Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bloody Violent Dance Rock!

Ok.. I Know it's 2007 but there was no way i could hold back anymore from not writing about this album, it's been 2 years now and still to this day when i press play it sounds like i'm playing it for the first time, to desribe the sound of the album in a way not so hard to understand is:

If Britney Spears Teamed Up With Robbie Williams & Streophonics & created a dance rock album then handed the master recording to Bloodshy & avant, Daft Punk, Soft Cell & Soulwax for further tweaking then "Schizophonia" is most likely to be the album in hand.

Rinocerose managed to create dance-able, headbang-able & sing-along-able group of tracks that are soo Rock n Rolly but yet super mainstreamish with traces of dirty pop.

You probably heard the song "Cubicle" (my personal favourite song off the album) before since it was the theme to the iPod ad in 2006 or 2005 (whichever). "Schizophonia" is what your parents would call it "Futuristic" if it was out back in the 80's.. it's the cool cryptonite for nerdy indie geeks.

01. Get Ready Now
02. Stop It
03. Bitch
04. Fiction Dancer
05. Skin
06. Pleasure And Pain
07. My Demons
08. Cubicle
09. Fucky Funky Music (Motorcicle Boy Version)
10. Fahr zur holle
11. Fucky Funky Music (Live Version)

DL: 160Kbps (Not V HQ)

I Promise you that these tracks will get you screamin as hard as a donkey being fucked by a dinosaur (literally!).. you will know what i mean when u hear it (specially on cubicle).

Other artists with similar style include :

The Infadels, Arctic Monkeys, The Rapture, The Killers, DFA1979 & Scissors Sisters (Alittle Bit).

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