Sunday, March 11, 2007

Finally Confirmed Facts!
Oooold O.C. visitors will know for sure who "Simian Mobile Disco" are coz i have been praising them since forever and they have always release independent singles randomly & remixed the hell out of most of the good indie/electro artists!

anyways here's the video to their new & 1st single from their upcoming album.. more info below:

* Attack Decay Sustain Release takes its name from a synthesizer programming term.
* The first single is titled "It's The Beat", Checkout the cover.
* The album will be released through london's "Wichita Recordings".
* A forthcoming European version of the album will come bundled with a bonus disc (contents to be determined).
* Out overseas on April 6.

Attack Decay Sustain:
01 Sleep Deprivation
02 I Got This Down
03 It's the Beat <------- 1st single
04 Hustler
05 Tits & Acid
06 I Believe
07 Hotdog
08 Wooden
09 Love
10 Scott

"It's the Beat" Single:
01 It's the Beat
02 It's the Beat (Graham Massey Remix)
03 It's the Beat (Luke Vibert Remix)
04 It's the Beat (Riton Remix) <----------- Extravagantastic Remix!

05 It's the Beat (Siriusmo Remix)


*for some reason soulwax comes to mind when i listen to "It's The Beat"... not weird :P