Friday, July 28, 2006

We told you Kinga would be answering all questions soon and now she has! For those of you who need to know a little about Kinga then here it is:

- Kinga entered Big Brother UK in week 6 but was evicted by Makosi
- Once Olaith had walked in the last 2 weeks, BB bosses were sure to get Kinga to replace her for the last two weeks!
- Kinga made it to the final and left in 4th place!
- Since then Major record companies have been interested in signing Kinga to a single deal (POLYDOR & SONY BMG) but she left it as she didn't want to be a one hit wonder and want's an album deal.
- She has nearly finished recording her debut album and talks about it in this interview!

Hey Kinga, hope your well!
We loved you on big brother and hope you have had a good time since coming out of the house!

- Tell Us a little bit about your album, what to expect?
KINGA: Erm,R'N'B poppy dancey and ballads...Actually the songs I've recorded they're all so different to eachother!!! I'm great friends with the girls that sang BABYCAKES so i might do a collaboration with her....we'll see xx

- What type of sound will your music be? Pop, Rock, Club, RnB or a Mix?
KINGA: EVERYTHING...I love all types of music...i suppose i'll just record go to the label and see which songs suit me and how they want to market me.

- Which producers would you like to work with in the future?
KINGA: Well i have worked with Tim Deluxe that's worked with Kylie Minogue and Basement Jaxx....thats good enough for me.

- You think you'll be able to break free from your big brother persona and become famous for your singing talents instead?
KINGA: HAHA that would never happen in a million years...but thats not a problem it made me famous...what i do now might be different but ill always be known as being from Big Brother.But i would love to be known for singing rather than being on Big Brother...but i am a hard worker and ill work hard to get there...thanks x

- Since you're half Kuwaiti, Have you ever been to Kuwait before?

- And have you heard of the gigantic Kuwaiti's media reaction to you joining the Big Brother house? and if you did, how did you feel about it?
KINGA: No i didnt hear about that as far as i saw from the press everyone was having a gigantic shock haha.

- Shall we expect anything else from you in the future other than music?
KINGA: Yes presenting im going away next week for castings i'll still be popping by dont also looking at a few film scripts...and it's deffinitely not anything rude or dirty so don't worry. LOL

Thanks for taking your time to answer all questions for your fans! Good luck with your music career and the future!
KINGA: My pleasure and thank you xxx

There you go! Kinga's interview and looks like we shall expect some good stuff from her! Make sure you check out her site and join up on the forum for the latest updates! If you want to hear exclusive clips from her album in the future then make sure you join up!