Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We Are The Pipettes !
The Pipettes are an english band composed of three woman (& 4 musicians) : Becki, Gwenno & Rose. I love them, they're just like 3 crazy girls from the past, so lost into our world. As I posted previously their new video, now I post the album. It is amazing how they take us back to 60's years ! It's really well done, not ridiculous at all. The first track "We Are The Pipettes" is reminding me some Girls Aloud tracks, and it's not a really bad point. But the rest of the album is more faithful to the 60's and the sound that they want to have I think. My favorite one is still "Pull Shapes" it's so like an old #1 HIT SONG. You just can't control you legs and bum to shake ! After 80's, I felt it would be the 90's trend to come, but it seems to be the 60's to come & break everything !
I saw on Amazon.com that the ones that bought this album also bought Lilly Allen album too & I agree, it's the same taste... FreshyOldies sounds. Of course there's some slow songs into this Pipettes' album, it's cool but it's not workin as much as the catchy ones.
I saw a video in studio, they apparently record their songs dressed like this... Awesome point too, they always release their singles with a Vynil Version, and this album will have the same treatment, it will comes out with 2 versions (CD & Vynil Collector Edition). I think I will buy the Vynil version for fun :)
The only little bad things are that, the songs aren't really long, like 2min long & the songs are kinda the same. But this respect the past...
So now, are you ready for the "Chalalala" & "ChouBoup" ?

Tracklist : (+5 Songs To Download)
01. We Are The Pipettes
02. Pull Shapes
03. Why Did You Stay ?
04. Dirty Mind
05. It Hurts To See You Dance So Well
06. Judy
07. A Winters Sky
08. Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me
09. Tell Me What You Want
10. Because It's Not Love (But It's Still A Feeling)
11. Sex
12. One Night Stand
13. ABC
14. I Love You