Wednesday, October 11, 2006
John Legend - Once Again
The extremely talented Mr John Legend returns October 24th with his sophomore album Once Again. His last album seemed like it was around for ages as every song on it was an instant classic and this album is once again( no pun intended) a classic album. Mr Legends skills as a singer/songwriter/producer and all round musician( he plays piano on all his tracks) are well showcased. This man is exaclty what his name says a legend!! Dont expect this album to sound like the retro soul of his previous album this album is more modern soul with a old soul spin only John Legend could pull off. Standout tracks include the first single "Save Room", "Again", "P.D.A (We Just Dont Care)" and "Coming Home".

1. Save Room
2. Heaven
3. Stereo
4. Show Me
5. Each Day Gets Better
6. P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care)
7. Slow Dance
8. Again
9. Maxine
10. Where Did My Baby Go
11. Maxine's Interlude
12. Another Again
13. Coming Home
14. King And Queen (Bonus Track)