Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ALL SAINTS - Silver Shadow

Way way back in 1995 before the girls known today as All Saints there was their very first incarnation called ALL SAINTS The line up included Shaznay Lewis, Mel Blatt and a third girl called Simone (who on this track sang more vocals than Shaznay and seemed to be the leader). In 1995 they recorded and released their frist single titled Silver Shadow. The video was very retro, featured bad dancing and the single flopped majorly. Simone left the band and when Shaznay and Mel failed a second time as a duo (they released If You Wanna Party(I Found Love), which would later be reincarnated into Lets Get it Started on their debut album), they recruited Nic and Nat and the rest was history. This video is very rare so enjoy it while you can... ahhh the old days lol