Monday, January 29, 2007
Sia is recording her new album...which hopefully will be released in summer 2007
But in other recent news, She'll also release a live session album "Lady Croissant"
the release is set for February 16 (not officially confirmed yet)

Lady Croissant
1. Pictures*
2. Don't Bring Me Down
3. Destiny
4. Blow It All Away
5. Lentil
6. Numb
7. I Go To Sleep
8. Breathe Me
9. Distractions

Upon hearing “Colour the Small One” the people at American Eagle Outfitters loved the album so much that they asked Sia to record an exclusive track to pair with the album to sell in their shops/ or now you can buy it from iTunes,
Alongside the exclusive track, Sia has self directed a video for the song “Pictures”. You can watch it on YouTube

There will be a song on the new album called 'Little Black Sandals'
It's been spreading online for a while i know it's not that new
But i know a lot who haven't heard it yet, amazing track...everything you'd expect from Sia
It's not the final version though.

DL: Sia - Little Black Sandals