Saturday, January 06, 2007


Teddybears whip together a giddy, mixed-up sonic mash of international styles, resulting in their own indescribably delectable sound. Genres vary From E-Acoustic to Go Go to Electro Pop to Jamaican Groove.. Every song is way different from the other its like attacking a macintosh quality street box, Albums like this rarely pop-up every once in awhile and once they do you have to make sure to embrace it and suck every freakin beep and beat out of it. The main genre is "Alternative" but its been mixed n mashed with many styles that makes it really hard to just settle on one. It's sort of like "In The Zone" to Britney & "The Naked Truh" to Lil Kim where they have really assorted the sounds on the album so non of the songs would sound the same and be special. It's genuinely a Video Game Rock n Roll Sore.

Once i heard it i knew this is something i should buy, lots of guitars, lots of electronic samples, danceable beats, great catchy lyrics & seriously how many times do we get a hot album cover like that!?? I must've played this album over 20 times since i got it but then it got too much and i stopped for a while but i'm playing it now while i'm typing this and it sounds as good as it did the first time...even better coz i can tell the difference between the songs and sing along to it.

01. Intro
02. Different Sound (ft. Malte)
03. Cobrastyle (Feat. Mad Cobra)
04. Yours To Keep (ft. Neneh Cherry)
05. Are You Feelin' It (ft. Elephant Man)
06. Black Belt
07. Punkrocker (ft. Iggy Pop)
08. Ahead Of My Time (ft. Daddy Boastin')
09. Automatic Lover
10. Magic Kraut
11. Little Stereo (ft. Daddy Boastin')
12. Riot Going On (ft. Ebbot Lundberg)
13. Alma

Collaborators on this release include Iggy Pop, Neneh Cherry, Elephant Man, Annie and the Soundtrack Of Our Lives' Ebbot Lundberg. The result is an awe-inspiring collection of genre-hopping modern pop that's inventive, irresistible, and impossible to pin down.

The Stockholm-based trio's effervescent pop has already been featured in a variety of films and commercials. Most recently, the fab funk of "Cobrastyle" was heard on HBO's "Entourage" as well as in the Tab Energy Drink ad campaign, and will be featured in trailers for the upcoming film, "Employee Of The Month", starring Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson.

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**** "Annie" sings a whole different version of the song "Yours To Keep" which was for free download through iTunes, it' all over the net u shud find it easily.