Friday, September 22, 2006


Ludacris is back after a long break with the hott new album RELEASE THERAPY (due 26th Sept) and i think he could give Miss Jackson a run for her money when this album is released next week. There is a whole host of awesome guest spots on this album from R Kelly (paedophile extraoridnaire!!), Bobby V, Mary J Blige and others. Standout tracks for me include Girls Gone Wild, Runaway Love(feat Mary J Blige) and Grew Up A Screw Up. I love this album soooo much... For further comment read the comments!

1. Warning (Intro)
2. Grew Up A Screw Up (feat Young Jeezy)
3. Money Maker (feat Pharell)
4. Girls Gone Wild
5. Ultimate Satisfaction (feat Field Mobb)
6. Mouths To Feed
7. End Of The Night (feat Bobby V)
8. Woozy (feat R Kelly)
9. Tell It Like It Is
10. War With God
11. Do Your Time (feat Beanie Sigel, Pimp C, & C Murder)
12. Slap
13. Runaway Love (feat Mary J Blige)
14. Freedom Of Preach (feat Bishop Eddie Lee Long)