Monday, January 29, 2007

Katharine McPhee!
before anyone gets all heroic and starts defending her franticly i just wanna say that i was rooting for her and wanted her to win rather than taylor hicks "who bores me to death" but her album which leaked a while ago "I'm sure everyone who knows what a music forum & bitorrent" is already have it, it's just not that good.. Too predictable! Super mainstream if i may say kinda reminds me of how i felt when i was anticipating "Shayne Ward"s album and then when it leaked i wasn't that excited at all.. actually i haven't played it ever since.. "Over It" greatly reminds me of Jojo's "Too Little, Too Late" & i love it but the rest of the tracks are just radio friendly rhythm pop (& i'm sure it's what she was aiming for. After all the whole point is selling) but it lacks the edge which "Kelly Clarkson" managed to conquer & she is not putting her fully vocal range to use on this album. The only reason why i will be playing it beside the fact that i love "Over It" is that "as my frinds say" my music tast has gone too sick for them lately "in other words (too advance or indie)" soo this will shut them up when we are in the car or hanging out, the highlight tracks right now to me are "Over It / Open Toes / Not Ur Girl / Dangerous / Do what You Do" Dunno how long they will last before i get sick of them.. Ohh & doesn't "Do What You DO" sounds like something "Cassie" would do ??

I will give it another full listen sometimes soon i might like the ballads (I SAID MIGHT)... & this is for sure not brilliantine.