Monday, July 03, 2006

Carina Round
Posted about her few months ago, her album "Slow Motion Addict"
should've been released by now, but it got push back to August 22
and the reason behind that is she have actually re-recorded
some of the songs...and some of them changed completely!
the song i posted before "How Many Times" totally changed,
She re-recorded it and turned it from Electro!!
I like both versions, though it's a good thing that i got my hands on the 'advanced'
version of the album which have the original songs, it'll be cool hearing both versions,
I'm so looking forward to this is some of the 're-recorded'
and 'original' songs for download to compare.

- How Many Times
-- How Many Time (original ver)
- Stolen Car
-- Stolen Car (original ver)