Monday, July 31, 2006

OMG! Amy Winehouse!!!
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I love Amy...but Wow, she looks horrible!
She look
so ill....It's really sad... :(

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Tattooed Love Boys
An unreleased track from Princess Superstar
It was added recently on her myspace page
the song is very electro/rock....just like her stuff from "My Machine"
If you enjoyed her last album, you'll like this.

DL: Princess Superstar - Tattooed Love Boys
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The Making The Band 3 Girls are finally coming out with there self-titled debut Aug 22nd,
Let me just say I can't wait. Here are some tracks that have been released,
I love them already. Check em out!

(New link for Hold Me Down, & 2 more tracks)
DL : Danity Kane - One Shot
DL : Danity Kane - Hold Me Down
DL : Danity Kane - Right Now
DL : Danity Kane - Want It

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Call Me When You're Sober
Evanescence new single from their upcoming album
("The Open Door" in stores October 3rd)
It's a typical Evanescence song, If you liked their older shit you'll like this
I was hoping they'll try something a bit different for the single.....but no.

DL: Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober

Slow Down Baby
Mark Ronson (Who produced Slow Down Baby) just played it on his radio show
and it sounds a million times better than the one we heard before
but still it's not hq as a cd rip
...oh christina...this should've been your second single imo.

- Slow Down Baby (Radio Rip)
- Slow Down Baby (Edit without Mark voice)
Ryan Leslie Mixes for Megan Rochell with Pat Viala

And This Song Is HOT!!!!!!!!!

WoooooHoooooooo Megan Rochell - The One You Need Feat. Fabolous Video :P
Janet's CD Cover

not to bad, smile kinda annoys me

Friday, July 28, 2006

Cassie's Debut Album Is Releasing August 8th.
Here is a album sampler for all 11 tracks. I actually like the feel of the album,
Im gonna get my self a copy. Wish there were more tracks though but didn't
expect much these days.

DL: Cassie - Album Sampler
Hot New UK Girlband Alert!

This is 'Move A Little Closer', Trinity Stone's debut video!

Here is Popjustice's review on Trinity Stone and it's a good positive one!

Check out their offiical site and myspace:
Official Myspace
Official Site

And the second single is...
MTV: Aguilera addresses the theme of domestic abuse
on several songs on her new album, but her next single is more of
a feel-good number called "Candy Man."

Just a quick thing!
To all Big Brother UK fans! If you are a fan of Aisleyne then please join up! As I have noticed that on alot of forums love Ash but they can not talk about her without haters interfering! So if you are a fan then please join up as Ash herself will be answering all questions (if you leave any for her) once she is out the house!

(btw, if you would like me to create you a fan forum for any other housemate then just ask!)

For those of you that didn't know Paris Hiltons official music site is NOT
Check it out! It looks quite hot! Oh and the album date is finally official as it says on her site,
it will be released on August 22nd. Here is the final track listing:

1. Turn It Up
2. Fightin Over Me
3. Stars Are Blind
4. I Want You
5. Jealousy
6. Heartbeat
7. Nothing In This World
8. Screwed
9. Not Leaving Without You
10. Turn You On
11. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

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Beyonce - B'Day Tracklistings
Right Now there's Three tracklistings for B'day. Sony Music Store is showing 10 tracks, and Walmart and I-Tunes is showing diffrent. How many can you possibly have.

WALMART'S tracklisting:
1.Deja Vu ft. Jay Z
2.Get Me Bodied
3.Suga Momma
4.Upgrade U ft. Jay z
5.Ring The Alarm
6.Kitty Kat
7.Freakum Dress
8.Green Light
11.Encore for the Fans
13.Got Me bodied(Extended Version)
14.Deja Vu(Remix)(Exclusive)

i-TUNES tracklisting:
1.Deja Vu ft. Jay Z
2.Get Me Bodied
3.Suga Momma
4.Upgrade U ft. Jay z
5.Ring The Alarm
6.Kitty Kat
7.Freakum Dress
8.Green Light
11.Encore for the Fans
12.Listen (From The Motion Picture Dreamgirls) (Bonus Track)
13.Lost Yo Mind (Pre-order Only)
14.Deja Vu video
15. video - behinds the scenes with beyonce
16. interactive booklet
A Piano: The Collection

Tori Amos box-set of demos, rarities and b-sides
set for a release on September 26.

Now that's one HOT Boxset.
Yea, Another one

lol, I *wonder* why she changed it.
We told you Kinga would be answering all questions soon and now she has! For those of you who need to know a little about Kinga then here it is:

- Kinga entered Big Brother UK in week 6 but was evicted by Makosi
- Once Olaith had walked in the last 2 weeks, BB bosses were sure to get Kinga to replace her for the last two weeks!
- Kinga made it to the final and left in 4th place!
- Since then Major record companies have been interested in signing Kinga to a single deal (POLYDOR & SONY BMG) but she left it as she didn't want to be a one hit wonder and want's an album deal.
- She has nearly finished recording her debut album and talks about it in this interview!

Hey Kinga, hope your well!
We loved you on big brother and hope you have had a good time since coming out of the house!

- Tell Us a little bit about your album, what to expect?
KINGA: Erm,R'N'B poppy dancey and ballads...Actually the songs I've recorded they're all so different to eachother!!! I'm great friends with the girls that sang BABYCAKES so i might do a collaboration with her....we'll see xx

- What type of sound will your music be? Pop, Rock, Club, RnB or a Mix?
KINGA: EVERYTHING...I love all types of music...i suppose i'll just record go to the label and see which songs suit me and how they want to market me.

- Which producers would you like to work with in the future?
KINGA: Well i have worked with Tim Deluxe that's worked with Kylie Minogue and Basement Jaxx....thats good enough for me.

- You think you'll be able to break free from your big brother persona and become famous for your singing talents instead?
KINGA: HAHA that would never happen in a million years...but thats not a problem it made me famous...what i do now might be different but ill always be known as being from Big Brother.But i would love to be known for singing rather than being on Big Brother...but i am a hard worker and ill work hard to get there...thanks x

- Since you're half Kuwaiti, Have you ever been to Kuwait before?

- And have you heard of the gigantic Kuwaiti's media reaction to you joining the Big Brother house? and if you did, how did you feel about it?
KINGA: No i didnt hear about that as far as i saw from the press everyone was having a gigantic shock haha.

- Shall we expect anything else from you in the future other than music?
KINGA: Yes presenting im going away next week for castings i'll still be popping by dont also looking at a few film scripts...and it's deffinitely not anything rude or dirty so don't worry. LOL

Thanks for taking your time to answer all questions for your fans! Good luck with your music career and the future!
KINGA: My pleasure and thank you xxx

There you go! Kinga's interview and looks like we shall expect some good stuff from her! Make sure you check out her site and join up on the forum for the latest updates! If you want to hear exclusive clips from her album in the future then make sure you join up!

Kelis Was Here 'New' Tracklisting
This new tracklisting is taken from
so this might be just for the European version
but whoa! 17 tracks! with only one intro...that's great...I like most of the song titles,
also for a huge hq cover click here.

Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Bossy Featuring Too $hort - (Produced by Shondrae)
03. What's That Right There – (Produced by Will.I.Am)
04. Till The Wheels Fall Off – (Produced by Will.I.Am)
05. Living Proof – (Produced by Rapahel Saadiq)
06. Blindfold Me - (Produced by Polow Da Don & Sean Garrett)
07. Goodbyes – (Produced by Cool & Dre)
08. Trilogy – (Produced by Scott Storch)
09. Circus – (Produced by Rapahel Saadiq)
10. Weekend Featuring Will.I.Am – (Produced by Will.I.Am)
11. Like You - (Produced by Knobody)
12. Aww S***! Featuring Smoke – (Produced by Shondrae)
13. Lil Star Featuring Cee-Lo (Produced by Cee-Lo Green)
14. I Don't Think So – (Produced by Max Martin and Dr.Luke)
15. Handful – (Produced by Shondrae)
16. Appreciate Me – (Produced by Damon Elliott)
17. Have A Nice Day - (Produced by Damon Elliott)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Peaches - Downtown (Video)

<3s It

Yous A Ho
New song from Monica for all the ho's
titled "Sideline Ho"...and atleast this one is more like Monica's style
(not that crap she's releasing for a first single)
Why this is not your first single ho?
(I know it's not somehting 'wow' but atleast i can see it
doing better than 'Till The Beat Drops" ...or whatever it was called).

DL: Monica - Sideline Ho
Janet Jackson Feat. Nelly - Call On Me (Video)
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The new single from Omarion is here!
He's back to give us more, I personally really liked his debut
so im looking foward to his sophomore album. The single is good,
should check it out. Not sure to the date of the album , but im
sure we wont have to wait to long. Oh and by the way I'm new member
to O.C. hope you guys enjoy my post in the future. Enjoy!

DL :
Omarion - Entourage
The Video : HERE
Nick Lachey - I Can't Hate You Anymore (video)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Little Bit
The new single from Lunik finally leaked!
and it's really good, I've talked much about them on a previous post
And as i expected, they are keeping the acoustic sound
(same as their last album 'Weather') I can't wait for the new album
"Preparing to Leave" which will be released on September.

DL: Lunik - Little Bit

Futuresex/Lovesounds Tracklisting
Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, India Arie.....I never thought this was gonna happen
But you got me Justin, I'm VERY interested on how the whole album is gonna sound.

Track Listing:
01. Another Song
02. What Goes Around Comes Around
03. Sexyback
04. Crowd Control (Feat. Nelly Furtado)
05. Lines (Feat. Timbaland)
06. The One You Have Not Seen
07. Help Me Breathe
08. Lose Your Way (Feat. Mario)
09. Nocturne (Feat. India Arie)
10. I Walk Alone
11. No Connection
12. The Darkest Childe
13. My Love (Feat. T.I.)
14. Your Tongue Like The Sun In My Mouth

Fuck Them Bitches
There's a bit of confusion going around about this song,
First we see this song title on the Kelis Was Here tracklisting,
and now this song is up on her myspace and says it's by Daddy's Girl
(A new group that will be on her new label)

So it could've been originally planned for Kelis...then she decided to give it to them,
or the other way around..OR that tracklisting was just a mess,
anyways it's a nice song..I like it but i think it'll sound MUCH better if it was by Kelis.

DL: Daddy's Girl - Fuck them Bitches

Just Found This Been Loving The Song For Ages!!!!

Mila J Feat. Marques Houston - Good Lookin Out

Kelis Was Here (album cover)

Hoooooot, loves it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Got Grapes (Remix)
It's been a while since we've got anything new from M.I.A.
(I'm not 100% sure if this is that new, but it's the first time i hear this)
She's featured on "Nump" single remix....Who's that?...Who cares! crappy hip hop artist,
I don't understand why she'll remix and add a verse for him, But yea i know
atleast we got something...just listen to the first two minutes then skip! lol

DL: Nump - I Got Grapes(M.I.A. Remix)
Nicole on the set of her Dad's music video "I Call It Love"

Nicole >>Paris

Kinga Karolczak "Interview"

Kinga Karolczak (half Polish, half Kuwaiti)
best known for her appearance in 2005’s Big Brother 6 and
the first one of the 'Final Four' to leave on Finale night, After the BB6
Kinga is now concentrating on expanding her media career and working on her first album.

If you're a fan of hers (or the BB) and have some questions
then this is your chance to ask!! , We'll be getting an interview with Kinga soon,
Put your questions on the comments (must be before Wednesday)
and some of them will be asked (try to keep them funny/silly..the OxygenChunks way lol).

*Big thanks to Shazza, who'll be doing the interview*

Monday, July 24, 2006

Image Hosted by
Kylie Is Beautifully Back To Continue Her "Showgirl Tour"
Yep, after along time waiting to be fine, she's finally back to continue her "Showgirl : The Greatest Hits Tour Live" cancelled last year because of what you know. She will start this november in Australia, and come in Wembley Arena, London in january 2007.

Gnarls Barkley New Video (3 different versions)
HéHé, the new single off their new album "St Elsewhere" is the amazing song called "Smiley Faces", one of the greatest tracks of this album. I definitly love it. But, after the great video of "Crazy", I'm kinda disappointed by thoses new videos. There are 3 completly different version of this song, 2 interesting & a boring one.

1st Version : HERE
^= Gnarls Barkley is a myth, he does not exist.
2nd Version : HERE
^= As the title of the song, with smiley faces... :-)
3rd Version : HERE
^= Boring, Boring, Boring one.

New Kiley Dean interview, And still no release date for the new album,
Actually still no label! but it's a nice read, Here is some bits from the interview...
(If you want to read the full interview go to

SO true, Simple Girl is a classic
(if you don't know who's Kiley Dean & never heard SG album, then you REALLY should)
It seems like "Changes" gonna be just as good!, I hope the album get released this time,
The girl deserves to have some success, She's fucking talented...but SO underrated!!!
Seriously WTF!...It's soooo true that good music doesn't sell anymore.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Here is the Scissor Sisters new single! from the new album "Ta-Dah"
"I Don't Feel Like Dancing" is awesome, totally fun and catchy,
Download the HQ cd rip and feel like dancing!

DL: Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing

Friday, July 21, 2006

Promiscuous Acoustic!
Nelly was at the Canadian Idol and she was showing the contestants
how to change a known song and make it sound different,
Then she did this acoustic version of Promiscuous (Live) and
It sounds good! (not as good as the Maneater acoustic though!)

DL: Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous (Acoustic)
...or watch it on

Mýa News!
R&B singer Mýa is back with a new album and on a new label, The singer has left Interscope Records for Motown Records and her new album,
Liberation is slated to hit stores in October, The first single from the project
is 'Lock You Down' (produced by Scott Storch).

Also the official Mýa site has a new temporary layout for the new album,
If you wanna check it out
A Public Affair (album cover)

I like! She look pretty...but the writing is too small imo.

Paris Says You've Hurt Me Bad"
Paris Hilton says she cries sometimes after reading the cruel comments about her posted on TMZ.

In an exclusive interview Wednesday, after finishing a meeting with her publicist Elliott Mintz, Hilton agreed to talk to TMZ's Harvey Levin about thousands of messages TMZ users have posted, many of which are, as Hilton says, "mean and sadistic."

Levin asked Hilton about such comments as, "Paris is just an overused human condom," "Paris is like a fart in a mitten. You know it's there, you can't stand it, but you can't get rid of it," and "Would you please drop over dead or commit suicide you damn slut."

Hilton said "I'm far less promiscuous than any of my friends." As for the infamous sex tape with ex-lover Rick Solomon, Hilton said "I'm judged because of something that an ex-boyfriend did to me. I'm not a slut at all."

Hilton says that many of the TMZ comments are "very hurtful" to her and that some make her cry. She says "They think I don't have any feelings."

Click the photo for the vieo, which I have uploaded to YouTube for you Guys to see. I personally think its funny but she really doesn't deserve the comments she is getting!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Anja Garbarek - Briefly Shaking
This album is not really new because it has been released in Febuary but no one talked about it, and I just discovered this one today. Anja made the original soundtrack of the last & beautiflully romantic movie of Luc Besson, "Angel-A". A black & white movie filmed into the charming Paris city... The story ? Can't explain anything, but it's lovely. So, this movie is now on DVD with the OST into the collector box, that's how I discovered Anja Garbarek work.
This last album is Folk/Electro/Alternative. I can't really tell a same artist that does what she does... Maybe a little Imogen Heap ? or Emilie Simon ? In some ways... Maybe less electro, I don't really know. No, forget it. Just listen to her music & watch the latest video she made, and make your own judgement. Anyway, for me it's cool album. All songs I posted are the ones I love, "Sleep" is really slow & gorgeous. But maybe, some will say "Hey Dude, It's Boring!" lol... Hope you guys'll like it ! (<- Britney quote ?)

Tracklist : (+5 Songs To Download)
01. Born That Way
02. Dizzy With Wonder
03. The Last Trick
04. Sleep
05. Shock Activities
06. Yes
07. My Fellow Riders
08. Can I Keep Him
09. This Momentous Day
10. Still Guarding Space
11. Word Is Out

+ Videoclip of "The Last Trick"
Fairy Tail... Mix of weird & rainbow attitude...
+ Videoclip of "Can I Keep Him"
With the taste & images of "Angel-A" movie... <3
She's Back!!!!

P!nk is back to her old-self with another piss-off video called U+Ur Hand.
The video is really good and this is its HQ form. Just uploaded for for ya!

All these great videos leaking in one week!? We are truly getting spoiled!

Basement Jaxx & Robyn
A lot of Robyn fans are waiting for this!!...and yeah it's HOT HOT HOTTT
aaah this should've been the first single instead of "Hush Boy".

DL: Basement Jaxx (feat Robyn) - Hey You
Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair (Video)

"thnx to Jonnyali for uploading"
Preview The Album!!

30 Seconds clips "WMA files" (click on the cover to download)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Christina Aguilera - Private Concert, Olympia - Paris

I love her now... The song, "Slowdown Baby" from new album

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Evanescence News!
Evanescence is pleased to announce the track listing for the new album,
"The Open Door" in stores October 3rd, The first single from
the album will be "Call Me When You're Sober".

Track Listing:
1. Sweet Sacrifice
2. Call Me When You're Sober
3. Weight of the World
4. Lithium
5. Cloud Nine
6. Snow White Queen
7. Lacrymosa
8. Like You
9. Lose Control
10. The Only One
11. Your Star
12. All That I'm Living For
13. Good Enough


Here's JoJo's new video, "Too Little, Too Late" and it is just simply awesome!!!!
Danity Kane (album cover)

Dancing Queen

Ciara's new video, "Get Up" debuted on AOL today and here it is. It's hott!

Monday, July 17, 2006

t.A.T.u. - "Truth" (Live DVD)

September 20th in Japan... & Next To Woldwide.
It's the concert from St Petersburg they did in April.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

« Mensano »
is Mirko von Schlieffen, Mensano is his solo project
he used to be on the german act "Schiller",
The album will have very nice featuring vocalists
(Darren Hayes, Heather Nova, Jaël, Enik, a.m.m)
Released date is set for August, the official site offers a pre-listening
medley of some tracks that's gonna be on the album,
Darren's song is the last one (which i love already) and it seems Jaël is featured on more
than one song! (you can hear her in the first song, and on one in the middle)
The other tracks sounds very good...this album is gonna be brilliant.

DL: Mensano (Album Medley)

Crazy Itch Radio
Dance duo Basement Jaxx are back with a new album and full details have emerged
Leading on where 2003's well-received Kish Kash left-off,
the new LP is named Crazy Itch Radio, which XL Recordings will be putting
out in the UK September 11th and September 12th in the US.

Of the 13 songs, many feature guest vocalists including:
Vula Malinga (who sang on their hit single Oh My Gosh), Linda Lewis,
Robyn and Lady Marga.

Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Hush Boy
03. Zoomalude
04. Take Me Back to Your House
05. Hey You
06. On the Train
07. Run 4 Cover
08. Skillalude
09. Smoke Bubbles
10. Lights Go Down
11. Intro Reprise
12. Everybody
13. Keep Keep On

Alesha Dixon's first single from her debut album "Fired Up"
The video is already airing in the UK (i think, cuz it's already online),
The official release for the single is August 14, No release date for the album yet
I'm loving her solo stuff...cannot wait for the album!
to name a few of who she worked with on the album:
(Richard X, Xenomania, Johnny Douglas, Estelle, and Paul Eppe).

DL: Alesha Dixon - Lipstick
(New Link "HQ CD RIP")

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Synthetic Joy
The Bum Out Eternal
, A new band based in L.A.
and they make these glitchy-synth-pop-addicting music!
they released their first EP "Synthetic Joy" while ago,
And they are releasing their LP hopefully by September, Anyways
for now here is some bum out music!

- Better
- In Every Room There's Music

Peaches remixed YeahYeahYeah's latest single (from Show Your Bones album)
"Cheated Hearts" is a very good song and now with a Peaches remix, It's even better,
I love how in the second minute the song change and makes you wanna dance!
too bad Peaches didn't add any vocals.

DL: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts (Peaches Remix)
Nikki from Big Brother is out!
And Big Brother has completely lost the plot!

We'll miss you Nikki!

Friday, July 14, 2006

EXCLUSIVE : Mylène Farmer - Peut-Être Toi (Radio Mix)

Wow ! First, I wanna say how much the song is great ! Very Catchy/Electro/Pop.
The anime video is cool. Directed by Kusumi Naoko (Ghost In The Shell & Metropolis)
! The End !

Britney Spears VS Muse - Do Somethin' Black Hole
When I saw that someone made a versus of these 2 great catchy songs, I went crazy : "How Amazing Could It Be!!!?". Now I'm listening to it, the good word for it is "Messy"... But anyway, kinda great ! It's like a Messy/Rocky remix of Britney's Do Somethin' with some voices of Muse song. I'm sure some will say : "WTF, What A Crap ! They Destroyed The Wonderful Muse Song !".

D/L : Britney Spears - VS Muse - Do Somethin' Black Hole

Finally!!! ...Lunik are Back!!

This is Wooooonderful news to me, I LOVE this band
(their previous album "Weather" is one of my personal favorite albums EVER)
and now they are back and as you can see above
the cover for their new single "Little Bit",It should hit Radio's mid-August
followed by the new album "Preparing to Leave" in September.
(i wonder if they'll try something different, or stick to the 'Weather' acoustic sound)

bits of info about Lunik:
Lunik is a band from Switzerland,
1999 saw the release of their debut album "Rumour", recorded largely
in an atmospheric trip hop style, next release was "Ahead" (2001)
saw the band steering towards an electro-pop sound,
The third album "Weather" (2003) was a huge success in Switzerland,
with an acoustic approach from the band replacing the electronica of the earlier albums,
to give you a taste, here's two songs from the album "Weather".

- New Day
- Slide