Thursday, January 04, 2007

I just detoxed and spreaded every particle of my human being while exploding all the energy i have through my lungs making the most annoying sound in the world form the top of my head!! and all that after one glimpse at the screen which even took me few minutes to register and convince myself that i'm actually looking at the official site of my #1 electronica french band "AIR"!

They seemed to be abducted by aliens or burried alive under a volcano ever since they released their last studio album "Talkie Walkie" in 2004 which btw sold over 800.000 copies!

well now they are set to return with their new album “Pocket Symphony” to be released on 5th March 2007. The album, made up of 12 songs that were recorded over the last 18 months!

Air once again achieved that rare supernova of artistic vision that dares to reconcile palpable, unapologetic ambience with unpretentious soulful simplicity. They create the alternate now, an environment that begs escapism without denying humanity.

While conventional instruments continue to play a great role, Air have fashioned several tracks from the new album with the addition of Far East classical instruments namely the Koto (usually referred to as a Japanese floor harp) and the Shamisen, a 3-stringed instrument which is one of Japan’s most popular classical instruments & resembles the banjo.

Working their way throughout the album as musical ricochets, these unearthly sounds of an alien nature add another motif to Air’s sonic architecture.

The tracklisting is as follows:
01. Space maker
02. Once upon a time
03. One Hell of a party
04. Napalm love
05. Mayfair song
06. Left bank
07. Photograph
08. Mer du Japon
09. Lost message
10. Somewhere between waking and sleeping
11. Redhead girl
12. Night sight

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This is officialy the first "BRILLIANTINE" album of 2007!!

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*PS: this is not an album u can observe from the first play, & if you already know "AIR" then you will obviously notice how this album is somehow a sequel to "Moon Safari".