Monday, January 29, 2007

Bad Boy Baby!
I have to say i was disappointed when Diddy's album was released coz after reading the press releases and interviews last year he made it sound like he was actually going to release a Dance/Electro-Clash album and it got me so excited coz i already loved "Let's Get Ill/Jack U/Dance I Said Dance" but it ended up to be Rap/Hip-hop Influenced by Dance/E-clash! Still i won't deny that the lead single "Come To Me" featuring the vagina-doll cat "Nicole Scherzinger" is a hit but a single is nothing without good remixes by the Dj's we love to back it up & finally they decided to release a couple dance mixes in addition to the not-so-bad-dancehall-remix! The 2 remixes are by "ATFC (A Touch Of Class... I think?!)" & "E-Smoove"! They r constantly on repeat at my house specially the "ATFC" remix which near the end takes a full stop and aggressively builds up to full beat banging & melody. To me it's a rare thing that a dance remix sounds good on an R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap song or maybe i'm just too picky.. Anyways here it worked.

* Come To Me (E-Smoove House Mix)
* Come To Me (ATFC Main Mix)