Monday, September 18, 2006


So today after 3 hours of waiting in line at a Nordstrom(department store in the US)i got to meet Danity Kane. They were soooo gorgeous in person and soooo nice. The girls introduced a fashion show and then did a signing. We were supposed to follow a whole bunch of stupid rules like no cameras, no asking for personalized autographs and no talking to the band, BUT im not a follower of rules usually. I managed to get threatened with being ejected for taking pictures during the girls introduction of the fashion show adn when it came to actually meeting the girls i didnt follow any of the other rules(although i couldnt get any pictures!!). The girls loved my shirt and my accent( hehe americans love British accents) helped me have converstaions with each of the girls. I got hugs( without even asking LOL) and each of them personalised my poster and album ( they hadnt done it for other people.. my two friends didnt get it!! lol) Aubrey wrote " Paul - I LOVE YOUR EUROPEANASS!!" lol They were so lovely and i had a blast.