Friday, June 30, 2006

DJ, Turn It Up!!!!!

Paris has decided on her second single and it's going to be Turn it Up!
It was produced by Scott Storch. And while it was premiered on AOL
First Listen this morning, here is a.....HQ copy.
Because people like to bitch about my rip of the stream I got from Warner Brothers,
here's one from MuzicMatters.

Lets quit the fighting.

Thanks Bitches!

DL: Paris Hilton - Turn It Up! (Exclusive HQ Rip)

Rainbow Gets There Twangers out!

Was sent this by a friend from the old Rainbow series was actually aired on tv for children to view can't believe how rude it is but funny thought i would share :) happy watching!

She Made A Kids Song Pornographic!!
(of the Black Eyed Peas) debut single has leaked and well,
its far from what we expected. She is not singing at all, she's merely "rapping".
And the chorus goes:
"How come everytime you come around my London Bridge U wanna go down"

It's a quite interesting track. Yes. Interesting

DL: London Bridges (Oh Shit)

Ciara, Kelis 'Step Up' For Soundtrack
The soundtrack arrives August 8, via Jive and is led by Ciara's new single "Get Up",
New cuts on the album include Kelis' "80's Joint," Anthony Hamilton's "Dear Life,"
Youngbloodz's "Imma Shine" and Petey Pablo's "Show Me The Money"
and "Step Up" by newcomer Samantha Jade and produced by Wyclef Jean.

Here is the tracklist for the soundtrack:
Get Up - Ciara featuring Chamillionaire
Give It Up To Me - Sean Paul featuring Keyshia Cole
Bout It - Yung Joc featuring 3LW
Show Me The Money - Petey Pablo
Step Up - Samantha Jade
80's Joint - Kelis
Say Goodbye - Chris Brown
For The Love - Drew Sidora featuring Mario
Dear Life - Anthony Hamilton
Ain't Cha - Clipse
Imma Shine - Youngbloodz
Feelin' Myself - Dolla
Lovely - Deepside
U Must Be - Gina Rene
Til The Dawn - Drew Sidora
Made - Jamie Scott

I'm disappointed, they play Kiley Dean's "Goodbye" in the movie commercial
and the song isn't included in the soundtrack!!

Picture of - Beyonce B Day
Beyonce - B Day Details
Release date: 4-9-2006
Number of Discs: 1


1. Deja Vu-Feat. Jay-Z
2. Ring The Alarm
3. Freedom Dress
4. Give It To Momma
5. Play Me Your Love
6. Hottest Chick In The Game-Feat. Jay-Z
7. World Wide Woman
8. Back Up
9. Check On It [Remix]
10. Owls Go

My views already 10 bloody tracks what the hell is this woman thinkin and not even a bonus track or nothing i pray this is the american release and a mistake on HMV's part! none of the tracks look that worth wild im even starting to think Kelly Rowland's leaked stuff is much better than what this looks like and a check on it remix wtf??? what this woman is doin I have no idea lmfaooooo hope its not too much of a flop!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hott Damn!!!!!
JoJo is back and on fire with her new track Too Little, Too Late.
I can't stop listening to this. Its just too delicious!

DL: JoJo - Too Little, Too Late
The Real Cover!

! Brillant Videoclip Alert !

It's the first single of Pascal Mono called "Mon Epoque". Very Indie/Pop/Rock Sound.
He's from the french Star Academy, I didn't like him into it,

but his first video & single are awesome... He can be proud of it.

Beautiful Thing
Dutch Pop singer Dominique, just released her second LP last week,

I totally had no idea about this release, honestly i wasn't following her news or anything
but i really enjoyed her first album back in 2004, you can preview
the new album "Follow Me" on her official site (and her older stuff too)
"Beautiful Thing"
is the second single from the new album,
the first single being "Follow Me"...a so-so ballad.

DL: Do - Beautiful Thing
- Beautiful Thing Video (On YouTube)

thnx to bruno for letting me know about this!

New Gossip EP!
Kill Rock Stars announced that it will be releasing a Remix EP
from blues-punks The Gossip on August 22,
The EP will include remixes by Le Tigre and Arthur Baker,
as well as an "Are You That Somebody" Aaliyah cover,
The band also plans to release an enhanced edition with a DVD
that will include concert footage of a recent Wonder Ballroom performance.

DL: The Gossip - Are You That Somebody (Aaliyah cover)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Crunk Ipod Commercial

Waring: Children under 18 are banned from watching this clip
So if u're under 18, don't try to click on the PLAY button in the middle of the screen.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
^= Click On The Pic To View It In HQ =^
A New Britney Is Born... Britney Re-Invented ?
So Damn Impressed ! So Damn Beautiful !

So... In Love.
Jessica Simpson On The Set Of "A Public Affair" #2

Appearance Of :

- Christina Milian
- Eva Longoria
& Christina Applegate

Jaël & Delerium...again!
News was updated in Jaël's official site

Jaël (singer from the band Lunik) has recorded a song for Delerium's new album!!
she worked with them before on the single "After All"
from their previous album 'Chimera'.

I'm so excited cuz i love Jaël, and i loved "After All" the new song
should be interesting, If you don't know any of them,
here's "After All", to give an idea of how they sound.

DL: Delerium - After All feat. Jaël Of Lunik

Fallen King
All you Electronica lovers around here must check this out!
Nicholas/Obsolas (member in the swedish band) Last AmAndA
have a side solo project...which sounds quite different from the band music,
here is one of his songs titled "Fallen King", Good shit.

DL: Obsolas - Fallen King

[myspace page]

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nelly Furtado was in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
while filming the video of "No Hay Igual"!

The dude with her is Puerto Rican rapper Residente Calle 13,
he might have a verse on the video version.

and It seems like "Say It Right" will be a single aswell!

What's Paris Hilton Album Like ?
1. "Stars Are Blind"
Plays hide the sausage with UB40's 'Kingston Town'. Accidentally brilliant.
2. "Screwed"
What's this? It's 'Screwed'.
And 'Screwed' has been 'free' on the internet for about 5 years.
3. 'I Want You'
Hello hip-hop. Are you hiding Paris Hilton? She must be underneath the bassline because we can't hear much of Paris' lovely 'voice' at all.
4. "Nothing In This World"
What's that poking out from behind Kelly Clarkson's enormous face? It's a pair of shoes. It’s a pair of very expensive shoes. Some might say they were 'hot'. This sounds not entirely unlike 'Since U Been Gone'. Like most things these days.
5. "Jealousy"
A little bit sexy, and a little bit sultry. A little bit like something you might hear in a hotel lobby. A helpful reminder that while Paris may not be sexy and she may not be sultry, she does know about hotels.
6. "Fighting Over Me"
Remember when Victoria Beckham went 'street'? This is like that. Lightweight hip-hop with urban 'heavyweights' Jadakiss and Fat Joe.
7. "Turn It Up"
Here we discover that Paris can whistle. She can also sing like J-Lo, ie not all that well.
8. "Not Leaving Without You"
Paris gets in the lift with the Sugababes and annoys them by pressing every button when she is only going down one floor, which is to say that in this pop tune Paris has a go at re-imagining 'Hole In The Head'. Do you know, viewers, this album is almost making us think that someone somewhere has been listening to various successful and brilliant pop records and trying to copy them.
9. "Turn You On"
Thematically, not a million miles from 'Turn It Up'. Paris is probably quite the nuisance around levers and switches. She is, vocally, a bit distant during this urban 'club' 'banger', probably because she wasn't allowed near the equipment very often for fear of meddling. Or perhaps because she wasn't allowed near the vocal booth.
10. "Heartbeat"
The Ballad, but more along the lines of Gwen's 'Cool' than 'My Heart Will Go On'. By 'more along the lines', we mean that the Paris Express is on the exact same piece of traintrack, shunting Gwen from behind and blasting a horn.
11. "Are You With It"
Paris does crunk, having presumably found this in Ciara's bins.
12. "Do You Think I Am Sexy?"
Oddly enough, Paris is best friends with Rod Stewart's daughter. 'We wonder' if she will be in the video. This one is rubbish, but then so was the original and so was the N-Trance version. What chance did Paris stand? None.

*THX to PopJustice
Jessica Simpson On The Set Of "A Public Affair"
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Not That Original...

Driving me CRAZY!!
I came across Ebony Bones's myspace by mistake, and i'm SO glad i did!
A British new-wave/punk/alternative band, they sound so fucking cool and fresh
they'll defnitly make you wanna shake it, though

there isn't much info about them nor an official site 'yet'....but i really hope
they release something, they're hot.
*check their myspace, you might can catch one of their shows, they seem fun*

- Ebony Bones - I'm Ur Future X Wife
- Ebony Bones - Don't Fart On My Heart
IAMX - S.H.E. (Alternate Version)

This Is Also The Original Soundtrack Of A Russian Movie Called "Zhest"...
Some Scenes Are From It... Anyway, beautiful new version of the song <3

All Good Things...come to an end.
Here is the original version of "All Good Things (Come to an End)"

as all of you know, The original was featuring Coldplays front-man Chris Martin,
And for whatever reason it ended up on the album...without him,
although i kinda prefer the album version but i won't complain,
i'm loving all of these extra Loose goodies....and waiting for more!

DL: Nelly Furtado feat Chris Martin - All Good Things (Come to an End)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Let me go Crazy On You
New Kiley Dean track...and this is sooo different from her other stuff, it's more..Rock!
and that's mainly because it's a cover, the original song was by the band "Heart",

I'm loving this change...her voice is powerful as ever, and
KD fans don't freak out, she'll still have her 'older' style on the album "Changes"
....if it ever get released.

DL: Kiley Dean - Crazy On You

Personally I'm Lovin The Video Found The LInk So Just Click The Picture!
Tune of The Week!

Misery is A Butterfly
is from Blonde Redhead's latest album released in 2004,
which is also titled "
Misery is A Butterfly" (one of my favorite albums ever, btw).

The perfect place to listen to Misery is A Butterfly would be at the bottom of a deep
swimming pool, staring up as other swimmers moved back and forth through the water
above your head, below the sunlight cutting through the surface.
The sensations you'll feel underwater, the restrained motion as you
move through the unusual density, the feeling that time is moving
more slowly than it should be..occur here, too,
Deliberately slow in tempo, delicately arranged, emphatically "dreamy" in tone.

-click on the artwork to download-

I Got McPheever!
Once again proving the reason why she should have won American Idol,
Katharine McPhee releases the most amazing American Idol single since
Kelly's "A Moment Like This", I found myself screaming exstatically like a little girl
at the mall when Circuit City had "accidentally" put out 5 copies of the single
under her name. I bought all 5. Ha! Now when I listen to My Destiny,
I find myself singing along so aggressively to at the climactic parts (around 2:16).
Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is that good.
Oh yeah, there's Somewhere Over The Rainbow too, but I haven't listened to that yet!

DL: Somewhere Over The Rainbow/My Destiny

Who Is Nikki Flores?
here's some bits from her bio:
17-years old, brings a multitude of musical skills to her impressive and
highly anticipated debut album This Girl on Sony BMG/Epic Records,
A talented musician who displays the kind of prowess associated with someone twice
her age, This Fontana, California native sings, plays and writes on her first album.

Or in other words, Can we say this years JoJo?, Anyho she released her first single
"Strike" last year (which also appears in this years movie Aquamarine starring JoJo)
but her album got pushed back and now it seems it will be released as in late 2006,

Here is her first single and the possible next single from the album,
Good pop/r&b music.

Could You Ever Love Me That Way

[official site]

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Evolution Of Dance... With 6 Minutes !

INCREDIBLE !!! I just think there's missing "Oops! I Did It Again"... :-P
Most viewed video on YouTube ever... Want the list of the songs ?
Go Right HERE

Saturday, June 24, 2006

"The Go! Team discuss new material"
They have completed recording their new single "Doing It Right"
which they plan to release in September,
The single will include a cover of Sonic Youth's "Bull In The Heather".
The band also plan to begin work on their second album imminently.
to

Gorillaz Autobiography
Penguin books have announced that they are publishing the
official Gorillaz autobiography this autumn, Written by 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russel,
the book will be a beautifully illustrated full colour hardback.

Murdoc says about the book: "I tell you what, right, I can guarantee
you're going to get some real juicy bits of Gorillaz info.
I'll probably slag off loads of people, too. It'll be packed full of great shots
from the sets of our videos, gigs, rehearsals, interviews…you name it.
It's all in there. So place your order up front kids, this book going to be a scorcher!"

Another OC Exclusive!
thanks to
Robbiewood Buzz, now we have the
version of Beyoncé 's Déjà Vu!
this is the Official Edit that was sent to radios, ripped from the promo single
and i actually like this MUCH more than the original one,
Sorry if there is any Jay-z fans but he really ruined the song for me!

DL: Beyoncé - Déjà Vu (No Rap Edit)

If you're going to post this somewhere, please CREDIT both :
OxygenChunks & Robbiewood Buzz
Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair *Cover*
Jessica Simpson
I just started watching Grey's Anatomy (awesome show btw)
and i can't get over how good the songs they play in the episodes are!

It's great having more shows with good music (like The O.C. )
anyways they introduced to me some of these great artists,
If you like or in a acoustic/mellow
mood kinda music
then you should really check these out, they are SO good.

Psapp - Cosy In The Rocket (Grey's Anatomy Opening)

The Delgados - I Fought The Angles

Emiliana Torrini - Today Has Been Okay

Keren Ann - Not Going Anywhere

Sia - Sunday

Way Out West - Don't Forget Me

If you downloaded any of them, Tell me what you think!

This Is For Everyone Who Thinks They Know Me...
Hey!Hey!Hey! We's got now a 51sec. clip of the Britney's new song called "Rebellion" !
I have to say that now, with more than a 10sec. the song is getting more interesting. I mean, I already loved the little clip but now, I'm like addicted to the medium one ! For me, this reminds me a lot
Aaliyah's songs... (R.I.P.) I just can't wait for moooooooore !

Lyrics Of The 51sec. Clip :
You'll find it in rebellion
You'll finally start breathing
They're not believing what they're seeing
'Cause you're rebellion

Be wary of others
The ones closest to you (oh)
The poison they feed you
And the voodoo that they do

But in rebellion
There's a sparkle of truth
Don't just stand there
Do what you got to do

You'll find it in rebellion
You'll finally start breathing
They're not believing what they're seeing
'Cause you're rebellion

You'll find it so compelling
With everyone yelling
'Cause your soul, you're not selling
'Cause you're rebellion

Download The 51sec. Clip : HERE or HERE

*THX to

Friday, June 23, 2006

Image Hosted by
Here's the 2 new teasers commercials for the future Rayman Video Game
This Is So Damn Funny... I Love It. I Want One At Home !

Bunnies Can't Play Soccer
Bunnies Don't Do Vacuum Cleaning

Two new Christina Aguilera songs, Candyman & Slow Down Baby

These are 2 new songs from Christina Aguilera upcoming album Back To Basic,
she played them when she was at Z100,

I seriously love Candyman, it's fucking awesome,
really. The beat is so hot, very catchy.

I also love the horn sound in the song Slow Down Baby.
Both songs are really good, sound very different.
It seems like this album gonna be huge.

Thanks J @ LD for the link.

Slow Down Baby

New Kelly Clarkson Single
Now it's the turn of Kelly to release a new song, called "Go" it's a good song ! The beat is cool&funky, mixed with her own sound it's really cool ! And the chorus... LOVE IT !
& some very little electro touch that make the song even better :)

D/L :
Kelly Clarkson - Go

New Jessica Simpson Single
As lots of people were asking for it, I post it now. The song ? Not that AWESOME, but kinda cool ! Surely it will not be the SUMMER HIT... For me it's a mix of 3 songs :
Madonna - Holiday ;
Britney Spears - Anticipating ;
Gwen Stefani - Serious !

Its so true... Anyway, it's not like the old Jessica's sound.
(THX Gods)...

D/L :
Jessica Simpson - Public Affair
Nâdiya - Roc

WOW ! I love it !!! Her new video / single from her new album self-titleled
Don't miss the middle-part !!!!
She's so damn great in concert... I saw her <3

Image Hosted by
HéHé ! It's been a long time ! <3

Thom York - The Eraser
Maybe his name will not be known for some of you, but if I tell you Radiohead ? Better huh ? Thom York is the main singer / songwriter of the band. So now, he's releasing a solo album ! He works on this since some years now & will release it next July :) The main thing about this album is that it's not really Radiohead...
Of course the voice of Thom reminds you A LOT the band's sound, but it's more electroloungyslowdown&relax songs... It more like a mix of : Radiohead/Sigur Ros/The Postal Service... Of course, I can hear you now... "SEEMS GREAT !" But, the thing is that it's not that awesome as it could be. I mean, only 9 tracks, and of cool the songs are great but, I don't know, there's missing something ! For example, I've got an idea for you Thom, this album remixed by Goldfrapp with their awesome & genuis sounds !! That will be a real jewel ! But no... I know, sometimes it can be great to go away in another world with music... & forget everything... This album is great for this ! Of course. Surely, the greatest song to do it is the last one : "Cymbal Rush".
Anyway, I choosed (only) 3 tracks (because of the small tracklist) that I really love. Have a nice journey !

Tracklist : (+3 songs to download)
01. The Eraser
02. Analyse
03. The Clock
04. Black Swan
05. Skip Divided
06. Atoms For Peace
07. And It Rained All Night
08. Harrowdown Hill
09. Cymbal Rush

Cansei de Ser Sexy
From São Paulo, Brazil comes Cansei de Ser Sexy
Portuguese for "Tired of Being Sexy",They are about to release their debut
album "CSS" on July 11, their music style is powerpop/club/electro-rock
the songs are crazy, sexy, bitchy...and it's all about fun!

- This Month, Day 10
- Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
- Meeting Paris Hilton
Soon On DVD...

Mylène Farmer, Tournée Avant Que L'ombre...
This video is the Opening of her HUGE concert.
Can't wait for the DVD... (Out This Next December)
The Final is completly incredible too.

P.S. : I'm sorry for the bad quality of this video, but FanMade from one of the concert
of the begining of the year, until the DVD release.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hey guys,
if anyone is wondering why i haven't been posting or updating in the past 4 days it's because i'm going through a hectic time right now i'm moving out of country back the place i moved from 2 years ago "Bahrain" and i been packing and trying to finish everything i have here before i leave, right now im at my cousin's place typing this as i don't have internet at home anymore heck i don't have a home here anymore lmao i'm staying at a hotel till saturday when i will be leaving dubai, it will take me from 2 weeks & up to 2 months max to settle down there and get an internet line. i'm really depressed right now because of everything happening so fast and i don't know what's next for me & what's annoying me the most is that i won't know whats happening in hollywood, what leaked & who's releasing what! i will have alot to catch up to when i get internet at my room there.

soo plz send email to when ever something major happens, news, something leaks or any news u might think i will be intrested in, i will be checking the e-mails when i get there, oh and wish me luck (i really need it).

btw Burger King started giving those brilliant "Spongebob Squarepants : Lost In Time" figures, there are 20 to collect i have 19 characters & i'm going to look for the lats one today (i'm missing the pirate), if you ask them they will sell you the toys without the meal for around 1.50$ each ahahahahaaaa

love you all, can't wait to get back to updating O.C., take care and i will be with you soon i will miss everyone specially the ones i talk to daily through the blog.

See Ya Bitches :D
Faisal J.

here is a 16 secs clip of Justin Timberlake's new single "SexyBack"
it's co-written and co-produced by Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Nate Hills,
all i can say after listening to the clip is, WTF? doesn't even sound like him!!
'SexyBack' Going to Radio 7/7/06 .

DL: SexyBack (16 secs clip)