Monday, June 26, 2006

Who Is Nikki Flores?
here's some bits from her bio:
17-years old, brings a multitude of musical skills to her impressive and
highly anticipated debut album This Girl on Sony BMG/Epic Records,
A talented musician who displays the kind of prowess associated with someone twice
her age, This Fontana, California native sings, plays and writes on her first album.

Or in other words, Can we say this years JoJo?, Anyho she released her first single
"Strike" last year (which also appears in this years movie Aquamarine starring JoJo)
but her album got pushed back and now it seems it will be released as in late 2006,

Here is her first single and the possible next single from the album,
Good pop/r&b music.

Could You Ever Love Me That Way

[official site]