Monday, August 28, 2006

To All Big Brother UK Fans!

Remember Big Brother 5, when the portugese transexual Nadia Almada won BB5 and Michelle Bass finished in 5th place evicted just before the final??

Well Michelle has said since leaving the house for a very long time that she has been working very hard in the music studio's and she kept her word!

Michelle Bass is finally releasing her debut dance single! Surprisingly it's quite good! You can exclusively download it here at O.C! Her vocals sound great. She is shooting her video today and accoring to her
official site it will be very raunchy and sexy! Keep an eye out on the video channels! She will be releasing her music under the name of 'Michelle B' not 'Michelle Bass'.

DL (Rapidshare):
Michelle B - Must Be The Music
DL (Megaupload): Michelle B - Must Be The Music

Most people probably won't like it but just thought I would let you know about it because everyone on pojustice likes it and it has been played in clubs with excellent feedback and reactions!