Saturday, December 31, 2005

~Bye Bye 2005 ~ Welcome 2006~

wow 2005 passed so fast it didn't even feel liek a year just passed, every year and on the last day i sit and think of what wa sthe best thing that i'm thankful for during the year and this time its 2 things first all the music that leaked and kept me awake all day n night hunting for and enjoying all the time and the second thing is when i realised how much i'm blessed to have such great friends and i'm soo happy that i met you guys :
Danny: u know i'm ur bitch and u r mine..i'm soo glad we got along ever since "once upon a time there was a site" & ur my oldest friend on the net...thanx for being there when i need someone to talk to and for changing my mood when all i could think of is depression, i had a rough year and thanx to u it always feels better after we talk, i will never forget anything u say or do, you are special and i'm soo proud of you for what u recently did either with glenn or telling ur family..hope this thing between us go on forever..oh and incase u don't know U R my 1 & Only Hardcore Britney Fan Friend, all my family and other firends hate her & our bitch is making a come back soon which means we will be omg-ing and crying on the msn alot you bitch.
Moho: Beeeyatch i didn't expect in a million year to find someone sharing most of my intrests and specially in music, who would of thought a destinys child snippet can get 2 ppl become best friends, i'm like an open book with u, we tell each other everything and i was soo happy when we you came to dubai few months ago, me and u are an unstopable evil force..all the ppl we fooled and all the pranks we planned and played..not to mention all the time we talked an showed movies behind some ppl lol..if u were living here u would be seeing me everyday and after all how many ppl know what does w.i.m or Bomb means heheh..missed ya in the past few days, hope to see u online soon...Btw i think its been exactly a year since we got to know each other was around this time!
Ozzy: u have no idea how u saved my life this year.. if u could have seen me before u came, always out alone & bored to death i almost started talking to myself only friend was the internet & mercato..wallah a7md rabbee innak yait dubai, we weren't talking at all for like 2 years until the last day for em in bahrain when u came to the airport to say goodbye when lots of others that it hougth will be there didn't, we got seperated for couple years coz of many thing and one of them is the ppl i used to be with in bahrain, there's not many ppl u can call real best friends even if u don't think of me as thats what u r to me.. u the only friend that i been knowing for 9 years straight, i been in ur house god knows how many times and ur dad and mom allah yer7amha treated me like their son and made me feel like i'm one of ur family, ur more than a brother to me and even if sometimes i can be dumb or annoying o 3aneed i know u know i don't do it on purpopse..and again i say il 7mdllah innak yait dubai..if u leave i will kill u.
Zico: u pop whore i don't rememebr well how we first met but i rememebr u telling me music sharing is 7araam lmao if anything u did change in me this year is convert me form a hardcore R&B fan to a bimbo pop maniac and i swear it feels good. I had pop in my blood i just needed and injection to wake me up, al we do on msn is make mosalsalat modablajah or talk about zag o zigan and i know u like it ahahahahahaaa.. if i ever go to a cd's shopping spree u will be the first to pick & beside all that i think u are the only one on the planet beside me who can taste music or turn it into objects..keep cheering me up coz i love how stupid we get when we r together.
i know i didn't mention other ppl who probably are reading now and saying how rude but i wanted to say thanx to those who help me get back to what i used to be long time ago..i used to be dead & Soo Depressed & these ppl were my therapy and i know i wouldnt have made it in the condition i'm in right now without them, Happy New Year To All Of you "Danny-Kay-zico-Moho-Tonez-Jon-Mark-Haleh-Aly-Aziz-3arayen-Tankar-Nawaf-Zeez-Habeebo-Sillyman-Bishkan-Giovanni-Ozzy-Diva-Zaina o Noorah o Sarah-Yoso-Jean-Roy-Liam-Marisela-Abu Bakr-Usman-Marky"..sorry if i forgot anyone i havent slept for 24 hours and i'm a wreck..i'm gonna go to bed and probably when i wake up it will be 2006, Until then Best Wishes From Me & I Hope 2006 Brings Only Good Luck & Success to You.. Have a Lovely Evening.
*See You All Bitches Next Year*

Big Momma Is Back, Sexier & Glamorous Than Ever!
Gosh if the trailer can make me laugh this much then god knows what the movie could gotta see this trailer! the movie opens 27th January 2006 Internationally.

smilieWatch The Trailer (Quicktime)!

2 Singles & 2 Videos READY 2 Go!
Pink can't quite make up her mind. So, to help promote her forthcoming album, instead of just picking her first single and shooting a video for it, she's chosen two songs and shot videos for both, figuring that she'll decide later.

Pink has picked two "completely different" songs to be the first thing you hear from I'm Not Dead. One is called "Stupid Girl," and the other is "You and Your Hand," She describes the character-driven clip as being more "high-fashion, glam, vampirey, tough [and] sexy." Whereas she kept busy doing stunts in "Stupid Girl," Pink spent the majority of her time during the "You and Your Hand" shoot getting dolled up. "It was four hours of makeup and one hour of shooting for every different look in the video," she said. "I'll never do it again, so enjoy it! Because it sucked.".

Pink's first single — whichever one she picks — is due in January, with one of those two videos to follow. I'm Not Dead is due in late March or early April.


Linkin Park-ing Again!
Linkin Park Can Get Back To Making Music After Settling Label Dispute, Band scored a $15 million advance on a new album expected in mid-2006.


Last Leaked List for 2005!

Armand Van Helden ft. Spalding Rockwell - Hear My Name (limited Edition vinyl)
01 hear my name (12 version)
02 je tappelle (extended)

Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved (Remix Vinyl 2005)
01 I Feel Loved (Inner Bliss vocal)
02 I Feel Loved (Pleasure dub)

Madonna vs. Hitmixers - Get Together (Whitelabel Vinyl)
01 get together (hitmixers dub)
02 get together (hitmixers instrumental)
03 get together (hitmixers remix)
04 jump (hitmixers bonus)

Maria - The Breed (Retail)
01 give u
02 strawberries 'n' lingerie
03 cigga sugga
04 slow job
05 play the g from db the other groove
06 the stories of 600 am
07 suckers
08 ping ting from db2 string song
09 how many grams
10 baby,bye
11 clippin crackers
12 what
13 tastes like strawberries 'n' lingerie

Mary J Blige - Be Without You (CDM)
01 Be Without You (Kendu Mix)
02 Be Without You (Moto Blanco Remix)
03 Be Without You (Instrumental)

Timo Maas - Pictures (Remixes Vinyl)
01 Timo Maas - Pictures (Club Mix)
02 Timo Maas - Pictures (Evil Nine Remix)
03 Timo Maas - Pictures (Paul Van Dyk Remix)

Zongamin - Bongo Song (Vinyl)
01 bongo song
02 bongo song (Mr Flash TYPE C Remix)
03 bongo song (Jackos Bongo Thong)

Pharrell ft. Gwen Stefani - Can I Have It Like That (Bootleg CDM)
01 Can I Have It Like That (Instrumental Mix)
02 Can I Have It Like That (Vocal Mix)

K Young - Youre So Bad (CDM)
01 you're so bad (main)
02 you're so bad (with rap feat. crooked i)
03 you're so bad (instrumental)
04 you're so bad (acapella)
05 you're so bad (call out hook)

Daft Punk - Human After All (Vinyl)
01 human after all
02 human after all (justice remix)
03 human after all (emperor machine version )
04 human after all (alter ego remix)
05 human after all (sebastion remix)
06 human after all (the juan maclean relix)

Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel Instrumentals (Limited Edition) (Retail)
01 A Pain That Im Used To (Instrumental)
02 John The Revelator (Instrumental)
03 Suffer Well (Instrumental)
04 The Sinner In Me (Instrumental)
05 Precious (Instrumental)
06 Macro (Instrumental)
07 I Want It All (Instrumental)
08 Nothings Impossible (Instrumental)
09 Introspectre
10 Damaged People (Instrumental)
11 Lilian (Instrumental)
12 The Darkest Star (Instrumental)

Roger Sanchez ft. GTO - Turn On The Music (2006 Remixes) (Vinyl)
01 turn on the music (dj antoine vs mad mark)
02 turn on the music (chriss ortega and thom)
03 turn on the music (dj antoine vs mad mark Instrumental)

Junkie XL - Today (CDS)
01 today (extended mix)
02 today (unkle remix)
03 today (fuzzy hair remix)

Madonna - Sorry (Promo CDS)
01 Sorry (7'' Extended Club Mix)
02 Sorry (DJ Mabel Rework Beat Mix)
03 Sorry (Jayito's Remix)
04 Sorry (Saint Ken Remix)

Shapeshifters - Incredible (Promo Vinyl)
01 incredible (extended album version)
02 incredible (shapeshifters nocturnal mix)

The Dolls - The Dolls (Retail)
01 martini never dries
02 white dove
03 soul skin
04 the dolls
05 night active
06 choices
07 kukkuu
08 collect the blue
09 star-like
10 motor city
11 favourite chord
12 sunbird

The White Stripes - Blue Orchid (Remix) (Promo Vinyl)
01 My Doorbell
02 Blue Orchid (High Contrast Remix)

Benny Benassi - Whos Your Daddy (Promo CDM)
01 Who's Your Daddy (original extended)
02 Who's Your Daddy (electro extended mix)

03 Who's Your Daddy (original dub cut)
04 Who's Your Daddy (david guetta & joachin garrau)
05 Who's Your Daddy (fuzzy hair rmx)
06 Who's Your Daddy (fuzzy hair dub cut)

U2 - City of Blinding Lights (4 Strings Remix CDS)
01 City of Blinding Lights (4 Strings Remix)

Alicia Keys - Every Little Bit Hurts (Promo CDS)
01 Every Little Bit Hurts (Radio Edit)
02 Every Little Bit Hurts (Call Out Hook)

Westlife - Number Ones Tour (DVD Audio)
01 Uptown Girl
02 Hey Whatever
03 If I Let You Go
04 Mandy
05 Unbreakable
06 My Love
07 Swear It Again
08 When You're Looking Like That
09 Disco Inferno
10 Pretty Woman
11 I Feel Fine
12 Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
13 Footloose
14 Ain't That A Kick In The Head
15 Smile
16 Mack The Knife
17 World Of Our Own
18 What Makes A Man
19 Flying Without Wings

Next List in 2006..See Ya Next Year lol.
Cyber Candy Cane!
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was waiting for a file to finish downloading so i played alittle bit with photobrush and i made this wallpaper..u can Use it if u don't think it's crap.
Best Album Of 2005 !
It's 4:26 am, 31st/December/2005.. around 19 hours left till midnight when we will be officialy in 2006 & this year i'm soo thankful for all the good music that got are my Best albums of 2005 :
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