Thursday, July 20, 2006

Anja Garbarek - Briefly Shaking
This album is not really new because it has been released in Febuary but no one talked about it, and I just discovered this one today. Anja made the original soundtrack of the last & beautiflully romantic movie of Luc Besson, "Angel-A". A black & white movie filmed into the charming Paris city... The story ? Can't explain anything, but it's lovely. So, this movie is now on DVD with the OST into the collector box, that's how I discovered Anja Garbarek work.
This last album is Folk/Electro/Alternative. I can't really tell a same artist that does what she does... Maybe a little Imogen Heap ? or Emilie Simon ? In some ways... Maybe less electro, I don't really know. No, forget it. Just listen to her music & watch the latest video she made, and make your own judgement. Anyway, for me it's cool album. All songs I posted are the ones I love, "Sleep" is really slow & gorgeous. But maybe, some will say "Hey Dude, It's Boring!" lol... Hope you guys'll like it ! (<- Britney quote ?)

Tracklist : (+5 Songs To Download)
01. Born That Way
02. Dizzy With Wonder
03. The Last Trick
04. Sleep
05. Shock Activities
06. Yes
07. My Fellow Riders
08. Can I Keep Him
09. This Momentous Day
10. Still Guarding Space
11. Word Is Out

+ Videoclip of "The Last Trick"
Fairy Tail... Mix of weird & rainbow attitude...
+ Videoclip of "Can I Keep Him"
With the taste & images of "Angel-A" movie... <3