Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mario Vasquez- Mario Vasquez

U may be wondering "where have i heard this name before???".. well last year Mr Mario Vasquez was the first person ever to walk away from American Idol in the finals, giving no reason why( he was thought to be the front runner!!). He still remains quiet about the reasons why he left. Anyway in a small twist of fate he is signed to Clive Davis J records ( where the American Idol winners are signed too) and after his contract prohibiting him from releasing music expired here is his debut album. Its a nice enough album and it defintiely isnt forced like most of the AI winners first albums it just doesnt stand out. Make up your own minds people... see comments for further comments

01. Gallery 3:43
02. I Bet 3:35
03. Cohiba (Feat. Fat Joe & Knox) 3:40
04. One Shot 4:24
05. We Gon' Last 3:40
06. Don't Lie 3:27
07. Just A Friend 4:26
08. Fired Up 3:26
09. 4 The 1 3:44
10. Everytime I... 4:01
11. How We Do It 3:36
12. She Got Me 2:37
13. Like It Or Not 3:06
14. We Supposed To Be 3:25