Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fashion Rocks The Best Of The Rest

So Fashion Rocks was actually a very well put together show(unlike the piece of **** that was the MTV VMA's last week) and featured a host of great performances from Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill, Rihanna(who actually sounded good for once), Pussycat Dolls(isnt Nicole technically an ex member now?? i thought she quit!! ANYONE KNOW WHEN SHE LEAVES??? lol), Bon Jovi ,Beyonce(of course lol), Scissor Sisters, the Black Eyed Peas( who were basically there to end Fergie's set with pump it lol) and the Curator Elton John.

My favourtie performances of the night though were Fergie's London Bridge (to be honest she sounded like crap during Here I Come... btw what hell was Elton trying to pull by singing that with her and Will.I.AM), Christina Aguilera's powerhouse performance of Candyman and Nelly Furtado's Promiscuous/Maneater ( what was up with her hair it made her look so old in the face.. i mean leather handbag old lol!!) So u guys can see what i mean here are the performances.....