Monday, January 15, 2007

Picture of - Ellis Bextor,Sophie Catch You
Ain't No Engine Fast Enough!
I'm excited for her upcoming album "Trip The Light Fantastic" as much as i was for rachael's "Come & Get It", I mean c'mon you can't deny that "Catch You" is a grower or probably an-immediately-like-able-track according to some popsters, The whole acidic distorted texture, electro guitars & crispy bleeps n beeps blended well enough to create an enjoyable melody.

But everyone already know that since it leaked a month ago or so. But last night i managed to find a free 40 minutes to lay down & play the promo remixes CD..

01 Catch You (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
02 Catch You (Riff and Rays Mix)
03 Catch You (Jay Cox Fizzekal Dub)
04 Catch You (Digital Dog Club Mix)
05 Catch You (Moto Blanco Dub)
06 Catch You (Radio Version)

& lemme tell you the "Moto Blanco Club Remix" is absolutely fabulous (& i don't use the word ever).. i never thought "Moto Blanco" work was special untill recently when i heard his mix of George Michael's "This Is Not Real Love" which got me hooked immediately!

Tracklist Description (See Above):
01* Amazing & Dance-able to Death kinda reminds me of "Axwell" style.
02* Munchy Bass Line & Literally a Super Disco Mix.
03* Not too keen on this one, it's a Been There/Done That sort of mix.
04* Bananarama would play this over n over in their car, it has electro noise, jumpy bass, crawling beat & stuttery echo-e vocals.
05* As good As the origial but with much much less vocals, perfect for the clubs.
06* That's the one that started it all.

*IMHO good choice for a comeback single.