracks and will feature a surprise guest ! (Mariah Carey??:O! or maybe Prince !)

*Woot ! This is gonna be HOT !
Evanesence Changes Release Date !

So, as most of you probably know the new Evanescence album "The Open Door" was due for the 22nd Of August, now it's been changed to Oct. 3rd. This new album was recorded in the fisrt months of this year in L.A. and it's produced by Dave Fortman. The leading single off the album is "Call Me When You're Sober".
Other confirmed tracks are:

  • Weight Of The World
  • Good Enough

* I can't f.ucking wait for this album ! ! ! !

Start Voting Bitches!
..The 2006 Mtv Movie Awards Site Is Now Open & You Decide Who Wins, Vote For Your Favourite Movies!
The Official Letoya Site Has This New Promo Pic..
..On The Main Page Of The Site Instead of The Old "Face Closeup" Pic...That's All lol :P

R&B Sensation Kandi Is Back With A New Track :)

Some Of Ya'll May Remember her from the the group Xscape who was meant to be doing a comeback but as far as I know 2 of the members (including Kandi) left which left the comeback out of the question as far as I know there recruiting 2 new members and will follow on with there comeback. well anyway Kandi had a hit song called 'Don't Think I'm Not' which was very catchy and very in your face (well if your a man it was) then she followed the single with 'Cheatin' On Me' which personally there was better tracks on her album that could of been released as a 2nd single! Well now we have waited a long time for her comeback and it is Officially and Finally here! I have no news on what label she is signed too, Nor do I know anymore than the new single but I will do my research and will let u know ASAP! enjoy the track!

DL: Kandi - I Need [Feat. 8balll & MJG]

No Me Digas Esto A Mi, Ai Sentir, Sentir Tu Vos!
I Guess Everyone Knows Who Akcent Is From their Awesome Dance Single "Kylie", Now They Are Releasing The Second Single "Jokero" Let Me Tell You..YOu Will Be Hearing This Song Alot In Gay Bars. This Time They Assigned a Female To Sing the Chorus & Few Verses (Personally I Preffere The Female Parts). The Song Is Very Electro-Dance & Catchy, It Might Not Make It Into The Top 10 Charts But You Can't Deny How Good It Sound When It's Played LOUD!

DL: Akcent - Jokero

*This Should Be an Eurovision Entry! :(
Kelis - Puppeteer !
Amazon & CdUniverse Added "Kelis - Puppeteer" Advance Album, It Seem sLiek It's Gonna Be An Advance Version Released Only In Japan Through Toshiba EMI!

*If I Find More Info I Will Let You Know.

Xtina Shooting New Video This Weekend!
Casting Directors: Kristan Berona & Jennifer Alessi

Dir: bryan barber
Prd: william green
Dir.asst: karon om vereen
Interviews: Tuesday, April 25 & Wednesday, April 26th
Shoot/Start Date: April 28-29-30
Pay Rate: varies per role
Location: L.A.

Registration: You Must register and submit yourself electronically via if you want to submit yourself for a project. This is the only way the casting directors will see you. We provide the service of listing the casting calls and do not make choices on casting roles, so please do not reply asking us if we can
cast you.

Specs Note: Very stylized 1930s smokey jazz bar. All ethnicity's needed guys/girls. Period faces.
No trendy highlites/piercings/tatoos please.

Note: Also Include Performance Videos Or Actor Slates If Available. "Do Not Send Demo Tapes".

General Feel Of The Video: The concept takes place inside a gritty, down low juke joint/jazz club. Its the kind of place you would find in Harlem, Chicago, or even the Deep South. It feels urban, down and dirty.

[1 Male Lead] Across the alley we see a lone male figure in a stark white suit with a crisp white fedora pulled low over his eyes. He is instantly intriguing and it is clear that he has his eye on Christina. He is our mysterious and sexy man in white watching.

(2-days) $800/14 hrs + agency fee PER DAY

[4 'Dressing Room' Girls] Dressing Room girls:
The room is smoky, and has the feel of a classic 1930s movie musical. Girls are getting dressed and ready
for the stage, etc.

(1-day) $250/14 hrs + agency fee Smoking Hot Per Day Logged

JC Chasez!
The Ex NSYNC Member Will Soon Release The First Single "I'm Not Sleeping Alone" From His Second Solo Album Yet To Be Titled. The Song Appeared First On RateTheMusic Where You have to register and complete a survey for "Special Music Project" Then You will be asked to listen to the whole song & Rate It.

DL: JC Chasez - I'm Not Sleeping Alone (Full Song 40KBps)

*I Can't Help Myself But Compare It To Backstreet Boys "Incomplete"..It's Almost a Copy But I Still Love It, Can't Wait Till The Official Album News.

The Kids Will Rock You ! I Promess...

You have to listen to this cover of Queen's song "We Will Rock You". It's incredible and so funny. Little boys & girls sing the song with their little voices, IT'S SO CUUUUUUUUTE !! Plus, the instrumental is fully awesome ! You Can't Miss This ! I'm waiting for comments for this... :)

=====> HERE or HERE

Bodies Without Organs - Halcyon Days

It's the second & new album of the SOGAY-SWEDISH-DANCYPOP group and we're all happy about this. Very fresh and it makes you happy when you listen to this kind of catchy music. This second album have more different sounds than the first one that was (maybe) too much dance. In this new one, you have some slow down songs that are pure pleasure to listen... I've noticed that in track 11, called "Crystal Odyssey", there is a sampler from the HIT song of Starsailor "Four To The Floor" (AWESOME SONG). There are 16 tracks on the album, but the last 4 ones are from the first...

Tracklist : (+5 songs to download)
01. Chariots Of Fire
02. Temple Of Love
03. Will My Arms Be Strong Enough
04. We Could Be Heroes
05. Juggernaut
06. Hanging On The Phone
07. Angel Of Night
08. I Keep Walking On
09. Marrakech
10. Obsession
11. Crystal Odyssey
12. Haunted
13. Voodoo Magic
14. Sixteen Tons Of Hardware
15. Sunshine In The Rain
16. Open Door (Ballad Version)

KELIS ft. Too $hort

I'm really excited about Kelis' new album after i heard this track. It's got a unique sound/beat and its crazy fun. ALthough Kelis may not have the most range as an singer, she sure has style and talent.

Rapishare (download): ::click here::
01-kelis bossy clean
02-kelis bossy cd version
03-kelis bossy instrumental

official site

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ceux Qu'il Faut Découvrir - The Ones You Have To Discover

What is this ? It's a free album available on Internet that is released by a very great and famous french magazine called "Les Inrockuptibles". What is the concept of this compilation ? The magazine made a call-out to discover new talents and they received 7000 songs from all around the world and they kept the 20 best ones ! The result of all those unknown artists is really amazing ! There's sounds like Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, Imogen Heap, Nosfell, etc... I really hope that these unknown artists will all have the oportunity to release an album !!!! I swear, it's BRILLANT

I post you the link to this compilation, because it's not in store,
just a free internet release.

Tracklist :
01. Rock&Roll - First Class Plane
02. Go Go Charlton - Your Son
03. Second Sex - The Clan
04. The Dodoz - Monster
05. The Hat - Open Hearts
06. Vanessa & The O's - Bagatelle
07. Diving With Andy - Manderley
08. Lara Guirao - Chez Thierry Ardisson
09. Choc - Good Day
10. Bat For Lashes - Mother Sea
11. Winter Camp - Nothing's Complicated
12. Pan - Singe
13. De Calm - Un Beau Jour
14. In The Club - She's A Man (Feat. José Reis Fontao)
15. Hey Hey My My - Too Much Space
16. Petit Fantôme - Angine 3
17. KNX Crew - Pourquoi Un Titre ?
18. Rachid Wallas - Je Tape À L'envers
19. Motel - My Mesh Of Lies
20. Mathieu Persan - Does It Make You Feel Sad ?

DOWNLOAD : RapidShare / SendSpace
(SS link may not works)
Thought I Would Do An Aaliyah Post Saw this one and it made me cry as always the rest will be a few random video's :) Enjoy!!!!

One In A Million

Down With The Clique

More Than A Woman

I Miss You

Rock The Boat

Mary J Blige - Enough Cryin Video!!! LOVE IT!!!!
Was Wondering If Anyone Could Tell Me What Font That Is On the Picture I LOVE THE FONT and Want To Experiment With It :)
Thanxs In Advance!

Looks Like Black Buddafly Is Lauching Majorly!
Was Listening to Choice FM yesterday while at my bf's :) I made a shoutout to him hehehe anyway seems that Black Buddflay are lauching EVERYWHERE, everytime I turn around there's something new about them I.E. new song leaked, new video, album coming soon, poster's in certain places even HMV has a poster of them up in the R&B section strange!!!!! Well Thought I would Share The Tune That Got Air Play Yesterday it's Called Tonight and is quite a nice track given the chance! Don't sound anything like Bad Girl or Rock-a-Bye it's more of a Make A Change Or Anything At All Track. So Far There are 10 Confrimed Tracks for the Album :
01. Rock-A-Bye
02. Sheets & Pillows
03. Sugar Buddy
04. Anything At All
05. Make A Change
06. If I Ever
07. Bad Girl
08. Tonight
09. Goddess
10. Lucky Night.
Let's Hope There is at least 15/16 Tracks on there album otherwise looks like we will only have a 40 min cd again and pray it just ain't those 10 tracks either lmao I would be happy If Only The 2 Singles Made it on the album and the rest didn't :) Well Here Is Tonight As Promised!!!!! Enjoy!

KeyOrchestra - Born Again!
I Really Wante to Add This to Brilliantine But Since It Ws Released In December 2005 It Wouldn't Count As A 2006 Album But If I Could It Would Have Replaced The "Ellen Allien" Album Easily! Original music, beautiful Melodies, perfect Grooves and sound Design. There is a creative combination of Electronica/Instrumental, Dream House, Dance, Euro-Pop-Rock, Modern New-Age & Spiritual music, with elements of Symphonic mixes, academic, operah and ethnic voices, remixes of famous classical masterpieces.

Some songs are very relaxing and sound alot like "Kaito" & some Are Energetic..the song "Morning In Manhatten" sounds like a song from a "Sega" game! Just Like Their Name It's An Orchestra But Played By Keys, No Live Instruments Needed.

01. Born Again
02. Bouquet of Fantasies
03. The Immigrants
04. Forward to the Past
05. Olympic Spirit
06. Nostalgie
07. Jump
08. Dream Valley
09. Morning in Manhattan
10. French Song
11. Carmen (remix)

*If You Liked "Kaito" Then This Should Be a Winner Too, Don't Pay Attention To The Ugly Cover What's Inside Is Brill.

*You Can Preview the Whole Album Here On the
official Site or Here.
Sixpence None The Richer Vocalist SOLO !

Yah, so i freaking loved Sixpence ! (If you don't know who they are some of they're best songs are "Kiss Me" and "Don't Dream Its Over"<3).>Leigh Nash is going solo and her album it going to be released in August 15th. The title is "Blue On Blue" and it was produced by Pierre Marchand (who i have no idea who the fuck he is :p).

Some confirmed tracks for this album are:
  • Between The Lines
  • All Along The Wall
  • Just A Little
  • Ocean Size Love
  • Nervous In The Light
  • My Idea Of Heaven

* First Gwen Stefani, now her . . . LOL, i know they have nothing to do with each other.

Pink Releasing New DVD !

Apart from putting the finishing touches to the video of her next single ("Who Knew", i still think it's a bad choice), Pink is also preparing a new DVD that will feature her performance in a one of her concerts done in Germany (In 2004 o.O). Ok wutever the point is she is releasing a new DVD titled "Live In Europe" and it's due May 23rd ! Also she is prepping a tour throughout Europe that will start off in September in Zurich. :)

* Boohoo ! Gotta love her !

Daft Punk - Musique Vol. 1 / 1993 -2005

If you're a fan of Daft Punk you should know that they just released a Greatest Hits called "Musique Vol. 1". It's the name of their first material song. You can clearly hear that they get better and better... In this GH you have the pleasure to listen or re-listen some great electroclashydancy songs (12) + 3 bonus remixes by them. Plus, there is a limited edition of this GH with a DVD of all their videoclips. I kinda miss "Aerodynamic" & "Prime Time Of Your Life" - new single

Tracklist : (+5 songs to download)
01. Musique
02. Da Funk
03. Around The World
Revolution 909
05. Alive
06. Rollin' & Scratchin'
07. One More Time
08. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
09. Something About Us
10. Robot Rock
11. Technologic
12. Human After All
---------- Bonus Tracks
Mothership Scott Grooves - Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix)
Ian Pooley - Chord Memory (Daft Punk Remix)
Gabrielle - Forget About The World (Daft Punk Remix)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Orchestra Of Bubbles!
Ellen Allien and Apparat – two different artists, two different styles, two big names put out an artist album. I knew this release was going to be something very good, but didn’t expect to be blown away!

Like a musical Soda-Stream, 'Orchestra Of Bubbles' sees the dense electronic machinations of Apparat given a short, sharp blast of Ellen Allien's carbonated dancefloor stylings.

On these eleven tracks, the two headstrong musicians dabble in the principle of contingency by taking on the connections between techno and IDM, yet they extend the original horizon with their thoughtful way of production. Ellen Allien's keen sense for a heavy bass-keynote gives Apparat's melancholic superstructure its cathedral of sound-adhesion, and with the involvement of Apparat, Ellen Allien's "brainish" music comes alive again. Together, the two interpenetrate, empathize and move their own artistic borders, “Orchestra of Bubbles” is full of gorgeous melodies and elaborate structures. The whole CD is filled with high synths contrasted with cellos, electric guitars and crowned by dreamy pads. This musical richness goes together with a variety of beats and styles: from electronica, downtempo, IDM, through trance to techno.

01 Turbo Dreams
02 Way Out
03 Retina
04 Rotary
05 Jet
06 Sleepless
07 Metric
08 Floating Points
09 Under
10 Do Not Break
11 Leave Me Alone
12 Edison
13 Bubbles

*The Result Is This Juxtaposition-Saturated LP...This Is In No Way a Mainstream or Pop Album, Nothing Catchy Here Just Melodies & Beats.

*You Can Preview It On The Official Site !

Wanna Listen Ace Of Base Remastered ?

I loved "Ace Of Base" when I was a young little boy, so lots of songs are great souvenirs. I think it's the same for you guys, so here's some great old songs of them, REMASTERED recently. It's from a 3 CD box I bought some months ago, I don't know if it's still available, but really great collection.
It's definitly much better. :D

- All That She Wants
- Happy Nation
- The Sign
- Lucky Love
- Beautiful Life
- Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry
- My Déjá Vu

t.A.T.u. - Gomenasai (Anime Version)

I really love this one !! Much better for me...

Lionsgate Films' Hard Candy
One Of The Sickest Movies This Year, Watch the Trailer Here.
Utada Hikaru new tour: Utada United 2006

I don't know why but that promotion pic remind of Bjork, Check out these website 4 more information and tour date of her upcoming Japanese & Official website.

Also her new Japanese album Ultra Blue will be realeashed on 6/14/2006. You can download some tracks here.

01. This Is Love
02. Keep Tryin'
03. BLUE
04. Nichiyou no asa
05. Making Love
06. Dareka no negaï ga kanau koro
08. One Night Magic (feat. Yamada Masashi)
09. Umiro
10. Wings
11. Be My Last
12. Eclipse (Interlude)
13. Passion

From what I heard so far this album is gonna be great, all the tracks she releashed so far are awesome, they're different from all the J-pop out there (imo :D).
Watch out Ayumi!

Jonathan "J.R." Rotem!
The Producer Of Great Songs Such As "Rihanna - SOS", "Lil Kim - Whoa/Last Day" & "Destiny's Child - Fancy” Has Updated His Discography With the Tracks He Produced for Some Artists Upcoming Albums, The List Includes:
*Britney Spears – “Everybody” on upcoming album (Jive)
*Jojo - “Memories”, “High Road” on upcoming album (Universal)
*Letoya – “All Eyes on Me” on upcoming album (Capital)
*Mya – “It Don't Matter” on upcoming album (Universal)
*Olivia - “My Daddy” on upcoming album ( G¬-Unit/Intercope)
*Teedra Moses -“Ain't No Mountain” “Singing My Song”, “World Is A Hood” on upcoming album (TVT)

Official Site:
Jewel - Goodbye Alice in Wonderland album preview

1. Again And Again 3:57
2. Long Slow Slide 3:48
3. Goodbye Alice In Wonderland 5:55
4. Good Day 3:46
5. Satellite 5:05
6. Only One Too 3:04
7. Words Get In The Way 3:58
8. Drive To You 4:14
9. Last Dance Rodeo 6:16
10. Fragile Heart 3:21
11. Stephenville, TX 3:56
12. Where You Are 3:28
13. 1000 Miles Away 3:48

U can now download some of the tracks.
Don't expect anything like 0304, it's way beyond that. I'm glad she back to her root, this album remind me of her old works like This Way or Spirit. Simply beautiful
Welcome back Jewel

NELLY FURTADO ft Timbaland

I don't know whats going on with this girl. First a song called I AM leaks and was thought to be the first single. Then maneater leaks and everyone thought that was the new single. Then Promiscuous Girl Leaks (and then changed to just promiscuous). Then No Hay Igual was named the new single. I really don't know what is going on. But here is Promiscuos Promo CDS. Its a great song with a hot beat. Not so much singing tho, alota talking/rapping. But i still love it. I'm hoping this is the new single.

RapidShare (Download): CLICK HERE
01-promiscuous radio edit
02-promiscuous album version
03-promiscuous instrumental

Make sure u pick up her newest album loose on June 20, 2006

::offical site::


A salacious, tasty threesome..Ladyfuzz is a new band from the UK
they just released their debut album "Kerfuffle" few months ago.
I don't have much to say about them, except that i'm loving their music!

Ladyfuzz - Monster
Ladyfuzz - Oh, Marie

[official site]

Mira Craig is half Norwegian, half American. She is mixed, half black and half white.
She was declared a musical genius by the Norwegian press for her urban,
exotic mixed sound, She steps in beats and makes samples
with her voice, sings high and seductive and low and ruff,
her voice is kind of P!nk meets Amerie ,
The first single off her debut album "Mira Mira"
( released on January 06)
is " Headhunted" ... a great banger.

DL: Mira Craig - Headhunted

official site

Miss USA 2006
I know this isn't really music related. but....if anyone saw miss usa 2006 on tv ..then u've probly already heard this but above is a picture of the newly crowned Miss USA 2006 Tara Elizabeth Connor of Kentucky she will be representing USA at the Miss Universe Pageant in LA this July. Is it just be or does she look older than 20 years? Its interesting how none of the 'lewsers' have like....started crying on stage or anything. Even if the contestants don't make top 15, they still smile and walk around. i mean..COME ON...someone start a fight already!

I'm Not An Animal!
Mocky Has a New Album Out Called "Navy Brown Blues", I Really Dunno Much About Him But I Gave His Album a Try & It's Not Bad At All, The Song That Caught My attention Is "Animal" It Sounds Like He's a Hip-Hop Artist Who Went To The Studio To Find An Electro-Pop Producer & His Back Up Vocalist Is a Female, The Result Is a Nice Pop Song!

DL: Mocky - Animal
Michael Jackson Releasing New Song ! :o

Embattled pop star Michael Jackson will hit the streets in the coming weeks with the new song "Trial of the Century," which features 50 Cent, Lucy Diamonds and DJ Whoo Kid. The track will be found on Whoo Kid's mixtape "MJ Unit -- The Takeover," which will also feature five unreleased Jackson songs and mashups of his prior hits with songs from the G-Unit camp.

Source: Billboard

* Shit, this is one . . . weird combination. o.O
TATU - Gomenasai

*Gotta love it, so beautiful !

Monday, April 24, 2006

Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy?

I am in love with this video, Benassi is back on top form i can't wait for the new album. Although this video is quiter peverse i think it is so funky and fresh with some great colourful graphics....You're My Daddy!
"Tilly And The Wall"

Bad Education is Tilly And The Wall's first single
from the new album "Bottom of Barrels" which will be released on May 23, 2006,
the song is hella catchy!, It sounds like an authentic mariachi band mixed with some Pop.

Tilly And The Wall - Bad Education

[official site, myspace]
Which India.Arie cover do you prefer? for her new album
"Testimony: vol.1, Life & Relationship"
I think both are official.

I prefer the top one...what ya'll think?

Vitalic - Ok Cowboy

You like/love Daft Punk ? You will like/love Vitalic ! Why ? Because :
- They love each others (Daft Punk & Vitalic)
- They are both french
(Daft Punk & Vitalic)
- They do electroclashydancy songs (Daft Punk & Vitalic)
- The critics here all said that Vitalic are the new Daft Punk
- Vitalic received the award of the best electro song of the year with "Poney Part 1"
- What else... I love both, even if Daft Punk did so much more stuff.. DAFT POWAAAA !!

Traclists : (+5songs to download - AS ALWAYS)
01. Polkamatic
02. Poney Part 1
03. My Friend Dario
04. Wooo
05. La Rock 01
06. The Past
07. No Fun
08. Poney Part 2
09. Repair Machines
10. Newman
11. Trahison
12. U And I
13. Valletta Fanfares

+ Awesome Bonus Track :
Björk VS Vitalic - Wooo Is It ? THA BEST!!!

+ So Funny New Video :

Prime Time Of Your Life!

I Never Would've Thought Daft Punk Could Release Such a Sick Video! This Video Is Banned On Alot Of Music Channels, I Love It..Very Unique! Btw Look Closely At The Poster Behind The Girl In the Bathroom Scene!

Bad Girl!

I'm Really Excited & Looking Forward For Black Buddafly Album They Have Potential To Fill Destinys Child or 3LW Place! This Is Their Second Single & It Features Rapper "Fabolous".

Again & Again!

Video Of The First Single From The New "Jewel" Album!

The Hardest Part!

Video Of The New Single From The Masterpiece "X&Y" By "Coldplay"..The Video Is kinda Funny!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nosfell - Pomaïe Klokochazia Balek

Who is this man & what it this strange album title ? I can explain it to you. Labyala Nosfell is a very unique artist, I know him since some months, but I'm in love with him since only few days... and it's incredible.

- First, he's (for me) the most beautiful guy I ever seen in my little life, he have really something special in the eyes, his face, and his body is like art.
- Second, he's so crazy ! I've watched his new live DVD, and on stage he's so crazy fool, I can't really explain how, you can only understand it with watching it.
- Third, he have a incredible voice (or voices) he can sing very low, very "broken" and very high... SO GORGEOUS...
- Fourth, he's so smart and unique, The most songs that he does are in a new language that he have imagined !! He also says that He's from KloKochazia (Unknow part of the world that he have imagined too...)

So, it's not french, english, or japanese, just HIM :D (even if he's from France...)

Tracklist : (+5 songs to download)
01. Children Of Windaklo
02. Shaünipul
03. Gouz Mandamaz
04. Sladinji The Grinning Tree
05. Slalak Blehezim
06. Blewkhz Gowz
07. Your Servant To The Ground
08. Smoke
09. Mindala Jinka
10. Ather
11. Jaün Sev' Zul
12. Vatilan
13. The Wise Left Hand