Thursday, September 21, 2006

Brooke Hogan - Undiscovered

So the Award for "Best Hooker Imitation on an Album Cover This Millenium" has been snatched away from MIMI and is now held firmly by Hulk Hogans daughter Brooke Hogan. The "only famous because my daddy had a reality show" Brooke has an album full of clubbanging beats that are straight out of the Paris Hilton book of how to to make an album. Its not a bad album but would be better if sung by someone else.. actually anyone else lol I dont really think its great but u make your own opinions... see my comments for the full comments :P

01 About Us Feat. Paul Wall
02 Heaven Baby Feat. Beenie Man
03 Next Time
04 For A Moment
05 My Space
06 All About Me
07 My Number Feat. Stack
08 Beautiful Transformation
09 One Sided Love
10 Letting Go
11 Dance Alone Feat. Nox
12 Love You, Hate You
13 Incognito
14 Low Rider Jeans

CREDIT for original link to [C]!! HE ROCKS!!