Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Candylion (Not So Sweet)!
Have you seen this artwork on several sites & blogs aswell?? Well it can only be either all good reviews or all bad! There's a very thin line between simplicity and pure idiotness...

Candylion is the second solo album by "Gruff Rhys" from the band "Super Furry Animals" & it's actually good but what pisses me off is the overrated promotion for it and the funny little stories attached to it just to force promotion...such as this piece taken from the official myspace:

"Candylion was raised by bears in Micronesia. Trained as a chef in Paris and following a City & Guilds diploma in desk top publishing at Tregoedwig polytechnic transformed himself into a card assembly image of his former self and arranged for the kind lady at the post depot to mail him back flatpack to his bear brothers and sisters. Safely back in the palm forrest he was given lessons in exotic guitar pickin' by a passing oxymoron."

^^ See what i mean?

01 This Is Just The Beginning
02 Candylion
03 The Court Of King Arthur
04 Lonsome Words
05 Cycle Of Violence
06 Painting People Blue
07 Beacon In The Darkness
08 Con Carino
09 Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru
10 Now That The Feeling Is Gone
11 Ffrwydriad Yn Y Ffurfafen
12 Skylon!

*The titles of tracks #9 & #11 are not gibberish.. that's "Welsh" as in the lingo in "Wales".

None of the songs are longer than 3:31 min & mostly under 3:00 which makes them the snacks version of regular radio songs, Except for the closure track "Skylon!" which is ridiculously 14:36 min & i gotta say i loooove th intro "This Is Just The Beginning"!!

It's the typical adult version of the "sesame Street" songs without the educational edge. I enjoy it but i don't think it's a brilliant .. maybe if we were in 1966 and ppl are still hippies who have love to share around with everyone, smoked weed & wore pink silk trousers that showed my crotch in details rather than jeans... then it would difinitley be on the brill list but unfortunately we're in the future and that doesn't work anymore.