Monday, February 12, 2007

You Liked AaRON's Album ? You'll Love Them In Live
Yes, as I said previously, I went to their first showcase in Lyon. Of course, they were very very stressed but when the first track "Endless Song" begun, they really came out. The show was really intimate, because there wasn't many people out there but it's quite better in a way. Of course, they sung their first single "U-Turn (Lili)", in a beautiful piano/voice version, like "Angel Dust" too. They didn't really sung that much songs but it was a great preview of what's gonna be the tour. The one that touched me the most & made me cry in live was "Strange Fruit" a cover of Billie Holiday from 1930s, it was when black people weren't allowed to go to shows and stuff, they only could do the show for the whites, like clowns infact... So, Simon & Olvier from AaRON said they think it was important this kind of songs & lyrics were still performed in our days, simply to remember.
To close the show, they choosed the future hit song "Blow", when Simon, the singer annouced this one, I said "AAah !! Great !" and he noticed me, and said : "Oh ! I see someone already knows this one, YOU'RE MY FRIEND !! THX !!" (Because nobody knew really their songs, except me of course, and "Blow" is one of my When the song begun, everybody kinda went crazy about it, and when it finished, they sung it a second time FULLY ! That was amazing to see how happy AaRON were ! That's why I really think they souuld release it as a new single if they are that smarts...
At the end, I went to see, talk to them, asked some stuff, autographs of course, and rendez-vous to the first concert off their tour, march 14th in Lyon too.

eNjOy ThIs : (& TeLL mE WhAt U ThInK aBouT iT)
======> Here is "Strange Fruit" live on TV
===========> Here is "U-Turn (Lili)" piano/voice version live on TV