Sunday, August 27, 2006
A GREATEST HITS ! For The Changing Girls Band
The Sugababes will release their Greatest Hits album called "Overloaded : The Singles Collection" at the end of 2006. It has been announced that Heidi Range has begun re-recording Siobhan Donaghy's vocals on the singles from the group's first album One Touch. Siobhan Donaghy left the group in 2001, later being replaced by Heidi Range in 2002. Newest member, Amelle Berrabah will only be re-recording the vocals done by Mutya Buena for the One Touch era and not for the rest (most likely because there are so many, Mutya Buena doesn't want it and it's too controversial). Mutya Buena left in December of 2005 due to personal reasons, and was replaced by Amelle Berrabah shortly after. Keisha Buchanan is now the last founding member.

Tracklisting For The Greatest Hits
From "One Touch" era:
New Year
Run for Cover
Soul Sound

From "Angels With Dirty Faces" era:
Freak Like Me
Round Round
Stronger / Angels With Dirty Faces

From "Three" era:
Hole In The Head
Too Lost In You
In The Middle
Caught In A Moment

From "Taller In More Ways" era:
Push The Button
Red Dress
Follow Me Home

New Tracks From "Overloaded : The Singles Collection" :
Strung Out