Friday, March 31, 2006

Britney On Will & Grace!
Season: 08
Episode: 18
Video: .avi / xvid
Resolution: 624x352
Size: 175 MB
Quality: Watchable In Fullscreen Mode (HQ)

DL: Will.And.Grace.S08E18.HDTV.XviD-LOL


Jhene - My Name Is Jhene

Well Ain't heard much from the little sister of Mila-J since she disappear in 2003 and I had tons of her unreleased stuff but lost half of it due to PC crashing and managed to come across at least most of it so thought I would share :)

01. My Name Is Jhene [Intro] 0:53
02. No L.O.V.E. 3:19
03. Gonna Love You Anyway 5:21
04. Boy 3:34
05. Down 4 U [Feat. Lil' Fizz] 4:44
06. You Don't Know Me 3:54
07. Happy 3:44
08. Won't Play The Game 4:12
09. Cherry Pie 3:07
10. He Couldn't Kiss 3:49
11. Sneaky 3:23
12. Stuck Like This 3:50
13. De Ju Vu 4:18
14. Don't Walk Away 4:02
15. Down 4 U [Feat. Nasar] 3:52
16. Dog [Feat. B2K] 4:05
17. No L.O.V.E. [Remix] 3:02

DL: Jhene - My Name Is Jhene
user posted image
Pop The Glock!!
Uffie, Uffie, Uffie. Yeah, Uffie has me. I think I’ve read about Uffie now on like 7 different blogs, so I know it’s time to really start paying attention.

Even though Uffie has little in common with M.I.A. Like, you know you’ve heard all the elements before, but they’ve just never sounded so good or quite like that. Seriously, to tie it together: I haven’t felt this excited about a track in this genre since I first heard “Galang.” It’s slowly starting to happen, but she’s about to be everywhere. Or at least she should be everywhere.

You Can Say That Uffie Is the POP-ier Version of M.I.A. , Her Fist Single Is titled "Pop The Glock" Which Was Released on a "PINK" Vinyl..yeah the vinyl itself is pink "how hot is that <3>Uffie - Pop The Glock (Original Mix)

*Official Uffie Myspace, Click The Cover Above To See HQ.

Annie Says:
i´m working on the new album at the moment...and all i can say is that it´s gonne be diffrent from the previous one, but very diffrent from the 2 songs on the dj kicks compilation too. But I don´t really know myself how it´s gonne sound like. Right now I´m writing a song that´s about fighting aliens....hmmmmmmm......

The 2 new songs I did with Richard x are more ´giorgio moroderish´hehe...
But I´ll be working with several diffrent producers on this album.

I´ve also done a song called ´Follow me´ with a finnish producer called Ercola, and this song will be out later this year on a canadian label called Eyzcream.

all best

Source: Annie Official Forum

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Christina Milian Is So Amazin'

(bigger cover)

Album Release: May 16
Full Track List:

1. Say I (feat. Young Jeezy)
2. Twisted
3. Gonna Tell Everybody
4. Who`s Gonna Ride (feat. Three 6 Mafia)
5. So Amazing (feat. Dre of Cool & Dre)
6. Hot Boy (feat. Lil' Wayne)
7. Foolin` 8 My Lovin` Goes
9. Just A Little Bit
10. Y`all Ain`t Nuthin`
11. Wind You Up

I'm not feeling Say I....i hope she'll release another single before dropping the album
she have time.
I Just Wanted To Say....
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
..That I Fucking This Song!

This is a Song from Amelles "Currently a Sugababe" Ex-band BOO2. It is on their never released album "Try This".

DL: BOO2 - Head Bash (Right Click And Save Target As)

& Here's A Bonus From Us:

DL: BOO2 - Ooh La La


Alesha Dixon!
Unbeleivably, and out of the blue, Alesha solo material which has been launched on her official myspace. The 3 tracks 'Superficial', 'Free', and 'Lipstick' are just a taster of what is to come from the lovely Alesha Dixon. Alesha herself has confirmed that these tracks are definetly hers. Check it out at Alesha's Myspace. Here's 2 things you must know about her, first: she's an ex. member of the girl group "Misteeq" & Second: Richard.X produced god knows how many tracks on her upcoming album.

...I Haven't Previewed The 3 Tracks, I Will Wait ForThe Album When It's out So I Dunno If any Of The 3 On Her Myspace Are Produced By Richard.X <3
Guess Who Was On American Idol...
Yep "Rachel Stevens" Was Between The Audience & That confirms that she is currently in the US.

Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary!
Finally the English Version Of the "Kingdom Hearts II" Theme Song, The Japanese Version Of The Song Is Called "Passion".

DL: Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary (English Version)

*Lyrics Of The Song In the Comment Section, IMO the Japanese Version Is much Better.

Ride A White R*A Horse!
Awesome Official Sounding Un-Official Mix & Winner Of the "Goldfrap France" Un-official Remix Contest for the song "Ride a White Horse", This Remix Is Electroish & Has Male Vocals On It Too!

Promo (Right Click & Save Target AS):
01 Ride A White Horse (R*A's Remix)
02 Ride A White Horse (R*A's Dub)
03 Ride A White Horse (R*A's Radio Remix)


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Here's a video from Aol of Paris Hilton With a Friend Rocking To One of Her Songs "Jealousy" In The Car, You Can Watch The Video Here.

*"Jealousy" was clearly aimed at her ex-best-friend Nicole Ritchie. Other confirmed tracks are : "Screwed", "It's Like That" & "Turn It Up" Which have been remixed by "Dave Aude" & "Peter Rauhofer".

Monday, March 27, 2006

Who Is Megan Rochell?
- Megan was discovered by Nathan Morris of the mult-platinum recording group Boyz II Men
- Megan is Signed to Def-Jam Records

- Megan is now 20 years old
- Megan's first single "The One You Need" is produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins
- Megan's debut album, "You, Me and The Radio" is due out this summer!
- Megan's little sister is 13 years old and sings just as good she does
- Megan's mother is African American and her father is Puerto Rican

DL: Megan Rochell - The One You Need (prod. Darkchild)

*Artist Page......I Can Be The One you Need <3
Marie Serneholt - Enjoy The Ride...
...Tracklist & Full Album Preview !

Kiley Dean Is Not Dead!
Her Official Site Finally Opened But Still Has "Coming Soon" On All The Section Except For The Official Form Which You Can Join And Start Posting On , The First Single Is Called "Who I Am" Which Sounds Kinda "JoJo-ish & Kelly Clarkson-ish", You Can Also Preview 4 Snippets From The Upcoming Album Including a 1Min Clip Of The Single, Or You Can Download Them Directly Below.

Right Click & Save Target As:
01 Who I Am
02 Changes
03 Oh No
04 Dangerous

00 Who I Am (1:49 Extended Clip With Intro)

...Can't Wait For The full Version Of The Signle, Oh And Access Her Official Site Here.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

J.Lo In Dubai!
Date: Thurday 27th April 2006
Venue: Dubai Autodrome
Artist: Jennifer Lopez
Outdoor Event
Dress type: Casual
Door opens: 6 pm
Show starts: 9:30 pm
Click Here to view the floor Plan
Click Here to View the location map
Ticket Prices :
The CAGE AED 595 (standing)
VIP Center Grandstand Seating AED 495
Flank Grandstand Seating AED 355
Front Pit Standing AED 295
Regular Standing AED 155
(5 DHS Will be added on each price as a Service charge)

*The Cage & VIP Are Soldout, More Info....I'm Going Yaaaay <3

Joy Enriquez - Atmosphere Of Heaven!
The Long Waited For Gospel/Praise album produced Her Husband Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins is finally available for purchase exclusively through her official site, all 13 songs on this gospel delight are Produced by Darkchild with mostly live instruments, the music is as vibrant, passionate, and joyful as the songstress who delivers it.

01. In His Name*
02. Highest Praise*
03. Been Soo Good*
04. Get To Know Him*
05. Don't You Let Go
06. Atmosphere Of Heaven
07. This Place
08. Revive Us*
09. Come Into My Life
10. Simple
11. Take My Hand*
12. I Knew
13. Why Do You Love Me?

*The Album Is Exclusively & Only Availabe For Purchase Through Her Official Site, You Can Preview 6* Tracks From It & The Only Ones From The Previews That i Liked Are "Get To Know Him" & "Been So Good" You Can Purchase & Preview The Album Here & Look At The Back Cover Here.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy!
Goodie Mobs Cee-Lo joins forces with "Danger Mouse (Whos Responsible For Most Of The Gorillaz Hits)" to provide what can only be described as a classic for 2006. 'Crazy' the first single from the upcoming album 'St Elsewhere' has been causing hysteria on the web as well as being championed by some of the biggest names in radio. With it's solid yet smooth beat and soulful lyrical assault, Gnarls Barkley is going to set the charts alight. The album will probably be added to the 2006 brilliantine when its out, i have a good feeling about this project.

DL: Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

*I Give It 08/10 In It's Own Genre & Probably Plus 1 For The Gorgeous CD Cover, More Info About The Album Here.

Follow Them Home !
Sugababes have confirmed "Follow Me Home" is the next single to be taken from "Taller In More Ways," and have added it into the setlist they perform on the "Taller In More Ways" tour 2006, just after "Ugly."

*Follow Me Home Is My Fav Track From The Album OH & This Is Random But Goldfrapp Next Single IS "Satin Chick"! <3

*Sugababes were on CD:UK today and they said that "Gotta Be You" would be the next single.

.....I'm Confused now X(

Shaggy Got A Pussy!
Dunno how the hell i didn't notice these 2 tracks when his album leaked, probably coz i hate him so much that i didn't even notice it contained 2 tracks featuring "Nicole Scherzinger" the lead singer of the "Pussycat Dolls", both tracks are surprisingly good and thanx to Nicole for that.

01. Shaggy - Supa Hypnotic (ft. Nicole Scherzinger)
02. Shaggy - Don't Ask Her That (ft. Nicole Scherzinger)

DL: Both In 1 Zip!

*BTW You Can Now Dl "The Pussycat Dolls - Disco Bitch" From The Upcoming Cee-lo & Jazze Pha VA Album Here <3<3<3
Idol Worship!
An inside look at the pop-culture phenomenon, and Simon Cowell, the most hated and loved man on TV , Full Article.
*Lmao ?!

Kubb O.C. Bitch!
Ok this song is not 2006, It Was From The Album "Mother" Which Was Released November 2005, reason why i'm posting it is... If you have been watching "The O.C." From Episode 1 Until Now then download this song, i swear kubb made this song just for the O.C. maybe he didn't notice but he did, It Just Sounds Like One Of The Sad Songs you Would Hear When Something Bad Happens, This Track Is My Favourite From The Album & It's Just O.C. Material. Check It Out!

DL: Kubb - Bitch (HQ 320KBPS VBR)

...One OF My All Time Fav Tracks.

Will Young - Who Am I

Brilliant Video <3

Friday, March 24, 2006

Rihanna - A Girl Like Me.
*Out 25th April 2006, Not happy at all that there is only 11 tracks i mean come on!!!!! gettin abit like Toni Braxton's album Music Industry hey!

01. Dem Haters
02. Final Goodbye
03. P.S. I'm Still Not Over You
04. Unfaithful
05. A Million Miles Away
06. S.O.S. (Rescue Me)
07. We Ride
08. No Looking Back
09. Kisses Don't Lie
10. Girls Like Me
11. Selfish Girl

*Better be some unreleased bonus tracks that leak out!!!
user posted image
Pink - I'm Not Dead (Editions)!
US Edition OUT 04 Apr 2006
*Stupid Girls/Who Knew/Long Way To Happy/Nobody Knows/Dear Mr. President/I'm Not Dead/Cuz I Can/Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)/U + Ur Hand/Runaway/One That Got Away/I Got Money Now/Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self

UK Edition OUT 04 Apr 2006
*Same As Above But With 2 Extra Bonus Tracks - Fingers/Centerfold

Japan Edition OUT 04 Apr 2006
*Same As Above But With 2 Extra Bonus Tracks - I Have Seen the Rain/Fingers

Japan Version Leaked:
01 Stupid Girls
02 Who Knew
03 Long Way To Happy
04 Nobody Knows
05 Dear Mr. President
06 I'm Not Dead
07 Cuz I Can
08 Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
09 U & Ur Hand
10 Runaway
11 The One That Got Away
12 I Got Money Now
13 Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
14 Fingers (Bonus)
15 Centerfold (Bonus)
16 I Have Seen The Rain (Japan Hidden Track)

.....On Torrent
Justin Timberlake Is Probably...
user posted image
gonna appear on nelly furtado's video to the single "Promiscuous Girl", That's a pic from the video set. Popjustice Recently Announced That The single IS Change dTo "Maneater" but it look sliek its not..and still is Promiscuous Girl!?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Marie Serneholt - Enjoy The Ride...

Album cover, Solo Album From the Ex. A-Teens Babe, Out On The 29th March 2006, Her Official Site Has An Album Release Countdown Check It Out

*No Official Tracklist Yet, The Single "Thats The Way My Heart Goes" Is Now At #25.
Ok I decided that I was gonna post some RARE Unreleased/Deleted albums to share seeing as I have quite a few & thought it would be very interesting...... Keep Checking Back On This Section As It Will Be Updated I will be doing approx. 10 Albums - and a note I WILL NOT BE uploading it to any other File Server/Host! (* = Singles Released)
Hinda Hicks - Hinda (1998) - Album Has Now Been Deleted & Hard To Get Hold Of
Tracklisting: I Wanna Be Your Lady*/You Think You Own Me*/My Eyes/Love Reaction/If You Want Me*/Who's Saying/On & On/Move Closer/Here For Life/True Love/When You Touch Me There/Truly*/Child
DL: Hinda Hicks - Hinda
Jene's Reign
Jene - Jene's Reign (2002) - Album was released then later taken off the shelfs now out of print!
Tracklisting: Trophy Girl*/All Night Flight, Pt. 1/Get Into Something*/Phenomenal Woman (Jene's Reign)*/Butterfly*/Sometimes It Hurts/I Can't Deny It/Stop The Cheatin'/Don't Stop/Hurt So Bad/Throw Your Tears Away/All Night Flight, Pt. 2/We Dance*/What if I Told You/If Only You Believe
DL: Jene - Jene's Reign
Exhale - Exhale (2001) - Album Never Released but is available at some places still (Ebay, Eli ETC)
Tracklisting: It's On/Chillin' in Your Benz*/Drive Me Crazy/Still Not Over You*/You Could Never Be the One/My Number/I Don't Wanna Fall in Love/Can We Get Up/Loved You Once/Lovin You/Falling in Love
DL: Exhale - Exhale
Debelah Morgan - Debelah (1994) - Her First Rare album out of print (woulda posted It's Not Over but cant find it SOWWWWWWWWWI)
Tracklisting: Free*/Don't Ask Me Why/Mind Trippin'/Swingin' Solo/Win You Over/We Had a Good Thing Goin'/Floating/Take It Easy/Passion/You Are the Joy/Fire and Desire*
DL: Debelah Morgan - Debelah
Grown Folks Music
Nicci Gilbert - Grown Folks Music (2003) - Unreleased
Tracklisting: My Side of the Story*/Woman in Need/Think Again/Summer/This Woman/I Got It Bad/Hot Spot/I Can't Forget (Feels So Good)/Headlights/RandB Interlude/Grey Skies/She'll Never Love You/Down With This
DL: Nicci Gilbert - Grown Folks Music

So Plush - So Plush (2001) - Unreleased
Tracklisting: What You Do to Me*/Things I've Heard Before/It Ain't My Fault/Yes/He Loves Me/You Don't Know Me/The Fact That You Lied/Broke the Rules/Fire Burns/More Than Life/Time Is Up/No One Else/Skit/Hatin on Me/Damn (I Should've Treated You Right)*
DL: So Plush - So Plush
Meeting In The Ladies Room by Phajja
Phajja - Meeting In The Ladies Room (1998) - Unreleased
Tracklisting: Say It Ain't So/Checkin' for Me*/Better Days/Don't Come Back/Shade/Slept/Don't Want to Be a Hater/What's Goin' On/Anything You Wanna Do/Why/It Must Be Love/My One & Only
DL: Phajja - Meeting In The Ladies Room

TG4 - Time For The New (2002) - Unreleased
Tracklisting: Intro/Can't Trust A Friend/Zip It Up/Virginity*/Pop The Question/Busted/Sweat/Way Gone/Two Minutes/My Pillow/Best Friend/Secretly/Virginity (Remix)*
DL: TG4 - Time For The New

Hinda Hicks - Everything To Me (2000) - Unreleased/Deleted
Tracklisting: Our Destiny*/Worthy*/My Remedy*/Killing Me Inside/Show Me (Whatcha Got)*/Everyday/Give You My Heart/Do What Ya Gotta Do/The Grass Ain't Greener/Suddenly/Sunshine/He's Out Of My Life/Don't Let Nobody (Put You Down)/Everything To Me/That's Life (Hidden Track)
DL: Hinda Hicks - Everything To Me

Sunday - Sunday (2000) - Unreleased/Deleted (Ex-Whitney Houston's Group)
Tracklisting: I'm Takin' Your Man*/Me For Me/Somebody Else/Fed Up/Make It Hot/All Of A Sudden/I Know*/What Am I Gonna Do/Alone/Everything's Alright/Believe In Love*

DL: Sunday - Sunday

Canela - Canela (2001) - Unreleased/Deleted
Tracklisting: Everything*/Sponsor (I Need, I Need, I Need)*/Love, Lust, Crime/Friend Of Mine/I Can't Let Go/Outta Here/Play Your Games/It Feels Just Right/One Day/Trust Me/Sponsor (I Need, I Need, I Need) [Remix]*
DL: Canela - Canela

THATS ALL FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DOWNLOADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Blue Thrilling Beats Criminals!
I'm not a big fan of "Blue" but this medley is kinda cool, it's a "Michael Jackson" medley from the new 3CD platinum album.

DL: Blue - Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson Medley)

......Beat It, Beat It :P
Nelly Furtado Loose...
..Fake Covers Made By "Sadiddy" From Britney Spears Forum & I Think It Looks Pretty Good! Oh & BTW The First Single Is Now Changed Again Back To "Maneater"! You Can See The Fake Back Cover Here!