Thursday, February 15, 2007

Technikart TV
The greatest news, culture & society magazine ever made, Technikart has started a new project a webTV. Of course, as a fan of the magazine's mind, I love the TV's mind too. It's kinda anti-new wave, but so new wave/indie. This is the paradoxe of Technikart that I love. The TV is quite funny & weird, there is of course unknow musicvideos, documentaries, interview of lots of indie artists. I know... this is still a french thing, but not only frenchies are on it of course, I'm believe that in Europe there's a new culture coming since some years, I called it Frenglish Culture and I'm so into it. That's also why I post on this blog in english some french stuff ! Because on Internet there's no borders.
Hope you get it too...

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