Monday, January 29, 2007

My Love!
Well surprise surprise more official "My Love" remixes but the only way to have your hands on them is either e-bay, becoming a radio Dj or DL it (illegally) of course.. if you always wonder why don't the mother labels just release all the remixes on 1 single and let us pay for it rather than making it so hard to get that we go looking for it online? the answer is simply because not all the remixes are "GOOD Enough".. u say "why Bother Sending It Out to Radio's Then?" i say because big labels "Sony BMG" in this case have already paid the Dj's money for their work and therefore they are stuck with the mixes that didn't make it into the single so instead of archiving them and feeling like they wasted their money they send it out to major music stores/radio stations hoping that they would give them some air play to milk more promotion for the artist. The new ones are:

* My Love (Ibiza Is Burning Mix)
* My Love (Quentin Harris Mix)
* My Love (Terry Hunter Remix)
* My Love (DFA Remix)

out of the bunch i like the "Ibiza Is Burning Mix" & i was soo fukkin excited when i saw the "DFA" remix coz they are like the gods of extra long noise mixes which sounds like they been recorded in a workshop with actual musicland tools through a cheap microphone rather than digitally & i adore most of their previous mixes for "N*E*R*D*/Goldfrapp/Chemical Brothers" BUT this remix of my love is just noir it has no life.. its like just the basics of their style and no flavor at all.. it goes on n on & if you're doing something u won't even notice its playing, probably the only part which is barely good is the last 2 minutes & it's still not WOW. Is it because "DFA" raised the level of goodness too high for themselves? I don' really know.. but what i know is they can seriously do muchmuchmuch better. "Quentin Harris" remix is boring house with a 2step beat structure & the "Terry hunter" remix is plain house.. mehh.

Nothing beats the "Oakenfold" & "Angello & Ingrosso" remixes.