Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Victoria Beckham - OPEN YOUR EYES

This album was never released by her record company because it went bust and has now finally surfaced. Its actually not a bad album and Victoria could have done well if it had been promoted right. Open Your Eyes(the supposed title of the album these should have appeared on)... they are from 2003 and were commisioned by Simon Fulller(creator of the Spice Girls and American Idol and Sclub 7) to sound like kylie and other highly popular dance/pop artists . They were dropped when Victoria had another baby and the Rebecca loos incident surfaced.. they are infact nothing to do with Damon Dash( they were after the DD era)!!.For further comments see the comments page.

1 Let Your Head Go
2 Open Your Eyes
3 Be with You
4 Full Stop
5 Generate The Flow
6 The Hustla
7 25 Minutes
8 Me Without You
9 Should Have Known Better
10 Id Give It All Away
11 Gone