Thursday, July 06, 2006

An Pierlé & White Velvet
The new album of An Pierlé is like a diamond put on a beautiful silver ring. Fresh, Cute & Lovely this album and this artist are excellent. I know, you'll all say that I'm always crazy and fully into the album or songs that I post, but it's true, I always post my favorite stuff that I really love. That's why I wanna share all these stuff with you all. So, excuse me for being "so into it"...
Let's talk more about this album now. White Velvet is the name of her collaboration with Koen Giser a Co-Songwritter & Aranger The style ? Mmhh... Alternative/Folk/Slow&Cool, of course there's some great fresh & rythmed songs like the awesome "It's Got To Be Me" & "Mexico" that put you into a good mood. I can really see some songs off it into a movies or a TV Show, especially "Good Year" & "Many Roads", and the song "I Love You" guitar reminds me some Nirvana's slow songs. (I know, the experts of Nirvana will say "OMG, NO WAY", but that's what I think).
Her voice is cool too, for me it's a mix of Feist, the singer of The Cardigans & Sarah Mclachlan... This woman is fully great in live, she's definitly crazy & beautiful ! That's why I post you, as a bonus, her performance in a French TV Show too.

Tracklist : (+5 Songs To Download)
01. Jupiter
02. How Does It Feel ?
03. Good Year
04. I Love You
05. Not The End
06. Many Roads
07. Tenderness
08. It's Got To Be Me
09. Poor Danny
10. Snakesong
11. Mexico
12. Cold Winter
13. Closing Time
+ Live Video Cover Of "Il Est 5h, Paris S'éveille" -> HERE