Monday, July 10, 2006

Tune Of The Week

The only reason that made me get Mich Gerber's album "Tales Of The Wind"
was because Jaël is featured on two songs, and they are the only song with vocals,
Mich Gerber is a double bass player from Switzerland
(worked with Imogen Heap on his previous album)
"Tales Of The Wind" is his latest album (released in 2004), As you can see from the title
most of the tracks have something to do with the wind or titled by different wind
names from different countrys, the album theme is The Wind,
the album music have this middle eastern melancholy feel...It's just sad but wonderful,
I included both of the Jaël tracks "Stop Crying" & "You Remain".
'You Remain' happen to be the single, the song is about a dead lover it's veery sad
and with Jaël's voice, It's perfect.