Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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A Best-Of t.A.T.u For September !!

For me, this is a big surprise. The great duet from Russia is going to release a Greatest Hits. There will be a CD/DVD deluxe edition ; on the CD : all hit singles, rare mixes & unreleased tracks & on DVD : music videos, lives, making of & remix video... So, it's out September 11 in Japan & Europe (I think), and October 10 in U.S. ! I'm sure going to buy this, because I was in the "Live In Paris, Glam As You" concert... so. :)

CD Tracklist : (May Change With Country)

01. All About Us
02. All the Things She Said
03. Not Gonna Get Us
04. How Soon Is Now ?
05. Loves Me Not
06. Friend Or Foe (Single Mix)
07. Gomenasai
08. Null & Void (Previously Unreleased)
09. Cosmos (Outer Space) (She Wants Revenge Remix)
10. Show Me Love (Single Mix)
11. Craving (Bollywood Mix)
12. Ne Ver', Ne Boysia, Ne Prosi (Eurovision Song)
13. 30 Minutes
14. Divine (Extended Unreleased Version)
15. Perfect Enemy
16. All the Things She Said (Dave Audé Remix Edit)
17. Ludi Invalidi ("Dangerous & Moving" Russian Version)

DVD Tracklist : (Deluxe Edition)
Audio Tracks :

_Loves Me Not (Glam As You Radio Mix)
_Nas Ne Dagoniat ("Not Gonna Get Us" Russian Version)
_Ya Soshia S'Uma ("All the Things She Said" Russian Version)
Live :
_Live In Paris, Glam As You 2005
Music Videos :
_Gomenasai (Animated Version Video)
_Prostie Dvizheniya
_30 Minut
_How Soon Is Now ?
_Luidi Invalidi
_All About Us
_All The Things She Said (Remix Video)
_Not Gonna Get Us (Remix Video)
_All About US (Remix Video)
_Friend or Foe (Remix Video)
Making Of :
_All About Us
_Friend Or Foe (Feat. Sting)
_Gomenasai (Feat. Richard Carpenter)
TV Spots :

_International TV Spots From : Japan, France, UK, Russia, Germany, etc...

...And The Awesome Commercial :