Thursday, January 04, 2007

alittle personal message from me..

*i'm very sorry for not getting the blog back and updating, i have like 12 new albums (mostly new artists) that i wanna review and write about which i think they deserve to be set as kings on the brilliantine list, some of them are form very late 2006 but they're considered to be new. the only reason why this blog is still in a coma is because the phone company here are sluts and they are charging waaaaay too much money per month for a 2gb limit! talk about cheapness & stingy-ness! anyways i miss the blog alot and i do wanna get back a.s.a.p.... there's just too much good stuff to share and enlighten others about.

i didn't give up, still alive and genius.

love you all,
Faisal J. <3