Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Scissor Sisters- Ta Dah!

1. I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
2. She’s My Man
3. I Can’t Decide
4. Lights
5. Land of a Thousand Words
6. Intermission
7. Kiss You Off
8. Ooh
9. Paul McCartney
10. The Other Side
11. Might Tell You Tonight
12. Everybody Wants the Same Thing

SO after 2 years the Scissor Sisters have returned with the follow up album to the 2004 international smash hit SCISSOR SISTERS, catchilly titled TA DAH!! This album carries on the themes of the first album while drawing on elements of early funk and artists such as Prince and Elton John (who coincdentally wrote the first single "I Dont Feel Like Dancing"). I think this album will once again be a huge hit in europe but whether or not they will actaully make it in the US this time remains to be seen(their last disc didnt sell so well here!!) See my comments for further comments:P