Sunday, July 09, 2006

Humphrey's Song To Aaliyah
I'm right now in what I call "My Aaliyah Moment" and I just listened a particular song off the new album of Humphrey (Self-Titleled Album). It's called "Aaliyah" and of course, talks about her... The song is cool, Pop/R'n'B/Soul with a sweet voice...
P.S. : I made this english translation of the lyrics... (Because Humphrey is French).

Lyrics of "Aaliyah" (English Translation)
It's late, here all is black
And I still cry your departure
My memory, My most beautiful history
My heroïne,
You know...
It said that everything pass with the time
Yes but this is not fully erased
Everything is new, Everything is different
But not all empty...

It's a cruel banality
But you're missing in my life
God knows you so pretty... so pretty...
He wanted you for Himself
And I live again when I close my eyes
I'm waiting for the night to reappear a little
And I survive to see you in my dreams
I'm waiting for the night for you to raise me up

Leave serene in you paradise
Where you go all is better than here
We never disavows our fatherland, our flag...
You know... No matter the hour or the season
I will have you image for prison
My message, my last song
Is my memory...

CHORUS2 (x3)

You smile is my only obviousness
And blind at my eyes
No noise fills your silences in the skies
I take our history in our danses..
I will fight for them...
It's because of my memory that I advance a little...

CHORUS2 (x2)

D/L : Humphrey - Aaliyah.mp3