Friday, July 14, 2006

Finally!!! ...Lunik are Back!!

This is Wooooonderful news to me, I LOVE this band
(their previous album "Weather" is one of my personal favorite albums EVER)
and now they are back and as you can see above
the cover for their new single "Little Bit",It should hit Radio's mid-August
followed by the new album "Preparing to Leave" in September.
(i wonder if they'll try something different, or stick to the 'Weather' acoustic sound)

bits of info about Lunik:
Lunik is a band from Switzerland,
1999 saw the release of their debut album "Rumour", recorded largely
in an atmospheric trip hop style, next release was "Ahead" (2001)
saw the band steering towards an electro-pop sound,
The third album "Weather" (2003) was a huge success in Switzerland,
with an acoustic approach from the band replacing the electronica of the earlier albums,
to give you a taste, here's two songs from the album "Weather".

- New Day
- Slide