Thursday, July 13, 2006

Maria Mena - Apparently Unaffected
I just didn't know her before this 4th / new album, but I kinda like it. I didn't listen to the other ones yet, but I will. This album is pretty cool, it's like the opposite of catchy (except the track "Boytoy Baby", that is an incredible PopRock song !). There's no electro sounds on it, but I really like it ! It's rare for me to appreciate an album without electro touch and classics sounds.
This album is Piano/Folk/PopRock/Country (I have to say that usualy I hate the country touches). My favortie ballads off the album is "Miss You Love"... So Gorgeous. The voice of Maria Mena is kinda like a mix of Natasha Bedingfield & Kelly Clarkson, but in a different way
. To conclude, I don't think this album will rocks the charts, but it's good. Give it a try !

Tracklist : (+ 5 Songs To Download)
01. Internal Dialogue
02. This Bottle Of Wine
03. Miss You Love

04. Boytoy Baby
05. If You´ll Stay in My Past (Part 1)
06. He's Hurting Me
07. Just Hold Me
08. Long Time Coming
09. If You´ll Stay in My Past (Part 2)
10. Nevermind Me
11. These Shoes
12. Our Battles
13. Calm Under The Waves
14. If You´ll Stay in My Past (Part 3)

+ Beautiful Music Video Of "Miss You Love" => HERE
+ Cool New Video Of "Just Hold Me" => HERE