Sunday, August 20, 2006

(Album Cover+Tracklisting)
Lunik - Preparing to Leave
(due September 2006)

01. Life Is All Around You 02. Little Bit 03. The Rest Is Silence 04. Preparing to Leave
05. Bad Timing
06. Fall 07. The Game 08. Care 09. Constant Tourist
10. Last Night 11. Let Go

You can hear clips of the whole album on their Official Site (in the Audio & Video section)
I like the cover a lot!..specially after i heard the album clips,
It goes really well with the music they did..
so far
from the clips my favorite tracks are 'Last Night' and 'Let Go' but really there is not even
one track i didn't yea they did it again! this album is gonna be amazing
Aaaah I can't fuckin' wait.