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Artists Releasing Albums in 2006 (Modified)!
The List Have Been Edited/Added To & Confirmed a Few Titles, You Can See The List Either Through Links (Right Column Of The Blog) or Click Here.

*The List IS Updated Regularly or Whenever A New Album Is Confirmed.
coNew Movie & A Hit!
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*Also Recently Paris Got Smacked With A Flour Pack At The Julian McDonald Fashion Show And Here Are The Pics :

.....Can't Wait For The Video..If There's Gonna Eever Be One heheheh.

Here's What Leaked Since The Last Leaked List !

Deep Dish Feat. Stevie Nicks - Dreams (CDM)
01 Dreams (Extended Club Mix)
02 Dreams (Dub Mix)
03 Dreams (Axwell Mix)
04 Dreams (Miami Calling Remix)
05 Dreams (Surfers Mix)
06 Dreams (DJ Simi & Masterkeys Vocal Mix)

Deep Dish Feat. Stevie Nicks - Dreams (Promo CDM)
01 Dreams (Extended Club Mix)
02 Dreams (Dub Mix)
03 Dreams (Miami Calling Remix)
04 Dreams (Axwell Remix)
05 Dreams (Tocadisco Remix)
06 Dreams (DJ Simi & MasterkeysVocal Mix)
07 Dreams (Surfers Extended Mix)
08 Dreams (Radio Edit)

Deep Dish Feat. Stevie Nicks - Dreams (Tocadisco Remix) (Vinyl)
01 Dreams (Axwell Remix)
02 Dreams (Tocadisco Remix)

Deep Dish Feat. Stevie Nicks - Dreams (Part 2) (Vinyl)
01 Dreams (dj simi and masterkeys dub mix)
02 Dreams (dean coleman dirty by design scashs vox)

Dannii Minogue and The Soul Seekerz - Perfection (Limited Edition CDM)
01 Perfection (Radio Edit)
02 I've Been Waiting For You (B-Side)
03 Perfection (Ruff Diamond Remix)
04 Perfection (Instrumental)
05 Perfection (Seamus Haji & Emmanuel Instrumental)

Madonna - Sorry (CDM)
01 Sorry (Radio Edit)
02 Let it Will Be (Paper Faces Mix)
03 Sorry (Man with Guitar Mix)

Madonna - Sorry (CDM Euversion)
01 Sorry (Radio edit)
02 Sorry (Man with guitar mix)
03 Sorry (PSB maxi mix)
04 Sorry (Paul oakenfold remix)
05 Sorry (Green velvet remix)

Madonna - Sorry (HANGUP-002) (Remix Vinyl)
01 Madonna - Sorry (A-1)
02 Madonna - Sorry (A-2)
03 Madonna - Sorry (B-1)
04 Madonna - Sorry (B-2)

Madonna - Sorry Beat (Onesided Bootleg Vinyl)
01 Sorry Beat

Madonna - Hung Up Bw Sorry (Bootleg Remixes)
01 hung up (breno barreto tribal mix)
02 hung up (cleopatra's pianotrip power mix)
03 sorry (cleopatra's chorddisco power mix)

Madonna - Let It Be Hung Up (Unkle Funk Remixes) (Bootleg Vinyl)
01 let it be (unkle funk remix)
02 hung up (unkle funk remix)

Madonna - Jump (Whitelabel Vinyl)
01 jump
02 i love new york

Lindstrom And Prins Thomas - Mighty Girl (Promo EP)
01 Lindstrom and Prins Thomas - Mighty Girl
02 Lindstrom and Prins Thomas - Mighty Girl (Vran gog)
03 Lindstrom and Prins Thomas - Mighty Girl (Feel PM)

Massive Attack - Live with Me (CDS)
01 Massive Attack - Live with Me (Radio Version)
02 Massive Attack - Live with Me (Album Version)

Sara Jorge - Beautiful World (Promo CDM)
01 Beautiful World (Aurora Remix)
02 Beautiful World (Uniting Nations Remix)
03 Beautiful World (Solasso End of Set Club Mix)
04 Beautiful World (M-Factor Full Vocal Mix)
05 Beautiful World (Original Radio Edit)
06 Beautiful World (Uniting Nations Alternative Radio Mix)

The Knife - Silent Shout (CDM)
01 Silent Shout (Original Version)
02 Silent Shout (Williams Acidic Circuits Remix)
03 Silent Shout (Troy Pierce Barado En Locombia Mix)

Britney Spears - And Then We Kiss (Promo CDM)
01 And Then We Kiss (Junkie Xl Remix)
02 And Then We Kiss (Junkie Xl Remix Instrumental)
03 And Then We Kiss (Junkie Xl Undressed Mix)
04 And Then We Kiss (Junkie Xl Undressed Mix Instrumental)

Gentle Touch - Gentle Touch (CDM)
01 Memories
02 Speaking of reasonable
03 Fascination
04 Smedby

Tiga - Far form Home (Promo CDS)
01 Far From Home (New RadioEdit)
02 Far From Home (DFA Remix)

Tiga - Far from Home (Remix CDM)
01 Far form Home (Dave Bascombe Radio Mix)
02 Far form Home (Speed of Sexor Reprise)
03 Far form Home (Digitalism Remix)
04 Far form Home (DFA Instrumental Mix)
05 Far form Home (Chicken Lips Dub Deluxe)
06 Far form Home (Chicken Lips Remix)

Tiga - Good as Gold (Promo CDM)
01 Good As Gold (Original Mix)
02 Good As Gold (Instrumental Mix)
03 Good As Gold (Morgan Geist Monophone)
04 Good As Gold (Zdar Dub)

Above And Beyond - Alone Tonight (Promo CDS)
01 Alone Tonight (Above And Beyond Club Mix)
02 Alone Tonight (Matthew Dekay Dub Mix)

Above And Beyond - Alone Tonight (Inc. Matthew Dekay Mix) (Promo CDS)
01 Alone Tonight (Matthew Dekay Mix)
02 Alone Tonight (Disciples Of Sound And Kid Lopez Mix)

Above And Beyond - Alone Tonight (Inc. Ronski Speed Remix) (Promo CDS)
01 Alone Tonight (Above And Beyond Dub Mix)
02 Alone Tonight (Ronski Speed Remix)

Armand Van Helden - Sugar (CDS)
01 sugar (original club mix)
02 sugar (original radio edit)
03 sugar (paper faces remix)
04 sugar (paper faces dub remix)

Armand Van Helden - Sugar (Incl Cagedbaby Mix) (Promo CDM)
01 Sugar (Original Club Mix)
02 Sugar (Paper Faces Remix)
03 Sugar (Paper Faces Dub)
04 Sugar (Cagedbaby Remix)

MSTRKRFT - Easy Love (CDS)
01 Easy Love (Album Version)
02 Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Jethro East and Lee Davey Remixes) (CDS)
01 Hide & Seek (Jethro East & Lee Davey Vocal)
02 Hide & Seek (Jethro East & Lee Davey Dub)

Bjork - Undo (Bootleg Vinyl)
01 Undo (Reposado Brothers Breaks Mix)

Coldplay - Talk (Francois K Dub Remix) (Vinyl)
01 Talk (Francois K Dub)
02 Talk (Jacques Lu Conts Thin White Duke Remix)

Coldplay - Talk (Thin White Duke ) (Promo CDM)
01 Talk (Thin White Duke Remix)

Robin S - Show Me Love (New Diesel Remix) (Vinyl)
01 Show Me Love (Stonebridge Mix)
02 Show Me Love (Todd Edwards Mix)
03 Show Me Love (Diesels Remix)
04 Show Me Love (Kerri Chandler Mix)

Tarkan - Bounce (Remixes) (Vinyl)
01 Bounce (Armand Van Helden Mix)
02 Bounce (DJ Fumas Elastic Mix)

Tiefschwarz - Fly (Promo CDS)
01 fly (original mix)
02 fly (steve bug mix)

Tiefschwartz - Fly (Incl. Steve Bug Remix)(Vinyl)
01 Fly
02 Fly (Steve Bug Rmx)

Bad Candy - More More More (CDM)
01 More More More (Radio Edit)
02 More More More (Michael Peter Edit)
03 More More More (Dj Prom Remix)
04 Waiting

Crystal Kay - Kirakuni/Together (CDM)
01 Kirakuni
02 Together
03 Koi ni Ochitara (kut Remix)
04 Kirakuni (Instrumental)

Moby - Slipping Away (Retail CDM)
01 slipping away (single version)
02 slipping away (mhc radio edit)
03 slipping away (axwell vocal mix)
04 slipping away (focus people that slip remix by mathew jonson)
05 slipping away (zloot remix)

Moby - Slipping Away/Where You End (Tiga Mix ) (Vinyl)
01 slipping away (axwell vocal mix)
02 where you end (tiga's all i need is to be dubbed mix)

Vinylshakerz - Daddy Cool (CDM)
01 Daddy Cool (Screen Cut)
02 Daddy Cool (Vinylshakerz Xxl Mix)
03 Daddy Cool (Electrolaz Re-Mix)
04 Got No Reason (Vinylshakerz Thrust Mode Mix)

Vinylshakerz - Daddy Cool (CDM2)
01 Daddy Cool (Screen Mix)
02 Daddy Cool (Vinylshakerz Xxl Mix)
03 Daddy Cool (A Teams Big Pump Remix)
04 Daddy Cool (Electrolaz Remix)
05 Daddy Cool (Jens Larsen Remix)

Switch - A Bit Patchy (Promo CDS)
01 A Bit Patchy

Depeche Mode - Suffer Well (Promo CDS)
01 Suffer Well (Single Version)
02 Suffer Well (Album Version)

Depeche Mode - Suffer Well (Promo CDM)
01 Suffer Well (Album Version)
02 Suffer Well (Tiga Remix)
03 Suffer Well (Tiga Dub)
04 Suffer Well (Narcotic Thrust Vocal Dub)
05 Suffer Well (Alter Ego Remix)
06 Suffer Well (Metope Remix)
07 Suffer Well (Metope Vocal Mix)
08 Suffer Well (M83 Remix)
09 Suffer Well (M83 Instrumental)
10 Better Days (Basteroid Dance is Gone Vocal Mix)
11 Better Days (Basteroid Dance is Gone Remix)

Sander Kleinenberg - My Lexicon (16 Bit Lolitas Remix) (Vinyl)
01 My Lexicon (16 Bit Lolitas Remix)
02 My Lexicon (Original)

Black Eyed Peas - Pump It (CDM)
01 Pump It (Album Version)
02 Pump It (Travis Barker Remix)
03 Dum Diddly (Noizetrip Remix)

Hardkandy - Advice (CDM)
01 Advice (Radio Edit)
02 Advice (Manasseh Remix)
03 Advice (Hardkandy Rerub)]
04 Advice (Nu:Tone Remix)
05 Advice (Black Grass Remix)
06 Jack Of Clubs (Live)
07 Advice (Manasseh Dubmix)

Liz Mcclarnon - Woman in Love (CDM)
01 i get the sweetest feeling
02 someone like me (original demo version)
03 woman in love
04 video for woman in love

Chantal Chamandy - You Want Me (Norrty Cotto Remixes) (Promo CDS)
01 you want me (norty cotto extended remix)
02 you want me (norty cotto radio edit)
03 you want me (norty cotto dub)

Goldfrapp - Ooh La La (Remixes) (2006 Promo CDS)
01 ooh la la (benny benassi extended remix)
02 ooh la la (peter rauhofer remix)

Belanova - Me Pregunto (Promo CDS)
01 me pregunto
02 me pregunto (mijangos classic house mix)
03 me pregunto (mijangos classic house mix radio edit)
04 me pregunto (capellas)

Mousse T - Horny (Promo CDM)
01 Horny (Tom Novy Mix)
02 Horny (So Phat Mix)
03 Horny (As A Dandy)

Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes (Bootleg Vinyl)
01 behind these hazel eyes (trance Mix)

Supermode - Tell Me Why (Promo CDS)
01 tell me why

Melanie Blatt - Dreamin About Tomorrow (the Revolution Remixes) (Vinyl)
01 Dreamin' About Tomorrow (Uptown Tones Vox)
02 Dreamin' About Tomorrow (Uptown Tones Dub)
03 Dreamin' About Tomorrow (Rupeski's Original Mix)
04 Dreamin' About Tomorrow (M.A.D.N.Y. Mix)
05 Dreamin' About Tomorrow (G Dubs Guided by Angels Reprise)

4 Strings - Hurricane (DJ 4 Strings Mix) (Promo Vinyl)
01 Hurricane (Original Mix)
02 Hurricane (DJ 4 Strings Mix)

Gemma Fox - Boxers (Remixes) (Vinyl)
01 boxers (delinquent mix)
02 boxers (fluky mix)
03 boxers (paleface mix)

Yummy Bingham Ft Fabolous And Red Cafe - Is It Good To You (Remix) (Promo CDS)
01 Is It Good To You (Remix)
02 Is It Good To You (Remix) (Clean)
03 Is It Good To You (Remix) (Instrumental)
04 Is It Good To You (Remix) (Acappella)

Axwell feat. Steve Edwards - Watch the Sunrise (2Elements Mix) (Vinyl)
01 Watch the Sunrise (Vocal Dub Mix)
02 Watch the Sunrise (2Elements Mix)
03 Watch the Sunrise (Axwell Re-Mode Mix)

David Morales - How Would You Feel (2006 Remixes) (Promo CDS)
01 How Would You Feel (Peter Rauhofer Remix)
02 How Would You Feel (Philippe B Remix)

Ladytron - International Dateline (Promo CDS)
01 International Dateline (Radio Edit)

The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (User Friendly Mix) (Onesided Vinyl)
01 Hey Boy Hey Girl (User Friendly Mix)

Bob Sinclar Feat. Steve Edwards - World Hold On (CDS)
01 World Hold On (Children Of The Sky) (Club Mix 1)
02 World Hold On (Children Of The Sky) (Club Mix 2)

Deborah Cox - House Is Not A Home (Tony Moran Dub Mix) (Promo CDS)
01 House Is Not A Home (Tony Moran Dub Mix)

Bloc Party - Helicopter (CDS)
01 Helicopter (Diplo Remix)
02 Helicopter (Weird Science Remix) (Feat. Peaches)
03 Helicopter (Whitey Remix)
04 Helicopter (Original Version)

Roxane - Push It (Promo CDR)
01 Push It (Eurosong)
02 Push It (Vocal Background)
03 Push It (Vocal Extented)
04 Push It (Tomtom Le Chevali)

Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (CDS)
01. The Fallen (Album Version)
02. Sexy Boy (Album Version)
03. The Fallen
04. Do You Want To (Erol Alkan Remix)

Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (Promo CDM)
01 The Fallen (Radio Edit)
02 The Fallen (Album Version)
03 The Fallen (Justice Remix)

Pink - Stupid Girls (Promo CDS)
01 Stupid Girls (Dirty)
02 Stupid Girls (Clean)
03 Stupid Girls (Call Out Hook)

Christina Milian Ft. Young Jeezy - Say I (Promo CDS)
01 Say I (Clean)
02 Say I (Main)
03 Say I (Instrumental)
04 Say I (Call Out)

Gwen Stefani - Crash (Promo Vinyl)
01 crash (album)
02 crash (instrumental)
03 crash (acappella)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (Promo CDS)
01 Gold Lion

Black Buddafly Feat. Fabolous - Bad Girl (Promo CDS)
01 Bad Girl (Radio)
02 Bad Girl (Instrumental)
03 Bad Girl (Call Out)

Marie Serneholt - That's the Way My Heart Goes (Promo CDS)
01 Thats The Way My Heart Goes (Radio Version)

Sean Paul - Ever Blazin and Rare Tunes (Limited Edition EP)
01 ever blazin`
02 feel alright
03 bounce it right there
04 get with it girl
05 u a pro
06 as time goes on

Tiga - Sexor (UK Retail)
01 welcome to planet sexor
02 (far from) home
03 you gonna want me
04 high school
05 louder than a bomb
06 pleasure from the bass
07 who's that
08 down in it
09 the ballad of sexor
10 good as gold
11 (far from) home the speed of sexor re
12 burning down the house
13 3 weeks
14 brothers

Tiga - Sexor (Retail Vinyl)
01 welcome to planet sexor
02 you gonna want me (12inch dance mix)
03 (far from) home
04 louder than a bomb (12inch version)
05 3 weeks
06 high school
07 who's that!
08 brothers
09 good as gold
10 the balled of sexor
11 pleasure from the bass (12inch version)
12 down in it
13 burnin down the house
14 (far from) home (the speed of sexor reprise)

Isolee - Western Store (Advance)
01 Bleu
02 Initiate II
03 Rockers
04 Monitor
05 Surfers
06 Simone Rides
07 King Off
08 Cite Grande Terre
09 Poisson Mort
10 I Owe You (Remix)
11 Lost
12 Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Reform Pt 1&2)

The Knife - Silent Shout (Retail)
01 Silent shout
02 Neverland
03 The captain
04 We share our mothers health
05 Na na na
06 Marble house
07 Like a pen
08 From off to on
09 Forest families
10 One hit
11 Still light

Moby - Remixed (Advance)
01. Lift Me Up (Superdiscount Mix - Radio Edit)
02. Raining Again (Steve Angello’s Vocal Mix)
03. Beautiful (Benny Benassi Remix)
04. Slipping Away (Axwell Vocal Mix)
05. Where You End (Tiga’s All I Need Is To Be Sampled Mix)
06. Beautiful (F*** Me I’m Famous - Remix By David Guetta And Joachim Garraud)
07. Slipping Away (MHC Radio Edit)
08. Dream About Me (Sebastian Ingrosso Remix)
09. Lift Me Up (Mylo Mix)
10. Raining Again (Ewan Pearson Vocal)
11. Dream About Me (Booka Shade Remix)
12. Slipping Away (Zloot Remix)
13. Dream About Me (The Shortwave Set Pick ’N’ Mix)

Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel (Remixes) (Bootleg CD)
01 A Pain That I'm Used To (Extreme Remix)
02 John The Revelator (Strange Mix)
03 Suffer Well (Instrumental)
04 The Sinner In Me (Instrumental)
05 Precious (DW Serge Mix)
06 Macro (Diversited)
07 I Want It All (Sub Mix)
08 Nothing's Impossible (Re Jack)
09 Introspectre (Equalizations Mix)
10 Damaged People (Reality Mix)
11 Lilian (Long Mix)
12 Darkest Star (Digital Beat Mix)
13 Free (Small Town Boy Mix)

Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel (Remixes) (Bootleg CD2)
01 A Pain That I'm Used To (Dub Mix)
02 John The Revelator (Revelation Mix)
03 Suffer Well (Remix)
04 The Sinner In Me (The Fast Mix)
05 Precious (Disco Mix)
06 Macro (Dynasty Mix)
07 I Want It All (Extended History Mix)
08 Nothing's Impossible (First Level Remix)
09 Intropain Reprise (Unreleased Track)
10 Damaged People (Diversified Remix)
11 Lilian (Ambient Version)
12 Darkest Star (Dub Edit)
13 Free (Extended Project Mix)

Cassette - Welcome Back To Earth (Retail)
01 A.I.
02 Love with the Light On
03 Your Star
04 Sometimes
05 Beautiful Smile
06 Alle the World
07 Welcome Back to Earth
08 Tracy
09 Heartless
10 Time
11 Get in the Ring
12 Pump it Up
13 Butterfly

Paul Oakenfold - Lively Mind (Album Club Sampler) (Promo CD)
01 Faster Kill Pussy Cat (Roman Hunter)
02 Amsterdam (Club Mix)
03 Sex N Money (Club Mix)
04 Not Over (Club Mix)
05 Save the Last Trance for Me
06 Feed Your Mind (Roman Hunter)
07 Set it Off (Club Mix No Vocal)
08 Feed Your Mind (Club Rock Mix)

James Holden - At The Controls (Sampler) (Promo CD)
01 Apparat - Wooden
02 Plastikman - Cor Ten
03 Massive Attack VS. Mad Professor - Trinity Dub (Three)
04 Kate Wax - Angel Blues
05 Anita Berber - Death In Vegas
06 Petter - Some Polyphony
07 Vox Sola - Metro Pop
08 Issikadis - Hotter Now (Stripped Down Mix)
09 Holden - Lump
10 Midimiliz - Trace Function
11 Harmonia - Watussi
12 Holden - 10101
13 Skugge & Stavostand - Medean
14 Nathan Fake - Charlie`s House (Apparat Remix)
16 Lucky Pierre - Angels On Your Body
17 Christ. - Perlandine Friday
18 Fennesz - Rivers Of Sand
01 Meta.83 - Opening Titles
02 Paul Kalkbrenner - Gebrunn Gebrunn
03 Motiivi:Tuntematon - 1939
04 Malcolm Middleton - Solemn Thirsty
05 Aphex Twin - Xtal
06 Milky Globe VS. Holden - Son Spots
07 Kalabres - Aufm Klo
08 Lazy Fat People - Big City (Original Mix)
09 Water Lilly - Lottotron Reboot
10 Trans Am - Cold War (War Is Stupid Mix)
11 Slag Boom Van Loon - Poppy Seed (Boards Of Canada Reprise)
12 Egoexpress - Live At Sirius Prime
13 Black Strobe - Nazi Trance Fuck Off! (Holden Remix)
14 Plastikman - Cor Ten
15 AFX - Every Day

Arctic Monkeys - Black Session (at France Inter-FM)
01 The view from the afternoon
02 I bet you look good on the dancefloor
03 You probably could'nt see for the lights but you were staring at me
04 Perhaps vampires is a bit strong but...
05 From the Ritz to the Rubble
06 When the sun goes down
07 Red light indicates doors are secured
08 Still take you home
09 Dancing shoes
10 Bigger boys and stolen sweethearts
11 Mardy bum
12 Fake tales of San Francisco
13 A certain romance

Sugababes - Taller In More Ways (Reissue Retail)
01 Push The Button
02 Gotta Be You (Amelle Mix)
03 Follow Me Home (Amelle Mix)
04 Joy Division
05 Red Dress
06 Ugly
07 It Ain't Easy
08 Bruised
09 Obsession
10 Ace Reject
11 Better
12 2 Hearts
13 Now You're Gone (Previously Unreleased)

Shanice - Every Woman Dreams (Retail)
01 Intro
02 Get Up (Feat. Sheila E)
03 Every Woman Dreams
04 Things In The Movies
05 Keep It To Yourself
06 Take Care Of U
07 So Sexy
08 That's Why I Love You
09 Crazy For U
10 So Free
11 Chocolate
12 Loving You
13 Forever Like A Rose
14 I Can't Imagine
15 Joy
16 Outro

Delays - You See Colours (Promo CD)
01 You And Me
02 Valentine
03 This Town's Religion
04 Sink Like A Stone
05 Too Much In Your Life
06 Winter's Memory Of Summer
07 Given Away
08 Hideaway
09 Lillian
10 Out Of Nowhere
11 Waste Of Space

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