Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Girls Just Want 6 & $!
Guess everyone knows what Oakenfold picked for his next single except for me sice i was living under a rock with no internet for the past 6 months!! But no seriously when i heard the album last year i immediately thought that the next best track after "Faster Kill Pussycat" is "Sex N Money" Featuring Pharrell Williams!

Personally i overplayed "sex N Money" so many times that i got sick of it until i found out that there's a "Radio Edit" which is revamped and refreshed by Paul with more melody, moaning, xtra beats, less repitition & almost 1 sec of extra lyrics! Those lil Re-touches made me LOVE it allover again, Its all about the radio edit now.. Bye Bye to the dull album version!

& to make things even better "Benny Benassi" has reprised the song & exchanged the original computerised female vocals with the famous "Alle Benassi" Vocals!!

Promo CDM Contains:
01 Sex N Money (Club Mix)
02 Sex N Money (Terranova's Starkillers All Over Ur Face Mix)
03 Sex N Money (Pump-Kin Club Mix)
04 Sex N Money (Pump-Kin Dub Mix)
05 Sex N Money (Distorted Values Mix)
06 Sex N Money (Nat Monday Mix)
07 Sex N Money (Radio Edit)
08 Sex N Money (Benny Benassi Radio Edit)

All of the remixes are good except for (Nat Monday Mix) coz it's too trance-y for me & the (Club Mix) a.k.a "Dull Album Version"!

*FYI the (Pump-Kin Club Mix) is by "Benny Benassi" aswell!